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  1. Bucs trade for JPP

    I wouldnt be mad, but my guess is trading a 3rd for possibly a one year rental isnt much ROI
  2. Bucs trade for JPP

    Drafting Chubb if the Browns dont take him, that will get Gettys rocks off
  3. Bucs trade for JPP

    what corner do you want for a late pick?
  4. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    NFL in Raliegh, come on Steven.
  5. his scheme is legit, but even more was his aggressiveness and confidence in his players. i was sold on him in our game against them, they scored a TD and we had a penalty on that same play, refs assumed they would take the yardage on the kickoff but he took the extra yard and went for 2 instead.
  6. nice teeth steve looks like you been smacked in the face a few times in your life
  7. hey when your daddy gets home tell him how much fun you had trolling a message boards because you didnt get picked in the pick up game of ball in the neighborhood.
  8. tell the adult in your profile pic to not let you on the computer anymore, okay kid.
  9. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    aren't all rich and famous entertainers part of a cult?
  10. i doubt we pick up another vet WR, probably draft one.
  11. damn seattle gonna undercut our poo
  12. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Damn, maybe Colts think Browns are taking Chubb #1 now. Although that’s tremendous value to only drop 3 spots.
  13. Secondary...

    Hurney didn’t attempt to address the CB position in FA did he? He must be clueless
  14. If you dont net at least a third, I think a trade would be a huge waste. Even a third would be disappointing right now.
  15. 18.5 up front tho was probably not possible to match
  16. He’ll have to earn playing time here, might push him to keep his head straight. He is athletic as hell
  17. You could argue TEs don’t do much in Seattle, Graham didn’t other than red zone TDs
  18. get it done. he is pretty good all around and does have speed.
  19. with and it will be a big party. i wouldnt mind giving up the firsts, but he's gonna want 20M/yr.