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  1. And only Saints fans will remember that for a few years...that meltdown Sunday will live forever in National Televised history.
  2. Nah, who's to say Tolbert would be a good teacher. Rather take the risk of no teacher, then to have him back. Waste of a roster spot.
  3. I know...I was being dramatic.
  5. Thats whats crazy to think about, even with our quarter + long droughts...we were still able to put up 24-31 points regularly in the past 3 years...can you imagine a consistant offense? 30+ per game should be no issue with solid OC calling and execution.
  6. A Moment to Remember

    I'm so giddy, I've been telling co-workers who are fans of other teams how exciting this is, they have no idea what I'm talking about and probably now think I'm crazy.
  7. HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP This is wonderful.
  8. I would love to see Kyle Love get more Reps, I think he is a steal and pairing him with Butler and a possible FA signing would work well to fill Star's absence. He is a very good DT that will get paid top dollar. Might even be to a division rival?
  9. I'm still floored everyone thinks we need a RB...we have CAP who is more then capable to be a solid running back if they give him the damn reps. Every time he gets rolling, they shut him down. Save that draft pick for a bigger area of need.
  10. How I Felt After the Game

    It sounds weird, but I'd rather lose with us having the ball in the end, then with them beating us for a final score. Last night stunk but I wasn't too upset about it, unlike SB50.
  11. If we don't try to run up the score on these A-holes when we get the chance down the line...I'll be ashamed.
  12. Even worse, we could have won that game on the final drive...even with that intentional grounding :(