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  1. bababoey

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    So does that make Tom Brady the John Daily of quarterbacks??? Or maybe Peppers is the Donald Trump of the NBA???
  2. bababoey

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    He's 30, has a 22 million cap hit for 2019 and would cost at least 1 first round pick and some change. I am going to call that a no.
  3. Kind of this. You can't rush the passer when its 2nd and 3 and you have to play the run first and Ryan take a 3 step drop.
  4. bababoey


    The biggest problem with Bradberry is him locating the ball in the air. He is good at mirroring receivers, does a good job at jamming them off the line, tackles well and doesn't usually mess up his assignment. But he never seems to find the ball in the air. That's the difference between a corner that cost 10 million a year and 15 million a year.
  5. CIN @ CAR: CAR NYJ @ CLE: CLE NO @ ATL: ATL DEN @ BAL: DEN NYG @ HOU: NYG TEN @ JAX: JAX SF @ KC: KC OAK @ MIA: MIA BUF @ MIN: MIN IND @ PHI: PHI GB @ WAS: GB LAC @ LAR: LAC CHI @ AZ: CHI DAL @ SEA: DAL NE @ DET: NE PIT @ TB: TB Total points for Monday night : 85 A shootout with Beardpatrick.
  6. I can give you 2 more options for depth at tackle that might wotk better than Amini: Bailey - my dog. Boxer - about a foot tall and a little over 80 lbs. He doesn't know the line calls at all but he listens, when he wants to, and he likes to jump on people. That might scare a couple of the DE. My Grandmother - 103 years old. 110 lbs. Dead for 2 years. Nobody likes an old dead person. It would at least scare the crap out of a few of the DE. To be sure she would never move the wrong way on a down block. Both better and cheaper than Amini.
  7. It was 24/37 for Cam in his first game against Arizona. After that game everyone thought he was the greatest player ever in the history of stuff. That's when Deion started his "Cam , ohhhhh Cam" thing. Darnold just the new thing. Someone will come along next year and all this will fade. Unless the Jets start winning.
  8. By the end of next season Cam and his girlfriend will have 22 kids and be able to start his own football team. I don't think there is anything wrong with Cam and his balls deep
  9. bababoey

    Sean Lee is Luke Kuechly

    Chris Collinsworth ,Troy Aikman, Joe Buck. All white guys look the same.
  10. bababoey

    Who to Root For - Week 1

    I am pulling for week 12 when this stuff starts to matter.
  11. I saw him drop a pass I know at the end of the 1st or start of the 2nd quarter. So he must suck. Anyone who drops passes sucks, rookie or not right. (Sarcasm) We need a sarcasm button btw.
  12. Getting to the bathroom before the pre-game tacos hit.