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  1. So, who is at fault

    it's a wall thing, the Prez wants the wall for DACA...something about Mexico paying for it but they need seed money first.
  2. So, who is at fault

    or CHIP, the children's healthcare insurance program...that ran out of money 100 days ago but makes a nice poker ...chip for one party to use against another.
  3. so Cohen couldn't even create an anonymous LLC to make payments to Trump's girlfriend? you would think he would be better at hiding payoffs...some "fixer" -your fired
  4. is possible to have a majority party?

    the shrinking middle... http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/10/23/in-polarized-era-fewer-americans-hold-a-mix-of-conservative-and-liberal-views/
  5. is possible to have a majority party?

    To your point the NC gerrymandering case continues, today Fed judges want new maps submitted quickly and not postponed. Our Freedom caucus leader, Mr. Meadows district is one that has been selected to be redrawn. Judges order North Carolina congressional districts redrawn quickly http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/09/politics/north-carolina-gerrymandering-case/index.html
  6. is possible to have a majority party?

    I think your right, and if we throw the Citizens United ruling it gets harder to define what our system is anymore.
  7. is possible to have a majority party?

    Just trying wrap my head around "do you want MANDATORY GAY STALINIST HEALTHCARE"
  8. This may be risky to post in here, but I was having this discussion in local dive bar here in GSO. The premise was that most of the US is politically moderate but the political parties are too entrenched left or right to govern. If the Dems where to accept pro life candidates, pro gun rights with sensible gun background checks and modified immigration laws... ( or whatever the top issues are...) Would that attract moderate independents and GOP voters to the Dems? and if it did, would that allow congress to return to regular order or at least allow for comprise in congress with out be primaried? BTW, we tried the reverse for the GOP but we're shot down by all the GOPers in the bar but the blue dog Dems and independents had no problem with opening up the Dem platform (2 Bernie guys said no and left without tipping the bartender). Or is that we dislike the other side so much it will take a generation for politics to reset?
  9. and more, from source that the President enjoys..tabloid news: https://www.thedailybeast.com/intouch-to-drop-5000-words-from-stormy-daniels-on-sex-with-trump at some point all this crap is going to drive him over the edge...
  10. I guess Fox news decided not to make a headline...And I thought the Fox brass liked hookers. Fox News held story before election on Trump relationship with adult-film star: report http://thehill.com/homenews/media/369238-fox-news-didnt-publish-its-story-on-trump-relationship-with-adult-film-star

    Sardinia has some very attractive women...ask Tony Boudain. That may help the men live longer...
  12. there are some options other than politically driven winner takes all: Independent commissions The remaining states -- Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, and Washington -- all draw both state and federal districts using an independent commission, with regulations limiting direct participation by elected officials. (Alaska and Montana currently have only one congressional representative, and do not need to draw congressional lines.) Members of these commissions are neither legislators nor public officials. Each state also bans commissioners from running for office in the districts they draw, at least for a few years after the commission finishes its work. Some of the states further limit commission members' link to the legislature: Arizona and California, for example, also bar legislative staff from serving on the commission; California, Idaho, and Washington bar lobbyists from serving on the commission as well. http://redistricting.lls.edu/who.php
  13. I don't know, if Newton has the time to set his feet and there's a organized check down process, he may be able to extend his career and increase his accuracy. He can still run but only when it makes sense. I would much rather he gets comfortable with whatever offense is inserted and is healthy then to keep carrying a team on his back and retire early. The question is will he want to superman and play hurt or be healthy and be a top 5 QB. The guy has an arm....
  14. Not going to happen, but we could cut all the huddlers under 27 years old and start over... Relax, kids...just kidding
  15. I really hate the over throws but I was happy with his effort. To be honest, I think if he had more time or a real #2 receiver we would have score earlier in the game and screwed Brees into trying to catch up (more sacks for us). Newton made some bad ass passes that should have been caught... I think it was a good season, I wish we had played better in the ATL game and made a real run but the Saints game was hard fought and even with the bad calls, we had a chance up until the end... and fug you Teddy.