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  1. I had always thought FOX carried NFC and CBS carried AFC.
  2. If only we had a good Nickleback that could help Mayo in coverage, hmmmm Ron, didn't we trade for a guy in the off-season who is one of the best in the game?
  3. The time of Mose is upon us.
  4. Man, solid moves during the season, really shows we are looking at the real areas of need...
  5. We are getting breaks this year, but in a different way then 2015. Where as our breaks were turn-overs and health on the team then, its the health and meltdowns of other teams that have helped us stay relative this year so far. If we can get healthy and get our run game and turnover ratio up...oh boy.
  6. I might be coming if I get picked from the Tillman raffle lol.
  7. Its almost unfair to Stewart now since we did draft CMC. Our offensive playcalling is so easy to counter when either back is in, most defenses can assumed either pass with CMC or run with Stew in. To his credit, if you watch the game anytime he was in the backfield they were stacking the box big time. betting on the run and most of the time guessing right. With that being said if he wants to contribute as bad as I think he does, hes GOT to catch the ball out of the backfield. Just a part of the game he needs to get better at...will he do that this late in his career, probably not.
  8. I just wanna see KK or Star as a FB on a run play blocking for CMC...talk about hiding behind a giant.
  9. If Cam started stepping into his throws he would kill people. The dude has a cannon as is...Id love to see him air it out one day, the kitchen sink and all. See how far he could really launch it.
  10. The real question is, you gonna come back like a man and accept this loss on Friday morning, or tuck your tail and not return until the next match up.
  11. Time for another multi-sack game by Pep.
  12. Panthers win .....dilly dilly

    Dilly Dilly!
  13. Cam's "evolution"

    With time in the pocket, Cam is as good as ANY QB in the league. no ifs, and's or buts........hehehehe butts.
  14. Everyone thats saying yeah but we are 4-1! Come on, don't tell me you don't sweat bullets EVERY week, no matter our lead. The Offense becomes SO predictable with a lead, you can guarantee multiple 3 and outs with a lead. Its tiring to see.
  15. I'll wait to crown him a good WR after a few more games, but so far he is trending the right way.