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  1. http://nflbreakdowns.com/cameron-artis-payne-vs-giants-93-total-yards/ http://nflbreakdowns.com/cameron-artis-payne-vs-giants-93-total-yards/
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4k5L-04LSU Wanted to post youtube but forgot how to do in this forum. But, Shula could have used some backfield action together with zone-read to create favorable screen situations. Used 'packaged play concepts': He's done it before during the season and in an ideal world he could have brought those into his SB gameplan. http://smartfootball.com/offense/combining-quick-passes-run-plays-and-screens-in-the-same-play#sthash.UI4eem7i.dpbs More: http://www.phillymag.com/birds247/2014/06/16/22-resources-chip-kellys-playbook/ Huge missed opportunity considering the strength and style of the defense. But again, take away the numerous miscues the offensive gameplan, though limited, was prolly still good enough to win. Its scary to think there is still room from growth in an offense that was near tops in the league despite have limited skill position talent. Imagine the current offense blended with more spread-zone read (Chip Kelly) style concepts. Scary.
  3. I'm pretty sure you're reading Cam's time to throw figures wrong. Those PFF tables aren't actually listing each QBs average TTT it broke their TTT down into 5 segments and gave a statistical breakdown for different time groups i.e.>2.0s; 2.0-2.5s; 2.5-30s etc. Here's what I found: Cam's average time to throw in 2012 s 3.04s:https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2012/11/07/signature-stat-snapshot-time-to-throw/ Cam's average time to throw this year was 2.83s:https://twitter.com/pff/status/694250838118789120.
  4. I don't think OL quality or lack has shaped the design of the offense very much. You guys are one of the few true deep passing offenses. Your passing game isn't filled with 'manufactured' yards i.e. screen, swings and other ultra short-quick throws in leiu of the run. Your passing offense throws more deep and intermediate passes then most. An interesting stat is "failed completions" which Football Outsiders tracks and Cam has close to the fewest 'failed completions' in the league. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2016/failed-completions-2015 Its a testament to both Cam and a scheme intent on getting chunk yards in the passing game and using the running game as....well...the running game. I think the scheme and Cam help the OL. Defenses (usually) are forced to react to misdirection and play on their heels due to all the backfield action and fakes. The heavy use of play-action slows down the pass rush and creates more time to throw.
  5. Haven't posted in this forum in awhile. And was away on business during the SB. I watched the SB again this weekend and thought Shula's gameplan/playcalling let them down. I haven't always been a Shula fan. Like many in this forum I was critical of Shula's when he was 1st names as OC. But, Shula has improved and this year he did an awesome job especially considered the limited talent on defense. Over the course of this season I was impressed with his gameplans and playcalling. Especially the opening sequences and his use of misdirection as a staple in the offense. No doubt having Cam helps but Shula has committed himself to building an offense around Cam and not trying to shoehorn him into a particular scheme/system. With all that being said I was very disappointed and surprised with Shula's SB scheme/gameplan and playcalling. It wasn't terrible, because it still put players in positions to be productive....but I think Shula prevented the offense from operating at a much higher level. I expected more zone-read concepts, more concepts designed specifically to mitigate or exploit the Bronco's pass rush.