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  1. Coples signing could be a diamond in the rough signing now, everything is coming into place.
  2. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    SCP please get your Cowboy rendition together so these fine Cowboy fans know their place.
  3. if we goose egg them on national TV, you can go ahead and just skip past christmas next month, because it would already have come on Thrusday.
  4. oh I like how he made sure to say 'SCam' every time to really show he meant business with his analysis of the game.
  5. LMAO... Falcons....

    Love it.
  6. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    I could only imagine if they did a Wegher and Stewart combo...two bruising backs rotating and wearing down the defenses make me happy.
  7. Cam's Hard Count

  8. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Gettleman is to thank as much as anyone else on this organization for the position we are in right now.  Freakin' GM of the year.
  9. Slowly but surely becoming the WR we had hoped he would turn out to be.  All it takes is a little time, and now he is starting to show us what he can do.  
  10. Props to Ted Ginn

    Its funny, he can miss some easy catches but then catches some absolute bullets from Cam.  Comes with the territory with Ginn but very glad he is with us!
  11. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Its official, I can't wait to read their board after the game, especially that thread, it will bring joy to me when we curb stomp them today.
  12. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    Badass as always.
  13. not nervous, but frustrated if we lose because then all of the talking heads in the media will post on how our true colors showed because we lost a game, thus dropping any credibility we apparently have in contentions of being a 'for real' team and continue to get crapped on with the media.    I should be use to it by now but it still bothers me.