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  1. AviationMX added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    it's the best scenario for this year and the future. remember it was the same moves that saved our season last year.
    unlike others here, I'll take speed in the receiver core over experience, getting open downfield helps Cam and the running game. and we have Ricky to improve technique. you can't teach speed....
    10-6 if our D can score some points.
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  2. AviationMX added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Photos and Notes - Final Practice   

    believe in RP...on yesterday's practice:
    "That was a clinic," wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl said. "We've got a great group of guys, and they're up to the challenge. I'm excited for them.
    Some huddlers now say we will lose 3 games due to KB being out, which is just insane. it's going to be a tough season but WTF? we made improvements from last year and the only thing that is suspect is special teams. If we can get out the gate with ugly wins, it's going to be blast this year.
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  3. AviationMX added a post in a topic Today was not pretty   

    it's time to let the young guns run, sure it's going suck at times but we have a good D, OL is better and the rushing should improve. I'm fine with with a little speed and am looking forward to the season...we will just have to run the ball in w/o KG there...
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  4. AviationMX added a post in a topic Funchess Ruled Out VS Dolphins Saturday   

    I want to see our speedsters and if Cam can get the ball to them...it sucks that KB is out but if Jake and Smitty could stretch the field, this team maybe able to also... or not, and it's back to ball control hell 
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  5. AviationMX added a post in a topic Rosenthal: In reality, the Panthers have a roster full of No. 4 receivers   

    is it fair to assume that our WR drafting philosophy was to find semi fast big bodies that Newton could hit easier? it sounds like so far in camp our QB was still having issues with accuracy and I wasn't looking forward to watching jump ball completions all season.
    I do like KB and he will score many TDs in the redzone when he returns but it's time to put speed in the WR and have Newton improve his passing. I would much rather have the ability to throw the ball downfield ( or atleast the fear of it) and have a solid running game than a ball control scheme to help increase our completions.
    so I put this on Newton to improve along with Shula and let RIcky work with some decent speeders to open the game up in the future. We have a decent Oline and running game- it's time to improve the passing game with our well compensated QB.
    And I do think Newton can improve...but he ran out of time with the loss of KB. 
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  6. AviationMX added a post in a topic First Hand Account of the Norman - Newton fight   

    I'm more concerned about Newton getting pissed because he threw two "bad" interceptions...he needs to learn to have a short memory to make the next step. And his D is going to give plenty of chances to learn that lesson. 
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  7. AviationMX added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    Must be time to turn in your trophy wife, you know they're only for winners
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