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  1. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    I'm getting older so I may be misremembering things but I thought going into last year's season WR was a huge concern. I had no optimism going into the season with our WR crop. We've been in desperate need of a playmaker capable of YAC since 2014. No one gets a pass.
  2. What kind of idiot posts conspiracy to commit murder on social media?
  3. Gettis was a sure fire HOFer if not for injuries.
  4. Hi there

    I just need to stop drinking before sex.
  5. Hope he gets his head blown off as he walks out of prison.
  6. Hi there

    Solid theory. Could also be the scotch.
  7. Hi there

    I've recently been losing my erection mid coitus and am worried I have low T.