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  1. Trump makes me want to vomit.
  2. jokes on you I hate my life. take it.
  3. oh believe me I get "double penetration" jabs all of the time. Doesn't help I'm in the video business. I have edited porn before. Freelance though and not under my company's name.
  4. Hopefully it will finally translate to the field...
  5. Funchess is a bum! Sidenote: I hope his grandfather is okay and this is just a game. Family first.
  6. i wasn't saying you can't think that way I was just curious why you "hated" the lyrics. Angsty? I can see that lol
  7. Greg ain't playing around today...
  8. the reason daddy became a panther fan. him and smitty.
  9. I'm curious to know what you hated about the lyrics? Have you yourself ever struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide? Not saying the band was everyone's cup of tea but they certainly related to their target audience. Aside from their radio hits much of their music/lyrics were dark.