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  1. 2015 Panthers Highlight (Must Watch)

    Youtube already blocked it smh
  2. we got a 5th rounder
  3. Geraldo Rivera nails it.

    Yesterday was a good day lol
  4. Epic 26min Video of 2015-2016 Highlights

    YouTube already blocked it lmao edit: You can click it and still watch it though.
  5. This x100 But this is true. I know people who live in the projects who do exactly this. It sounds harsh and mean but it's true. Some, NOT ALL, people do this. That's not what I said.
  6. With myself being a black person, I'm getting sick of black lives matter.
  7. Buck mentioned during the broadcast that the Broadcast booth was literally shaking.
  8. Final Panthers Cuts

    Fozzy Whitaker has shown me nothing this pre-season to be kept over Wegher.
  9. If I'm Tampa, I'd still draft home. It doesn't hurt financially like it use to because of the rookie wage scale.
  10. Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    I would say that Moore is a slightly better receiver than Ginn just by looking at the numbers and I believe that Moore will produce in this season. Only thing that Ginn does that Moore doesn't really do and that is return kicks.
  11. Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    I don't get where you are going but I prefer Moore over Ginn.
  12. Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    Why would people take Ginn over Moore? Like...seriously? Help me understand because I'm not seeing it.
  13. Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    And IMO, the only thing that Ginn has on Moore is that Ginn is a return man. I think Moore is a better receiver.
  14. Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    I rather have Moore than Ginn.
  15. UPDATED! Huddle Mods Needed