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  1. Panthers Are Working Out Kickers

  2. our "leader" or "boss" only fires guys that say "no" to him. so until Ron makes that mistake, then no firing will happen.
  3. pointless, get rid of Ron and Shula and Dorsey go as well. I dont want to lose Wilks yet though.
  4. agree but our o line is constantly being pushed in the backfield on run plays, that is execution. this is the a lot of the same line that has had success running the ball. another thing I have thought of that may have to do with them being pushed back but not sure how valid it is that our snap is usually right after "readddyyyyyy"...... its easier for the dlineman to get initial push whereas 2015 was full of mixed snap counts.
  5. this team is not devoid of talent. they are devoid of a run game. some here believe its scheme or play calling, which that certainly is not helping but all of those can be overridden by execution, which is totally lacking. until the run game gets going and we have a push up front, no scheme, play call or whatever will get past that.
  6. This team is Gettleman's legacy

    So not giving those 2 players an immediate extension is the same thing as cutting them?
  7. Got a job offer..

    Always trust your gut instinct, and dont undervalue intangibles such as a good work environment. $15k a year is a nice bump depending on what you make right now. Say if you were going from 60 to 75, thats a nice bump but for someone that would go from say 140 to 155 it isnt as much a difference. Hopefully your current place will counter. Good luck.
  8. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

    funny, all that is true. except maybe the evaluated part, im not sure what they do there because things rarely change.
  9. Leadership, and lack thereof

    I know this wont go over well here, be called petty or other things but what has gotten tiresome and I am sure bothers teammates, and I cringed as it was happening in the Eagles game, but how Cam isolates himself when he scores a rushing touchdown. He even pushed teammates away so he could do the stuperman thing in front of the camera. I personally believe that bothers teammates, but thats just me. I dont see him as a leader and Im not sure he is a great teammate, not a bad one though because I know for a fact he has the players back and he supports them. But as far a leader, it is way too easy based on his demeanor to tell when things are not going well and that isnt a trait of a good or great leader. Flame away huddle, flame away.

    Im all in for giving Armeh reps as a lead blocker and occasional receiver out of the backfield. I think he is a player that can contribute, forget Dickson and Manhertz run blocking.
  11. This team is Gettleman's legacy

    It just depends if you believe that letting Norman go allowed us to keep KK and Turner and if they together are more valuable than Norman, which I do personally.
  12. This team is Gettleman's legacy

    He fuged up how he let Smith go, not that he did, we were committed to Cam and it was obvious the two could not coexist. Norman was the right move long term for a multitude of reasons though it was a setback to some extent.
  13. This team is Gettleman's legacy

    last week, last year it was the defensive player he didnt sign that cost us, now its the offensive. let's at least be consistent fans, otherwise how can we expect consistency from our team?
  14. Leadership, and lack thereof

    funny how we said exact opposite things
  15. Leadership, and lack thereof

    all our leaders seem to be on the defensive side of the ball, some may suggest R Kalil is a leader but Im not buying it, maybe Olsen.