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  1. Cam Fugin Newton.. Who is this guy?!!

    lmao I just that on NFLN and died
  2. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Starting early.
  3. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Wouldn't be Panther football without it!!!
  4. Luke practices for the game...

    Tim Howard ripoff.  Still funny.
  5. Official Super Bowl Program

  6. Good morning ladies and gents and welcome to another gameday menu thread. But this is no ordinary gameday menu thread. This is the fuging superbowl where cares, inhibitions and calories go right out the window. 12 hours from now we will be doing battle on the largest stage in television.  So tonight we dine in hell!   I will be keeping it simple. Homemade wings (my special recipe) and homemade guac. I headed over to party city and have Panther plates, napkins, balloons, solo cups you fuging name it we got it.    So let's see what you've got huddlez and remember PICS ARE ENCOURAGED! 
  7. If Ron Rivera Win The Super Bowl....

    Ron will be the first Latino head coach to win a superb owl. Hall of Fame worthy alone.
  8. Very underrated member of the coaching staff.
  9. Replica superbowl ring. They sell for $200. You can get them customised with your name and number.
  11. Sorry for your loss man. Keep Pounding.
  12. The other 20% think the Cowboys still have a shot at making the playoffs.
  13. What position did you play?

    Defensive line. Hated offense.