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  1. captfluoro added a post in a topic Early Nostalgic Music Memories   

    Looking at the songs that have been mentioned made me realize I'm probably twice the age of most of you.  Sigh.
    Well, the first song I remember is Dancing Men by Buddy Rich and his orchestra.  My dad is a big jazz and swing fan and he had a Buddy Rich live record he used to play all the time.  About 30 years later I was in a friend's car and he put on a CD that was a tribute to Buddy and the first song was Dancing Men.  Absolutely floored me.  That song to this day will put me in a good mood.
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  2. captfluoro added a post in a topic Inside the NFL can bite me   

    I liked that show so much more when it was Collinsworth, Sapp, Simms and Brown.  I don't like the new guys as much and I don't get having Brandon Marshall as one of the hosts.  He seems like a nice guy and great receiver but I just don't like having a current player on the show.  I'm just turning into an old codger I guess.
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  3. captfluoro added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    My first thought on seeing that picture is he should have a battle axe in his hand.
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  4. captfluoro added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    I'd trade Stewart for Forte
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  5. captfluoro added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    After watching that video, I love this trade.  Guy may be in the twilight of his career but he has always been known as a high motor kind of player and by the looks of it he still is.  Maybe he's lost a step but I think coming to this team where he will play his natural position, DE and not OLB, and being with Luke, TD, Star and KK will rejuvenate him.  I expect good things from Mr. Allen.
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  6. captfluoro added a post in a topic I hope we learned our leason   

    So far We seem to play down to our opponents level, or more accurately about 5-10% better than our opponents.
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  7. captfluoro added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    So I guess McCown is older than Cam?
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  8. captfluoro added a post in a topic Is there a worse Classic Rock band than Kiss?   

    Their old stuff isn't bad, up until Rock and Roll Over or so.  Nothing earth shattering but fun.  The later incarnations of the band with Bruce Kulick on guitar and Eric Singer on drums were much stronger musician wise.
    As for Panthro saying Rush is the worst classic rock band.....No.  I can't even respond to that comment.  Sheer lunacy.  But everyone has their opinion.  Me, I've never been a big Rolling Stones fan.  Like a few of their songs, saw them in 1995 on what was supposed to be their first or second final tour, never bought an album or cd and never will.
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  9. captfluoro added a post in a topic Friday practice tweets   

    Norwood better be studying that playbook this weekend.
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  10. captfluoro added a post in a topic Panthers/Jaguars Week 1 Promo   

    What is that music from?  That "clanging" sound is awesome!  Sounds like something that would be in a Mad Max movie trailer. 
    Great job.  Pumped for Sunday.
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  11. captfluoro added a post in a topic DeAngelo   

    I agree.  He's gone and I wish him well.  Just saying he was a good RB for us, maybe not at the end, but I can't hate on the guy.
    I'm more interested in CAP and Wegher this season
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  12. captfluoro added a post in a topic DeAngelo   

    Why the animosity?  It was a suggestion.
    DeAngelo has averaged 4.8 yds per carry over his career, his worst years with us he averaged around 4.0 yards per carry and he had less than 120 rushing attempts those years.  Guy was a very good RB for us. 
    So according to you if Cam has a down year this year its not due to our decreased receiving corps or whatever plays Shula draws up its because he's fat and lazy after a big contract. 
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  13. captfluoro added a post in a topic And you thought you were having a bad day......   

    "A snake whose venom is known to be venomous."
    Now that is some top notch reporting.
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  14. captfluoro added a post in a topic DeAngelo   

    This is what I'm thinking.  Maybe DeAngelo had to gain the 15 pounds as a Panther because all of his runs here were straight up the middle and he needed the extra weight to either gain yards or avoid injury.  A lot of his runs last night were to the outside where he is best suited as a RB.  The Steelers are using him to his best advantage so he lost weight to be more effective.  I'm sure some of his weight loss was also due to a new team and proving his worth in the league but I can't hate on the guy, he was very productive for us.
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  15. captfluoro added a post in a topic The best debut albums...CDs and downloads for the kids   

    Pearl Jam - 10
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