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  1. Just a question for Mr. Scot or anyone that would know about this. I know if a coach is under contract the team can and sometimes does, block him from making a lateral move. OL coach from one team to OL coach to another team, even if the team puts in some additional title like run game coordinator. Would Dawson or Jimmy Ray or any of the candidates coming here to be the Ass. GM be considered a lateral move? And if so, do teams have the ability to stop front office lateral moves like they do coaches? Assuming everyone is under contract.
  2. I don't know what you define as a winning strategy, but making the playoffs 4 out of 5 years and winning the division for 3 straight years is a winning strategy for pretty much every franchise in the NFL. For all but really 1 franchise that is being a consistent winner.
  3. Could be worse. Your wife could sleep with your boss.
  4. As long as they don't steal our administrative assistant that rubs the big cat's feet. She has an important role.
  5. CJ Anderson

    Why does everyone want to give up a like a 4th round draft pick ( which we don't have) for just an average or ok running back. Half this board is draft these 20 guys and we are in the super bowl, the other half is give away all our picks for these guys and we will be in the super bowl. You can get these kinds of guys at the end of March for 2 or 3 million a year and not give up anything.
  6. It all depends on listening. You can be a good GM that was never a scout that knows what the coaches are looking for because he listen to them, knows who the scouts thinks are best because he listen to them, and then knows how to put the 2 different ideas together to make everyone happy. Being a scout helps but communicating with people is much more important.
  7. The trade of Smith is not taken into account and won't be until the 1st day of the new league year. So the Chiefs have more and the Skins have less.
  8. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    WR are very hit in miss in the draft. You really have to trust your scouts. Almost no one in college runs any type of pro offense it's all spread of one type or another. So wide recievers don't really have the kind of route tree they get in the NFL. Also the press man coverage that some teams run in the NFL is almost impossible to find in college. I just don't understand why anyone would want the Panthers to draft another young WR. The WR with the most experience for the Panthers has 3 years. After that, your next 3 guys all have 1 year experience. Maybe drafting another young guy is not the answer. Maybe signing a guy like Torrey Smith, who the Eagles kind of have to cut, is the answer. Mike Wallace, someone like that that won't cost 10 million dollars a year but knows what to do on the field and you don't have to teach him everything from how to tie his shoes to where the bathroom is, might be what this receiver group needs. A young guy might help but you know all the young guys we had last year, some of those guys could improve. It does happen. Just saying.
  9. Kevin Dodd

    I totally agree with this. Just to expound on this, we traded a 7th rounder and Clay, for Kevon Seymour before the year started. He had 14 tackles and 3 PD in 1 year at Buffalo and was active for 15 games. That's more tackles and active in almost as many games as Dodd has had in 2 years with the Titans. If Hurney sent a 3rd round pick to Tenn for that guy, he should be taken out and shot before he hangs up the phone.
  10. Let's just hope he keeps it away from Uranus.
  11. Why would we want to draft a receiver. We already have 4 guys on the roster with really no more than 1 year experience. Why do you want to add another young guy who doesn't know what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. He doesn't have to be a superstar but a guy with some experience and know at least what he is suppose to do might look like a superstar among this group.
  12. Shula is the Marvin Lewis of OC. Marvin does just enough to stay a head coach. He will get you to the playoffs but then can't win once he is there. For years people said the Bengals had the most talent of anyone in the NFL and they won their division a few times but they could never get over the hump. Whether it was Carson Palmer getting hurt or Dalton having a terrible game something always got in the way. But they were never a great team but they were never a awful team either. They were somewhere in the middle. Thats Shula. As much as people bash on him on this board Shula is not awful. But he is not great either. He has built this entire offense around Cam. There are not a ton of short passes and screens because Cam does not do that as well as he does getting the ball down the field and we have never had a guy who could catch the ball and make a couple guys miss and go the distance ( besides Smith and CMC). So when you build the offense around one guy and that guy has a bad day you get Atlanta week 17. But when he has a good day you get the Dolphins game. Shula will probably never be bad enough to be fired but he will never be good enough to get head coaching looks either. He will just be ok.
  13. Monday Morning GM

    So let's draft a young WR since we only have 1 WR on the team that has at least 3 years of experience. That's not maybe the best way to surround Cam with actual weapons.
  14. This is what happens when a (very) young coach and a young qb play their 1st playoff game. It happened to Ron and Cam here in 2013. OC turned head coaches are notorious for doing stuff like this. They were able to throw the ball all over the place during the regular season against lesser secondaries and they get to the playoffs and try to do the same thing and it does not work. They abandon the running game the running game to soon and just try to start out scheming the defense and it does not work. During the regular season you can do that to some teams but come playoffs every team has seen pretty much everything you do on offense and defense. You have to out execute the other team and not out scheme them. Maybe not every team prepares like they should during the regular season, but in the playoffs I guarantee they do.