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  1. Trade Kelvin, Funchess and next year first round please.
  2. Ive always tried to apply these to my phone and the pixels are horrible
  3. The big problem as stated before is Kaep wanting a bunch of money...he needs to check his ego for a year or two on a short deal to prove he is a capable player before asking for a big payday as for right now his past few years were less then impressive in comparison to his first few seasons with Harbaugh.
  4. Can someone remind me again why CMC isn't here, is it due to his commitment at Stanford?
  5. At first I didn't like the guy but he put his money where his mouth is. Gave a ton to Charity and really backed up his talk of trying to make change. If he continues on his charitable ways thru out his NFL career I hope he stays in the NFL for years to come. Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  6. The internet and outside jokes may just do the trick. Currently he is getting roasted on social media by everyone and their brother....maybe it'll light that fire that is needed when the entire internet is laughing at your weight gain. http://dailysnark.com/internet-roasts-carolina-panthers-wr-kelvin-benjamin-showing-practice-fat/
  7. No matter the hate, the man still has some of the best one liners in history for wrestling, and for that I will always be grateful. In his prime, there was no better Heel.
  8. He is the anger we needed playing the bronco's in the superb owl...that fire and his rematch with Talib would have been glorious.
  9. good lord some party poopers here, it was a funny picture. Glad these guys are sharing them to us.
  10. Im sure other teams have cliques of guys that hang out, but the variety of offense/defense/skill position and yet all these guys hang out and are friends off the field make me think that what others have said is true...our locker room IS completely different from many others around the NFL. Maybe it was a team building event for the Captains? Either way that was just awesome to see on TD's Instagram last night. True friends it seems like.
  11. Im excited at the idea, I just hope Shula can use them effectively.
  12. Cam and Luke probably wouldn't make the top 100 after this year...