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  1. If Ron Rivera Win The Super Bowl....

    Ron will be the first Latino head coach to win a superb owl. Hall of Fame worthy alone.
  2. Very underrated member of the coaching staff.
  3. Replica superbowl ring. They sell for $200. You can get them customised with your name and number.
  5. Sorry for your loss man. Keep Pounding.
  6. The other 20% think the Cowboys still have a shot at making the playoffs.
  7. What position did you play?

    Defensive line. Hated offense.
  8. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    Don't poke the bear with a stick now Deon. Or please do. =]
  9. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Once I saw that look in JNo's eye I got a little nervous haha. Not gonna lie.
  10. This years Clueless Gamer...

    Yessssssss I was hoping they would do this! $20 it's the Division. 
  11. I really want to fly down for the night. Don't want to miss a possible superbowl win celebration in the queen city.
  12. Remember the walk back to our hotel after JAX lol
  13. After a night of boozing let's call it an even 2 hour walk. Possible death.