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  1. After paying me what would be a kings ransom in a salary (more money then I, and probably most rookies have ever seen)...it'd be hard to hate them.
  2. Im sure a few of you have Instagram and caught Philly Brown posting this: Davis responded to make sure Philly didn't forget where he got his start: Why doesn't this man have a statue yet? He bleeds black and blue.
  3. Ready to see him with Luke and TD behind him. (on the field, no homo)
  4. Insane that someone could balloon that much out of control. Scary to see what he'll look like once he retires. Im thinking more along the lines of Mark Henry
  5. If we had followed up our SB season with a good effort last season as well (a winning record at least) I'd be 100% on board with you. Granted we are now due a winning season now following up a losing one, but every year we get 'better' in every position but still start out of the gate horribly, and have to play catch-up all season. I'll have to wait until game 1 of the 2017 season before I get my hopes up of being 'real'.
  6. Ginn was an enigma. Caught absolute blistering fastballs from Newton in traffic or straddling the sidelines, but blew catching wide open bombs, he will be missed to a point but Im not devastated he's gone either.
  7. Instead of being salty, should be grateful. He fell into an incredible situation where he was lucky enough to even sniff an NFL starting role as a UFA, got good game film for other teams to potentially sign him. He's in a MUCH better situation then he could have ever imagined after not getting drafted.
  8. If he can (or has) cure his horrible habit of biting on a double move, the guy is a very legitimate corner. Until that's fixed he's a big liability.
  9. Their Forums have been so juicy this morning/last night, put a smile on my face all morning long.
  10. Yeah Im sure he'd love to work with the same people that cut him.
  11. You forget that elite rotating line we had the entire year?
  12. Id rather fire up a big petition to fire Shula
  13. No, but the League adjusted overnight and here we sit at 6-10 out of the playoffs.