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  1. I could definitely see Stew in a reliever position for Barkley late in games to keep him fresh. Goal line runs seemed to be Stews forte' at the end, with his good leaping abilities.
  2. Hopefully with the stacked offense we've finally provided him (sans OL) will help alleviate some of those bad games by letting others take up some of the slack for him when he is in a rut...which hopefully won't be much.
  3. Dunn

    What they’re saying...

    There is no other QB in the league I can't wait to retire, then Drew Brees. Guy just doesn't seem to ever age. I take no Saints fan serious when they try to start an conversation and make sure to make the extra effort to say 'sCam'
  4. Dunn

    Fire Mick Mixon

    Never been that concerned with the radio guy as long as he could relay what was happening in the game, Mixon does that fine, IMO. What was controversial when he was hired?
  5. You can see they are pressing his buttons with continuing to ask about the past.
  6. Doss the training camp INT machine...see how much more he progresses.
  7. Cam talking and cursing on Instagram...never heard him like this lol. Still trying to give inspiration to people though, great to hear.
  8. You know he could probably care less, but I bet he could (and will) rub it in to Cam, who is a huge Madden fan lol. Then again, Luke is such a nice guy he probably won't brag to anyone about it.
  9. Car stuff. Shows, racing hang outs...helps pass the time.
  10. “With him, on every play, we want to make sure he has a plan and he’s following that plan,” said Scott Turner. “And to know checking down is OK. A lot of Cam’s issues have come because he’s so talented that he thinks he can make every play work. And sometimes, it’s just not there, so you check down and go to the next play. By holding the ball, sometimes he takes hits or falls into negative plays. Yes...please yes. Check down to CMC/Samuel/CJ and let them get the yards for you, save your body from abuse.
  11. Curious to how his weight will look going into Camp this year...maybe a change of scenery will do him good for the remainder of his career.
  12. Dunn

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    I know its non-contact etc. but you can't help but get excited for the season.
  13. Dunn

    Gano going Deep

    One time I went to training camp, he came down the line and no one knew who he was, I said hey to him and he was pretty mellow and laid back. Nice guy.
  14. interesting to see if he can show up in pre-season.