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  1. you're just always negative man. find some happiness now and then. eat a cheat meal. get laid. find a hobby. be happy.
  2. why are you such a poo head?
  3. Good morning ladies and gents. Watchu eating and drinking today?
  4. you mean there are negative consequences for their actions??? OH THE HORROR!
  5. I think Jeremy is one of the few excited about Armah or at least responsible for the "hype". Cat's point does hold water regarding white players.
  6. Big Ben

    this poo has got to end. great marketing for a poo beer.
  7. People get excited about above average white players at skill positions. See Brandon Wegher & Lee Ward....
  8. he's a piece of poo and there's unfortunately quite a few rape apologist on the Huddle. Lock his ass up.
  9. When your coach tells you Luke Kuechly is stuffing your wife and you tell them to mind their business.
  10. Stephen Hill! David Gettis! Marvin McNutt!