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  1. Just FYI JR never fired Hurney. He quit because he felt he was not doing a good enough job. Or so that was what everyone said at the time.
  2. The naked pictures Hurney carries around of Tepper that he can use as blackmail would be nice.
  3. Does it technically count as back to back winning seasons if we are under new ownership when it happens? 1 winning season under JR, 1 winning season under Tepper. Not trying to be a smartass, just asking.
  4. bababoey

    Deep dive insiders info on the sale by SI

    Basically the owners did not trust Navarro's money. Not him as a person, but his money sources. No one really talked about the sale in any of the meeting on record but all the talking was done behind closed doors. Also, JR wanted a Carolina owner and at least 2.6 billion and got neither. Owners were hopping the sale would top 3 Billion and it really did not come close. How this kind of makes the NFL look bad but in the end the NFL got the owner they wanted.
  5. Hey wait a second. You can't say things that make sense. This is the Huddle. Why can't you get out your pitchfork like everyone else.
  6. I don't know if I have confidence in Kalil at LT or not. If he is just ok I guess we will be find. But the number of players in competition for the LG spot is impressive. The players are not that impressive, it's just the number trying out for the spot is. Here is all the ones that have been mentioned in no real order: Larsen, Tyler Van Roten, Greg Sirles, Jeremiah Johnson, Dorian Silatolu, Amini Moton, Taylor Clausell, Blaine Banner, Zach That's 8 guys. All of these guys have either been mentioned by the coaching staff or on here by someone. That's not including the UDFA we picked up after the draft. Hell, by the time we get to training camp I think half the damn team will be trying out for LG. We already have 8 of the 13 OLmen we have trying out for it. If someone at least decent doesn't come out of this competition we have really pooed the bed with either coaching or scouting.
  7. bababoey

    The Way Too Early 53*

    I don't understand why ever sees Hall as a lock for this roster. Cox outplayed him last year in the preseason, he went on IR with a bobo on his finger, it cost us nothing to cut him, and he was drafted by the prior GM not the current one. If he looks good in preseason then yes they will keep him. But he did not last year and unless he improves alot he could very well be gone.
  8. If Cameron Artis-Payne gets a big raise for basically doing nothing on the field, then I will get my pitchfork out with everyone else on here and go find Hurney so we can sting him up.
  9. bababoey


    He is 6 feet and 7 inches. Those are his 2 measurements.
  10. bababoey

    The Way Too Early 53*

    One thing. You state 7 LB's but only list 6 of them. Also I dont think they will cut Colin Jones and Shepard in the same season. One of them yes but not both. You must have forgoten Ron is a defensive coach an special teams are important to him. Not "a punt is not a bad play" important, but still important. Also Hurney has stated about 10 times that he wants a young QB to develop, so only 2 I kind of doubt it.
  11. bababoey

    Panthers make roster moves

    I have no idea who any of these people are.
  12. Actually 6.9 million right now. And I hope everyone understands that after the 3 rd or 4th round the rookies won't count toward the top 51 because their salary cap hit will not be high enough to hit the lowest number in the top 51. https://www.nflpa.com/public-salary-cap-report
  13. I have never heard of this guy but his first name is Dre so maybe he doesn't suck
  14. Vita Vea played running back in high school. Maybe they are going to move him back there
  15. If they knew it would not be mysterious