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  1. Worley to Raiders

    I saw on his Instagram, love the "Gods Plan" he put in his comments....yeah it was God looking down on you to pass out in your car with a firearm on the highway. Gods Plan.
  2. I could easily see 11-5 again. Last 3 games are key. Hopefully we have that fire of vengeance on the Saints after last year.
  3. Me thinks he reads the huddle a little bit. Very emphatic with his tweet.
  4. CJ Anderson Released

    1000 yard rusher last season...proven RB in this league. Would be an upgrade over a draft pick and check a box of need without giving up a pick in the draft on a RB.
  5. Thats his house he's building?
  6. Depends on how the team plays in the next two years, if we are contenders each year I think he sticks around. He really does value winning over how much he gets 'beat up'. All he wants to do is win. If we are competitive each year I feel like he'd re-sign, but he will want to get paid big bucks as expected for being a majority of our offense the last 9 years.
  7. That man is dedicated to his hats
  8. Jesus tap dancing Christ. Novel.
  9. 500,000,000 <------that much?
  10. 500 million, you think that man is going to just give back 500 MILLION? pffft.
  11. 500 million, you think that man is going to just give back 500 MILLION? pffft.
  12. They have a very large window to make incredible strides. 11-5 in the first year of their head coach and first full season of their QB...I don't blame them. They could be very scary for many years if the domino's fall their way.
  13. OBJ on the block

    We ain't doing that, and best believe Getty would make it a nightmare for us to even attempt to trade for him.
  14. Yeah but ya know what, ATL exposed a weakness he couldn't help and it got to him. Im sure if he was fully healthy that day, it wouldn't have been the same. He even said post game, they saw he was not 100%, when JJ was out, they'd put a speedster on his side and run a Go route even during run plays just to wear him out so when JJ came back in, was an easy kill.
  15. I like this, but in following form of most huddlers here I must alert you that you have now doomed this player to play sub-par for the time he is with us. (still a cool stat though)