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  1. bababoey added a post in a topic Most memorable Packer Panthers game   

    The game in '99, I think, where on the last play of the game Beuerlein ran the QB draw for a TD. 
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  2. bababoey added a post in a topic I would like to point out something from tonights game   

    A one point, late in the 3rd quarter I think, Mixon said the statement I knew someone would make during the preseason at some point.  The Dolphins rb was tackled from behind and Mixon stated "Cox pounded the dolphins running back. "  He probably never even saw the humor in that.
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  3. bababoey added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    Injuries in the preseason games between now and the start of the season is going to change this list a lot.
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  4. bababoey added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    I always heard it was the way he treated the media and other members of the panther's organization.  I have heard of a few accounts where he berated members of the media in buffalo, here and in indy both verbally and a few of them he threated to kick their ass in the locker room hallway after a game had ended.  I have also heard about the same kind of treatment he gave to the members of the front office on the team he was a GM for at the time.  If Jerry knew about some of that it is no surprise to me at all he was let go, weather he left on his on or was fired.
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  5. bababoey added a post in a topic Panthers Bottomless Soda Cup   

    For a second there I thought you were saying that if you don't wear pants you get free refills.  This is much better than that.  Especially if DG needed a refill.
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  6. bababoey added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    I can't remember a year when the Panthers kept 10 O-linemen. I remember, under Fox 1 year, they kept 10 D-lineman but never 10 O-lineman.  9 seems to be the max for most teams and some teams only keep 8 with all the extra room teams have now on the practice squad.  So I am not saying it won't happen but the likelihood of it happening seems low.
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  7. bababoey added a post in a topic Saints De Junior Gallette Says He Doesn't Have A Pec Injury & "F*** Sean" (Payton)   

    He doesn't have a peck injury or a team to play for.
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  8. bababoey added a post in a topic On a scale of 1 to 10   

    On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say a Z.  Does that help?
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  9. bababoey added a post in a topic LB Justin Houston signs 101 millon 6 year deal   

    Willis was the highest paid MLB in the NFL before he retired this year.  Just north of $11 million a year.  That was the highest contract for a MLB ever, and still is.  I can see Luke getting $12 million a year, anything more than that and someone should check to see if Gettlemen is getting some of those FIFA kickbacks.
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