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  1. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    Yes!  There is few men in this league that you can't punch holes in their game and character...and TD is one of them.  RH will have absolutely nothing to fire back at him.
  2. Thats great to hear, what ever happened to George? 
  3. The Kalil brothers swap info

    Check down Teddy almost beat them...yikes.
  4. Contain Ware, double Miller.  right?
  5. so 12 less times then us, and 70 points less then us on turnover chances...thats quite a bit.
  6. Cam's Press Conference Shoes

    Hornet combs with oldschool panthers font....yes.
  7. The turnovers are such a landslide in our favor this shouldn't even be a conversation on how good our Defense is.  I'll take turnovers all day long over a yardage defense.
  8. Even with a 50% arm, he will do great out there.  The beautiful thing is that where he goes, Luke goes so even if he can't wrap up the carrier, hitting them and slowing them down is enough to help our defense a ton.
  9. Compensatory pick?

    Unless Greg Hardy comes back with full repentance and a hell of an apology speech to JR and determination of charity work out the wazoo, he ain't coming back to the Panthers.
  10. And a very good O-Line to boot.  Heard on The Fan today, cam was hit 3 times in the backfield....all playoffs.
  11. Man, you show that to the team prior to kickoff and we will come out and be up 45-0 after the first quarter.
  12. Superb Owl Push

    With the season we have had, it'd be silly not have All-pro by now...All of the goodness that has been talked about over the year was awesome.
  13. Yep

    Thats great news!!  Man thats gotta be a check mark off the ole' bucket list right there.
  14. not bad, figured they'd pop up a Mills one.  KB will be back and is still a millionaire on the sidelines lol.  Not too many feels needed.
  15. The Cam Newton contract?

    When 80% of your offense goes thru one man, 30 million seems like a bargain price if that man can get you to a SB in the process.