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  1. stop. both are still a threat. I know this is a panther's forum but stop.
  2. Brees and AD is not good for us.
  3. We need more attitude in our secondary and along the D line. Bunch of pussies outside of our LB corp.
  4. My studio (now closed) was legit. It was where I filmed my porno shoots. 15275324_1050446668399253_8131142745172475904_n.mp4
  5. 1. Jamaal Adams 2A. TJ Watt 2B. Chris Godwin BPA for rest.
  6. I wish I still had that fire. =(
  7. I like him in the Bruce Irvin role. Would love him at 40.
  8. this guy is onto something. we are in trouble gang.
  9. Thomas that 5 year option is so valuable when it comes to contracts especially when DE's make bank. He's also BPA at that time.
  10. In before Malik Hooker/Obi double dip.
  11. Can someone please explain the @nctarheel0619 vs @15 feud?
  12. You would know better than I then I'm just going off a few games I've seen on Youtube. One of which being the Alabama game.