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  1. TD exemplifies what it is to be a leader, to make not only yourself great but the others around you better. He did that on and off the field with his charity, has kept himself out of any negative spotlight throughout his career and Im sure will continue to set the perfect example of what an NFL player should act like on and off the field. He is what the NFL wants every player to act like, let alone the Panthers. That man needs a statue.
  2. Him & Addison/Johnson one on one on the outside with Stah, Short plugging up the middle letting Luke/TD/Shaq run free...ooooweeee mayne.
  3. Cams Celebration?

    Just now noticing how Kalil does it intentionally bad LOL
  4. Looks a bit bigger, muscle wise now though.
  5. Honestly I don't think he'd see anything to do with football after he calls it quits. Think he's very passionate about getting his filming career started. Would be great though.
  6. Jersey idea

    I did a Steve Smith Jersey with 'Ice up Son' on the back.
  7. They are like high school kids. Great atmosphere when guys who are all multimillionaires and are supposed to have huge ego's can sit together and joke like this.
  8. Good Greg Olsen Interview

    Still pisses me off they cut him out of the WPMOY award in a 3 way final...what a slap in the face.
  9. I just finished watching All or nothing on Amazon last night and McVay couldn't stress enough how much they wanted more WR's.
  10. That guy was all over the place when I saw him playing, had no idea what his name was since his hair covered his name.
  11. After 2 more pre-season performances, I believe the hype train can start leaving the station. But his speed does provide something we desperately need and if Cam has anything to say about it, I believe he will be on the roster if he keeps burning DB's deep.
  12. Every McCaffrey carry

    I was so bummed when that screen pass got deflected...was waiting all night to see him get some space and break some ankles.
  13. I bet he'll play the half, might as well get use to the NFL speed sooner rather then later.