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  1. Cryptocurrency

    Yea nose dive this last week
  2. similar, yea. i dont expect him to be as impactful though.
  3. Drama in Steeler country?

    yes, China's tea is much greener than Monsanto's Lipton. Thanks for the knowledge drop.
  4. Smith didnt respect Cam, had to get rid of one for the growth of another. I thought this was well known.
  5. Drama in Steeler country?

    oh i remind me how many super bowl teams he has coached. anyone can after the fact bs analyze what happened. if they fire him, they deserve to get what comes to them after.
  6. maybe one person but thats all it takes for someone to turn that into "everyone"
  7. Drama in Steeler country?

    yea I'm sure those limited partners know more about situational football than Tomlin

    oh but if we altered our lifestyle how would we ever fit into modern society, dictated by industries built to destroy us, possibly enslave us while we become dependent on devices and convenience without commercialism? I envy those people born into places who havent been force-fed lies and deception and live more simple.
  9. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

    Ok, when cause of death is labeled "not suspicious", it automatically becomes suspicious. http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/16/entertainment/cranberries-dolores-o-riordan-death-intl/index.html Music industry is as dirt as hollywood. RIP
  10. Can’t spell Kamara without karma
  11. to the vikings and eagles....

    Scraping for the bottom of the barrel for so-called bragging rights
  12. to the vikings and eagles....

    What rights are those? We are 0-2 in the super bowl?
  13. I love you motherfuggers

    Marshon Grab’em more
  14. I love you motherfuggers

    A fan of a bad franchise baths themselves in misery, he came here asking for shots. A self-decicater if you will.
  15. I love you motherfuggers

    Offense still had to carry them slugs just like the olden days only to be at home to watch the championship rounds.
  16. I love you motherfuggers

    He wants, no wishes he was. That’s why he’s so bitter. When people hear Cam, they think of the QB.
  17. I love you motherfuggers

    Watching Other Cam have to walk back in shame proves karma does indeed exist.
  18. I love you motherfuggers

    I only borrowed it for today. Falcons and Stains both lost I don’t have to pull against anyone now. We all at home and all is right in the world. i agree Drew played well. Saca knows very little if he doesn’t copy paste an article.
  19. I love you motherfuggers

    And the Vikes need their broom back. Y’all got swept this time.
  20. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    He went 3 straight seasons at OSU on the field. One year doesn’t make something the norm.
  21. Cam Newton Stats Through 7 Seasons

    I was suggesting it was near the middle Holmes
  22. Cornerback

    6th so even that counts for 1 great year
  23. Cornerback

    Kalil Norman Munnerlyn and Hardy are the only non first round picks I can think of that were major contributors
  24. Cam Newton Stats Through 7 Seasons

    Contrary to popular belief, all QBs deal with drops