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  1. as pointed out it's Memorial Day, and those that feel not standing is an affront to the flag and Veterans- your entitled to that feeling...it's a free country for many reasons...and one of those reasons is because many of your fellow citizens volunteered to serve your country. to those that have served and took the oath to support the Constitution- thank you. BTW-I believe the oath continues even after you have separated...I hope we can find some middle ground to both recognize the right to protest and the right to be patriotic. It's one of the few times during the game both fans are thinking about the country and not the fact we really don't like ( the Saints).the other team. there must be answer that will satisfy both sides. I though the NFL offered some funds to combat the issue but maybe it takes more participation from both the fans/players/owners. it just feels like we would like to argue more than fix an issue that our fellow citizens are concerned about... and thank you to the Veteran Huddlers...both left and right, it may be up to us to close this gap. Personally, the right to protest, even before my Panthers game- reminds me that we are still a young country with issues. It has zero affect on how proud I feel a during the national anthem- for both the country and those that protesting. We certainly are not a perfect union and we need to hear all voices to make it better... and lastly- if we need a player that has protested- let Carolina be the team to negotiate a program that together those that enforce the laws and those that feel they are unfairly being treated by the enforcement come together to find the solution- Carolina has been a place where protests for basic human rights has led to change... and besides that our pass defense sucks. To check out a Vet charity go here https://www.consumerreports.org/charities/find-a-veterans-charity-worthy-of-your-donations/
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2327724&privcapId=52709358 He's a CPA, a normal first step in the acquisition of a new company. Also has NFL labor and salary negotiations background along with media...a strong start for the new guy who needs a pressure point on Panthers operations. 59 -- Background Mr. Michael J. Keenan, also known as Mike, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of MD Office Solutions, Inc. Mr. Keenan served as Chief Financial Officer of Cleveland Browns LLC since December 2009. He served as the President of Cleveland Browns LLC since May 2008. As President, Mr. Keenan was responsible for the business operations of the club. Mr. Keenan overseen the development of new television and radio broadcast deals, restructured the club's sales and marketing departments and has represented the team on league affairs. Mr. Keenan also works hand-in-hand with football operations on numerous contract negotiations, as well as salary cap matters. He joined the Browns in January 2006, he served it in several different capacities, including Senior Vice President of Business Operations. Mr. Keenan served as President of Digirad Imaging Solutions Inc. of Digirad Corporation from March 31, 2006 to October 31, 2008. Prior to Digirad, Mr. Keenan held various roles at Apria Healthcare Group, Inc., from January 1994 to January 2006. Mr. Keenan served as Executive Vice President of Business Operations at Apria Healthcare Group Inc. Prior to that, he served as Regional Sales Manager at Home Nutritional Services from June 1988 to May 1992, and as Assistant Manager and Nurse with Deaconess Medical Center, a hospital, from 1981 to 1988. He serves as Director of American Red Cross, Greater Cleveland Chapter. Prior to joining the Browns, Mr. Keenan served as the Senior Director of Labor Finance on the NFL Management Council. He represented NFL teams in labor relations matters with the NFL Players Association, including administration of $3.3 billion in League-wide player salaries and benefits. Mr. Keenan was also the primary financial representative within the NFL Management Council for all financial and accounting matters. He serves as a board member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the American Red Cross-Greater Cleveland Chapter, as well as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall Fame Board of Trustees. He is a graduate of Boston College. Mr. Keenan, a Certified Public Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Nursing from Whitworth College, Spokane Washington in 1987 and a registered nursing degree from Niagara College, New York in 1980.
  3. AviationMX

    First Motorcycle

    it really depends on one's experience- if you are a new rider or returning one, get a bike you don't mind laying down...because you will at some point, usually in a gravel parking lot. I started with a SV-650 and then moved onto my current bikes- BMW 1100/1700 nomad. The 650 was banged up and bought for $1700, but I gained more experience especially defensive riding in traffic. I high sided it once and laid it down several times...after you are comfortable and have your chops- sit on several bikes and figure out what fits you best. Having a cool bike that doesn't fit sucks...and each bike has draw backs, love the 1700 but it has a turning radius of boat, the BMW is top heavy- so it takes a different style of riding for each bike. there is nothing more fun than finding an open road and NC has great bike trips from the mountains to the coast. Join a bike forum and link up with a local group for day trips...finally, always wave to other bikers, 90% wave back...the 10% who don't are probably in the tinderbox right now lol
  4. Fundamentals do matter but it may be more of a timing issue with Newton. Having a consistent drop back allows receivers to run routs and be open at a certain time. Montana was always criticized by Walsh for not having the exact amount of steps or hitches as he dropped back...too many or too few threw off the play. I'm not saying that we're a West Coast Offense but I think if Newton had better timing ( or time to throw) he would have better windows to hit or could read the defense quicker. The less any QB has to read the play or having to rip the ball into tight windows- the better...It looks to me that Newton has a hard time getting the ball to primary receiver for whatever reason (timing errors on both) and either whips the ball to someone or runs. And lastly and I didn't look this up, how many back shoulder passes does Newton have? not many, but I think Air Norv will fix a bunch of these issues and this season we will be able to come back in any game...
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    or this
  6. Denver offense isn't putting points on the board and if that catch by cotch was called correctly.... but I more faith in our offense than the old man catching fire in the second half
  7. AviationMX

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I'm sure most bars will have the game on, but if you go to St peter st and Pat O'briens, they have a pretty big screen TV in the bar area ( to the left when you walk in). it will be mostly tourists and you may find other Panther fans...
  8. AviationMX

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    How about Espn http://espn.go.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/15356/2015-carolina-panthers-game-by-game-predictions 9-7? Btw, Thanks Jeremy for all the work you've done...
  9. AviationMX

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Just a reminder of the B/R prediction in April http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2438860-week-3-v-new-orleans-saints/page/17 8-8 This is OUR time, and now the nation knows. A little Dab will do ya Panther nation- today is your day- leave nothing in the tank tonight See y'all at 3 Chris and Sherry
  10. AviationMX

    What Bucs Fans Are Saying

    is that your girlfriends name? algorithm? I kid MG...we win this game is the 1 st quarter
  11. Question, it sounds like he and the union are going to appeal the suspension. is it possible they can delay the suspension until after the MN game?
  12. Oh no, you didn't say "skirt" did you? :)
  13. Hey, keep an eye out for my car...it was dud and stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. Hoping for Shaq and Cap to announce their arrival today and our D line to get three more sacks. close at the half but Panthers pull it off 34-21
  14. AviationMX

    Panthers - Eagles Predictions

    Points for GinnBomb... Panthers rush for 14, GinnBomb for 7 and Cotch 7 Panthers 28 Eagles 10
  15. it's the best scenario for this year and the future. remember it was the same moves that saved our season last year. unlike others here, I'll take speed in the receiver core over experience, getting open downfield helps Cam and the running game. and we have Ricky to improve technique. you can't teach speed.... 10-6 if our D can score some points.