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  1. AviationMX

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    Game 1 we had a solid defense and an offense still in preseason, Game 2 the reverse on the road. In ATL, even with the makeshift OL, we had a shot to win. The CIN offense should be familiar to the our D and I expect our offense to continue to improve with 8 quarters under their belt now. Our LBs have to return to game 1 form and if they do, I don't see why why Cam and Company can't find success at home. How often have we giving up 170 rushing yards? I don't think we stay 25th in the league against the run... Unlike the season opener, CIN fans don't travel well and we should have a true advantage at home. In some ways, this is our season opener with an loud home crowd
  2. no worries....norv and cam have this. halftime adjustment will be epic..
  3. I'm about to get into pre game but was memorized by this....Suffragette City? was Bowie a Panther's fan? I'm now listening to his music looking for clues....
  4. AviationMX

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    waiting for these guys to get their head straight is a dangerous game and if they're not ready can cause real damage to a team....two words Kerry Collins I don't know Gordon's deal, but if he can't make it two games into a season, there's an issue...and with that, I wish him luck-hopefully he knows he got to take this on directly and find the long term answer.
  5. two States and one Storm...
  6. We'll down by 7 in the first quarter and down by 10 at the half. And then it happens: Norv's system starts to kick in. Unpredictable combinations of runs/passes but starts churning out yards... we control the ball in the second half and Cam executes some 3/5/7 drops, his timing will spot on and our rushing finds room around the speed bumps of our own OL. The D is rested and gets 2 turnovers and with the ATL D gassed- Norv unleashes Air Newton in the 4th and it's done. it will be a thing of beauty, we will be at 2-0 with a mostly second team OL. The Huddle will be as one (for 24 hours) and the rain will stop with clear sky's ahead. Final Panthers 31-20 Storms draw something out of us that calm seas don't Bill Hybels
  7. The difference this year is if Norv can make all the right adjustments and the team responds early in the season. As a poster said, a win now could really change the season for us...but it's going to take a chess master to get this new scheme in place and back up players to perform. I say we do, Defense will be solid and we will patch together a win...
  8. AviationMX

    Grim weather outlook for game

    I guess it will be ground battle...Had to say I great time at the Jags game when it poured rain and flooded the field. I can't imagine a roof at BOA... it will be the CMC and CJ show today...not to mention Norv's adjustment to the pass game...
  9. AviationMX

    "Two States, One Team"

    Greensboro here, I have spent time at Windjammers on isle of palm, had drinks on top of the Pavilion hotel and dinner at Magnolia Grill...Throw in Bill Murray as part owner of the River dogs... you gotta love the low county and couldn't be prouder of the Carolina Panthers/ Hurricanes
  10. we settle for a record number of field goals and lose by 3...
  11. Panthers 28 Cowboys 20 Slow start and cowboys get a turnover in the first half, and we are down by 3 at the half, but we pull out a win with over 225 yards of passing in the second half and a Shaq interception.
  12. To be honest, I never really cared if some teams fill up BOA. I thought the Packers fans were reasonable and had a good football IQ...the opposite for Saints/Eagle fans. Since the PSL owners (businesses/individual) have forked out $ for seats for every game- including pre season, I find it hard to blame them. But more importantly there is nothing more gratifying than an half empty stadium with just Panthers fans in the 4th quarter...Sometimes its best to look into the eyes of the visiting fans and see them tear up and leave those $250 seats early...so we can move up and enjoy them.
  13. AviationMX


    I'm just up the river from hales ford bridge...you can usually hear mick's god awful game calling on my dock on sundays. Shoot me a PM next you're around, it's nothing but Skin/Steelers fans up here.
  14. AviationMX


    I'll buy around of Heinekens at 4 pm at Mangos on SML for all Huddlers today...
  15. AviationMX

    Back to back winning seasons

    perhaps too much jager that night, but my point was....who can we trade to bolster our OL...