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  1. Psssst..., Hurney is GM , not interim GM

    I'm with you guys. I usually come down once or twice a year for a game, but I'm skipping out this season. Sorry Jerry. You've fooked us way too many times and I can't justify the 12 he trip.
  2. What Giants Fans Are Saying

    I'll be in section 200 screaming my lungs out from 1:01pm until 4:35. Can't wait to drive home with my panthers flag flying high from my car. Co workers are already poo talking, but I've dealt with it for years. It's time to smash the big Apple into sauce!
  3. I smell a low-key advertisement... Philly, are you a publisher?
  4. I'm taking my girl to charlotte during the same time frame lol. Definitely hitting up Midwood smoke house again, that place is unreal
  5. Gas prices creeping up again

    2.65 Albany,NY. Far cry from our 2.20 in March
  6. Considering their play last thanksgiving, I'd beg to differ
  7. 1 Sep 13 1:00PMEDT ) AT Jaguars-W 2 Sep 20 1:00PMEDT * Texans-W 3 Sep 27 1:00PMEDT ) Saints-W 4 Oct 4 1:00PMEDT ) AT Buccaneers-W 6 Oct 18 4:05PMEDT ) AT Seahawks-W 7 Oct 25 8:30PMEDT ' Eagles-W 8 Nov 2 8:30PMEST + Colts-W 9 Nov 8 1:00PMEST ) Packers-L 10 Nov 15 1:00PMEST ) AT Titans-W 11 Nov 22 1:00PMEST ) Redskins-W 12 Nov 26 4:30PMEST * AT Cowboys-W 13 Dec 6 1:00PMEST ) AT Saints-L 14 Dec 13 1:00PMEST ) Falcons-W 15 Dec 20 1:00PMEST ) AT Giants-W 16 Dec 27 1:00PMEST ) AT Falcons-L 17 Jan 3 1:00PMEST ) Buccaneers-W 13-3 or 12-4. Dallas and eagles games can go either way.
  8. Panthers get a 5th and 6th comp.

    Can't trade the comp pics, but we can trade our own 5th and 6th rounders
  9. I cried after this happened. I went to the Buffalo meltdown earlier that year and the same play is what cost us the game. Glad to see ron knows when to steal a good play
  10. Take it to Gold & Silver. I bet Rick has a buddy who knows all about the Beatles 1960s airline choices
  11. Home Opener

    Guess I can dash there in 16.8 seconds then. Thanks for the heads up im definitely gonna check it out. Sent from my SCH-I545 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  12. Home Opener

    How far is that from BoA? Im gonna be carless, but im a pro at public transportation. Sent from my SCH-I545 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app