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  1. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we're talking straight unsettling I recommend Irreversible. Two scenes in particular stick out. Difficult to watch but a VERY good movie.
  2. We keep them out of the endzone but still a close game. 17-15 good guys.
  3. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Event Horizon The Conjuring Jaws Paranormal Activity (scariest movie I ever saw in theaters) Alien Cannibal Holocaust The Hills Have Eyes The Babadook (haven't seen but have heard good things)
  4. WP - Power Ranking

    ATL is the team to beat. Defense is stout. Ryan is looking good. Freeman runs hard. Julio is a freak and is thiccccc. Fast and hard to bring down. Dude is dangerous.
  5. i love fuging lady patriot fans. taking their women is a thrill like no other.
  6. 6.39

    What veganism can do for you! Let this be a lesson to all!
  7. 6.39

    Jeremy's 40 time. You're welcome. At 12:45.
  8. Do you trust Igor?

    did he end up fighting that dude?