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  1. I see a few teams before us that could heavily consider WR's - Dallas, Baltimore, Pats, Cards and Hawks. If two of those teams pick WRs, Ridley will most likely be gone.
  2. wouldnt the eye test be more opinionated than factual numbers?
  3. Lets talk about Mayfield at #1

    If they take a QB, it should be Mayfield.
  4. S4L's Panthers Mock Draft

  5. you're a guy that loves the D
  6. He might but not that far. I would good if we drafted him ourselves. Hurney would really have to shoot himself in the foot to fug this draft up as I think it's almost hard to get our first two picks wrong.
  7. Brandon Marshall Released

    .... for vet min
  8. CJ Anderson Released

    Sensing Barkley might be available? Otherwise there could be a number of reasons.
  9. i dont think anyone would be mad there, I like Ragnow over Chubb barely but would be happy with either
  10. it would kinda suck if Barkley fell in the Buccs lap
  11. Worley likely released per Les Bowen

    el oh well