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  1. Dunn added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    I don't know what game your watching, but CAP is easily one of the most patient and impressive backs I've seen in our backfield in a LONG time.  He waits for the hole to open up, even if its only for 3-4 yards, its better then what we had before where Deangleo would run head first into the pile and pray for an opening.
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  2. Dunn added a post in a topic When Brandon Lafell calls you out on dropping the football....   

    Was he not traveling with the team?
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  3. Dunn added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    Since SwoleBones has been out all preseason, Im guessing there is just no chance he can make the squad?  Too bad but understandable.
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  4. Dunn added a post in a topic KB's offseason caused the injury   

    I completely agree, if he would have had 1/2 ounce less bodyfat on the back right side of his lower abdominal muscle, this injury would have NEVER happened.  
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  5. Dunn added a post in a topic FWIW: Mort Says Keep An Ear Out For Reggie Wayne   

    Randy Moss? wut?
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  6. Dunn added a post in a topic Not a good practice today   

    "We picked a bad day to have a bad day"
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  7. Dunn added a post in a topic Steve Smith Makes It Clear - HE Will Choose Who He Retires With   

    While KB has a ways to go, if you don't see a bit of smitty in his play when he makes a big catch or gets a big score...then you have your blinder's on.  We have guys with their own fire and swagger, but also they are TEAM players.  Steve was the original, but he is gone. done. over.  Focus on the new gen that is here, KB and DF.  They are what will help bring us to the promise land, not Smitty anymore.  
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  8. Dunn added a post in a topic Do you even lift?   

    Let us not forget about the Bones....that are Swole

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  9. Dunn added a post in a topic VIDEO - 1 on 1 - Lee Ward vs AJ Klein   

    Perhaps on this team he isn't starter material, but I bet on another team he sure is.
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  10. Dunn added a post in a topic Damiere Byrd Turning Heads   

    Rivera. Loves. Vets.
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  11. Dunn added a post in a topic DAY 5 - Training Camp Tweets (Wed August 5)   

    On the blitz pickup drill, was Ward not involved?  Did he get beat bad or really didn't get a shake at it?
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  12. Dunn added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    Routinely?  I could console them on my yacht in the Caymen islands after we arrive on my private jet.   Please Make sure to let ME know if I can do anything LADIES
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  13. Dunn added a post in a topic Top 3 Panthers Camp Sleepers of 2015   

    Im honestly excited to see Glanton step up, he looked fast....REALLY fast in games last year.  Interested to see him learn a bit more and contribute.
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  14. Dunn added a post in a topic Two Panther players engaged; One just married   

    Without looking at the picture I immediately thought you were insulting his fiancee
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