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  1. Again with "that's what she said".
  2. I don't know about you but all my groin surgery's are very big.
  3. "Still feeling our way around"

    Has "thats's what she said" been used yet? If not it should have.
  4. It's not as bad a some people are making out. The spotrac #'s they use for the cap number is this years cap number and not next years number and it does not take into account carryover, so we were not going into the off season over the cap. But yeah would would have probably only had 9 or 10 million going into the 2018 offseason to work with.
  5. Wayminute

  6. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Someone comes on the huddle to ask a serious question I dont think you have been around here very much or maybe
  7. Considering, for the Panthers, Peppers has played under 2 totally different coaching staffs and one had him as a 22 year old rookie and the other gets him as a 37 year old 15 season veteran and 2 totally different quarterbacks and 2 totally different receiving groups, one that had 1 player over 6 feet tall and this current one which has about all of them over 6 feet 1, I have no idea why they don't do some of terrific ideas people come up with on this board. They are some of the greatest ideas I have ever heard. (Sarcasm implied. And a hell of a lot of it)
  8. With Cam, the future is hopefully 7 or 8 years away. Why the hell do I care about a rookie who won't be here when Cam retires
  9. neither Kalil practiced today

    You say that now.....
  10. Just never go to Walmart. Society looks 10 times better if you don't.
  11. Two concerning matchups vs Lions

    Slay is good but not that big. He is listed at 6 feet even but looks smaller. Giving up 5 inches to Funches and Benjamin. So maybe alot lot of down the field jump balls in this game. And by 5 inches I don't mean , but maybe that to
  12. Since Olsen has been out, McCaffrey has become Cam's security blanket. He catches just about everything thrown his way, always picks up some kind of positive yards and seems to find a way to get open. He just doesn't run the seam routes that Greg ran. It's the same reason Ted Ginn did so well here, everyone focused on Olsen and Benjamin. Now that Greg is gone everyone is focusing on McCaffery and Benjamin.
  13. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    Panthers 126 Saints 0 At half time the score is 93 to 0 and all the Panther players are replaced with mini Cam Newton's. If not for that reason it would be much worse.
  14. That's what she said. Too soon?? Star, but I don't think we will have the money for either really.
  15. 6.39

    6.9 officially