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  1. Shaq. New DC. New day. Strap up ladies and gents. Daddy has been waiting for this.
  2. question... what if KB is really sensitive about his weight struggles and all of this bullying drives him to suicide?
  3. 1) i have no idea lol 2) i didn't know which bus you were on! 3) yes and patriots and hopefully a home game.
  4. is anybody gonna link this now?
  5. So I've been wanted to play this for the last couple of years but have been slacking in the video game department mostly due to work and having a social life again. But this past weekend I didn't really feel like going out so I picked up the Witcher 3: Complete Edition for $50 on PS4. Normally I would get it on my PC or wait for the Steam summer sale but I'm but I'm getting sick of sitting in front a computer screen gaming for hours in my old age. So getting it on PS4 offered the comfort and convenience I was after. Anyway lol, I finally had a weekend off from any side projects and put about 12 hours into this game. I'm mad at myself for not getting it sooner. I played both 1 & 2 and this one is significant step up. It's helping quench my thirst for Elder Scrolls 6 (which I assure you I will get on PC). The freedom and choices make this game an RPG wet dream. I look forward to the upcoming long holiday weekend to log some more hours. Anyone else play it?
  6. @lightsout listen to this advice. Avoid Jeremy and JOATS ridiculous pissing match. I've also cut out red meat and overall starchy foods (bread, potatoes) almost entirely. Lift heavy, try to take in about 2 gallons of water a day. Start at 1 and work your way up. HIIT cardio is ideal after your workouts if you can. Try to workout 4-5 days a week. I quit dipping Feb 2016 and have lost about 100lbs. Best of luck.
  7. lol i don't think anyone really cares bro. but you do you mayne.