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  1. Denver offense isn't putting points on the board and if that catch by cotch was called correctly.... but I more faith in our offense than the old man catching fire in the second half
  2. Broncos Playing Like They've Been Here Before

    the Refs look like they're new too
  3. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sorry to hear the news Cwing, I've also been in a similar situation. All i can offer is this advice, time is what heals a loss like this-keep those you have lost in your memory as you move forward without them. living your life with enthusiasm and love is the greatest way to pay respect for those you miss. Go forth and keep pounding
  4. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    One more http://www.stumblestilskins.com/events/sunday-superbowl-party/
  5. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    Greenstreet has a party, but JJT isn't invited...again http://www.yelp.com/biz/greene-street-club-greensboro Shooters is the riots place, again, JJT wouldn't know so don't tell him http://www.yelp.com/biz/shooters-sports-bar-and-billiards-greensboro I'll swing by this place for the first half, since JJT won't be there http://www.yelp.com/biz/rodys-tavern-greensboro-2
  6. ESPN writer Super Bowl picks are in *Surprise*

    awww, Suzy girl....why?
  7. The Keep Pounding Drum

    MJ is the answer
  8. Cam Newton INFLUENCES the media!!!

    Charlie went to Duke law and is from henderson nc....no doubt a Panthers fan
  9. Which way would you prefer to win?

    there is a reason for both these teams making the SB. There is going to be some nerves in the first half not to mention some conservative play calling. So I expect screens/runs and short passes from DEN and the Panthers to run 80% of the time. It's going to be tactical game andat the half a touchdown difference. Barring a special teams play we should be up 17 -10 By the third quarter we will have set up the run enough to start throwing- again another 7 point lead 24-17 For the the fourth it will be manning trying to will a win but turnovers and a Teddy or Brown bomb will lock it up . 34-20... a well played game and the Panthers are SuperBowl Champsbut I don't expect a blow out... oh and MVPon defense..my man Shaq.
  10. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    Idk, the packers have a decent job over the years. Nothing wrong with just being a small Kick A$$ market...
  11. Well hello Mr Collins...good to have you back...want a cigar with that 12 step program?
  12. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    I give pie to all in this thread for looking at this issue with an open and mature perspective, the struggles of the black QB to fit in the mainstream's expectations hasbeen going on for decades. I'm still not sure how how arrogance makes a QB a thug and we can include Kaep in that conversation too...not to mention others white players like Hacksaw Reynolds/Ronnie Lott and othersthat tried to injury players and were thugs. I think it was earlyhis dominance physically that started this bias and then the dancing that the older white fans couldn't relate to...but this is now balanced by the intellectual growth he has this year in running a potent offense with, essentially, no better than a #3 receiver core. so I see a maturation of the football public in understanding what they are really seeing here, the man prepares physically, mentally and executes THE most complex offenses and enjoys winning ( we like winning don't we?) And finally, he pretends to bewhitest guy in the universe -Superman. And Josh in batman....it turns out these guys are more mainstream than the average NFL fan.
  13. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Wait, Newton's black? I hope he isn't a black panther too... but thenI am a fan of the black panthers from carolina
  14. Coffee, NFC Champs and Zappa? sweet, although I would offer Muffin Man for Mr. Carson. He thought he was a man but he was a muffin
  15. Agreed ,but I can't wait to the see the broadcast ....I'm still juiced up from the energy Sunday. what a glorious day of absolute and total domination at BOA