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  1. Lets be honest, its going to be about 2 shades off lighter or darker of the real panther blue....probably will be UNC blue.
  2. I want Obi Melifonwu. Get a good WR as well, but I'd love a tall S back there to really challenge the south's huge WR's.
  3. Well if you read the entire quote, you'd see I broke down why I said what I said. Newton needs to improve his short passing game...it sucks right now. Do you disagree with that?
  4. I'd be a dying wish of mine to sit in the war room during the draft and see everything in motion, I bet its chaotic beauty.
  5. [email protected]@!@!@!@!2
  6. Don't forget about Ole' #88...that man can catch anything thrown at him the past 4 years.
  7. 'short pass game'...have you seen how inaccurate Newton is with the short game? Even Richardson advised on that last year as a thing for him to improve on, and I didn't see that. If Newton can get the ball into the gut of CMC and then let him do his thing great...but if he is throwing it high/way off balance and CMC has to struggle to get the ball instead of starting to look up field ASAP he's going to have a tough time. This pick is dependent on Newton improving just as much as anyone else.
  8. Don't forget the 'old' guy who can still lay down some of the nastiest hits/stiff-arms in the game. Can you imagine having to stop all 3 each drive?
  9. So uh...didn't he have a kid like 2 weeks ago?
  10. We should totally double dip at 2 & 3, shouldn't be too hard. lol Get the LSU Duo. One can dream right?
  11. I hope he and his family seeks counseling immediately. I can only imagine what pain everyone in that family is going through. :(
  12. I hope he comes across the middle and TD gives him the business. Traitor.