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  1. I'd love to have been in the draft war room the for the first two nights, would be absolute mayhem but damn fascinating.
  2. It's almost time again! So stoked...

    Ive had Krispy and Dunkin along with Britts....and Britts is the winner BY FAR. Like its not even a contest on how good their donuts are, and they are all plain. Nothing fancy but they destroy anything made by a chain. The only donuts that come close are Duck Donuts.
  3. I would love for a Mark Cuban type of guy to buy this team, guy is extremely passionate about the team he buys, wouldn't hate that move.
  4. In Gettleman I trust.
  5. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    More so Predator (KB)Vs. Batman?
  6. Until proven otherwise, I still like boykin in the slot as it seems to be his specialty for now. If he can prove he can play on the outside when given the chance...go for it, but I'd rather bring someone in who is average on the outside, and keep Boykin inside and be great at what he does.
  7. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    Seriously...people need to Tweet him this because from what it seems...his agent isn't doing him any favors.
  8. San Fran has plenty of money. So....whats GMans move now for CB? This off season got that much more interesting.
  9. Wonder if GMan was holding these when he released them.

    This looks like two dog turds wrapped in a Pillsbury dough roll. No offense, just observation.

    Firebird'sCreme brulee Cheesecake. Its necessary.
  12. Four Carolina Panthers Round Two Prospects

    If Getty goes higher in the 2nd round, you wonder how much higher. Would try to get with the Browns as they seem to be the trade happy team this year? Give up 2 rounds of current year picks possibly?
  13. Honestly I like this schedule a whole lot more then last year with the 'murderers row' we had mid season. -Vikings I think we will beat without much issue. -Chiefs...honestly depends on which team shows up...the one that went 3-5first half of last season, or the one that 8-0 for the back half...seem a lot like we use to be...2nd half of the season type team. -Im ready to be done with Seattle games, honestly...once again will be a bruiser game. -Oakland will be wildcard...if they have gel'd since last season even more, or if Carr has matured even more...could be trouble. -Chargers/Redskins/Rams I believe will be good wins. -Cardinals will be tough because Carson isn't in the playoffs...regular season superstar QB but may still get nervous remember what happened in January. 14-2
  14. Man, I hope we blow these guys out of the water, worse then we did to the Cardinals.
  15. Why is it different for him?

    difference here is that the chops done here, stay here. I get media feed updates from FB of everyone retweeting this picture on ESPN and other media outlets..