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  1. Dex

    Home Theater Projector

    Can anyone recommend a good native 1080p projector for home use? The trick is I'm trying to project onto a wall that's roughly 19ft away from where the projector would be placed. So I would need a projector that lets you modify the size of the "screen" because at the range the "screen" would be too large for the wall.. I don't want to have to place the projector in the middle of the room or on the ceiling. Does anyone have any recommendations? disclaimer: these are my roommate's decorations lol she's a goof. I have the corner to the bottom left with the speakers and 5 seasons of the wire lmao.
  2. 5lbs of muscle is ridiculous for his size.
  3. That's highly inappropriate sir.
  4. I'm here for a good time not a long time. 90% of my diet is plant based and daddy is gonna enjoy his alcohol and bacon from time to time. Worth it.
  5. It seems like Pence just wants a war with North Korea. This administration skipped being a joke and went straight to an unmitigated foreign relations disaster.
  6. I don't believe she meant any disrespect. She got caught up in the moment as a huge fan and dropped the "n" word. Kendrick had to know this was a possibility. I actually think there's blame both ways because if I was in that position there's no way I'm saying that lol.
  7. it's $20 to watch. ;)
  8. I'm moving to Charlotte perhaps as soon as next spring. But thanks for ruining my dream of cuddling, weekend brewery dates, binge eating bbq, spontaneous weekend trips, cutest Panther's couple awards and growing old with you. @Darth Biscuit the dream is officially dead.
  9. haha that was two months ago. we back to 100%. almost.