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  1. Peppers90 NC

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    it's almost like, those are the same persons
  2. Peppers90 NC

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    ouch, like a paper cut!
  3. Peppers90 NC

    Torrey Smith shows leadership

    Haha, love those gize. My wife who knows zero football can do that too.
  4. Peppers90 NC

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    given the thread title... it's a shame you even opened it
  5. Peppers90 NC

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    He isn't dogging CMC or anything to get defensive about. Kamara had an exceptionally efficient year. Almost so good how is it possible to improve on it rather than take a step back? We shall see.
  6. Peppers90 NC

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    true, he never did play on the opening drives or anything
  7. Peppers90 NC

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    how does that work?
  8. Peppers90 NC

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    That nonchalant KR against the Buccs was pretty sick
  9. because one preseason game of course! Dont question mj, all his posts are very well thought out and considerate.
  10. Peppers90 NC

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    I hate talking fantasy, but all it took was his first carry last year in preseason to know that dude is the deal. Then SP stashed him on the sidelines for much of the rest of the preseason to keep the secret in. I drafted him in the 10th round of my keep league, needless to say im reaping those benefits.
  11. Peppers90 NC

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Everyone knows it’s the best QB division but that’s a stealthy RB group too
  12. There were a few games that he got chunks of yards and TDs well after the game was decided, Philly, Pitt, and GB that come to mind. Regardless, he up to this point has been the best Panthers rookie WR, easily.
  13. Peppers90 NC

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    after the crop of WRs that we trotted out in the playoff game, the worst in NFL history, we may over compensate and rightfully so with the WR depth. And Im fairly certain we keep 6. I cant see us getting a CB as good or better than Funchess anyway.
  14. Peppers90 NC

    Cam & Kelvin Pregame in Video form

    KB was/is a douchebag and an asshole for saying those things, but if he truly meant what he said, he wasnt being fake with the way he acted. He just looks like someone holding a grudge and a soft ass doughboy.