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  1. Considering the title, Does anybody think this ice cream truck mascot looks like Jack Nicholson?
  2. A Funchess Reminder

    That one play where he came back to Cam and jumped 50ft in the air was amazing.
  3. Gettleman's post-draft press conference - video

    He's really genuine yet totally full of crap.
  4. Let me count the ways...

    We need another CB
  5. Let me count the ways...

    This place is coming apart at the seams!!!
  6. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    can't help but daydream about a Hardy quality pass rusher though. 2013 spoiled me. I want to sack Eli Manning 8000 times in a row again.
  7. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    did we keep 5 corners last year?
  8. I imagine it's more of a time/resources thing. If you don't have the patience, time or energy to enforce being grounded then spanking is a good alternative.
  9. Game 6 vs. Heat

    rough fuging game
  10. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Damn Zod called it two years in a row in the late round.
  11. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    Having a franchise QB really takes the pressure off of drafting. As long as DG keeps drafting BPA successfully we'll always have some part of the team be a strength or even the best in the league and with good coaching we can scheme to these strengths. Feels so good. I legitimately don't care who we pick because it's so likely to work out. Hope that doesn't sound cocky.
  12. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    come on guys
  13. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    I totally agree but this isn't a case of that. Deangelo was cut and for some reason didn't understand that RBs over 30 with big contracts get cut. He gets signed to a good team, has a good year and still says poo? He's fair game. Not to mention he says dumb stuff about other guys. Norman, Peppers, Moose, or Smitty are all fine in my book compared to passive aggressive D-Will.
  14. Tickets go onsale on Saturday at 10:00 AM

    Nosebleeds aren't really that bad, I would save your money if that's all you'll have for the year. Just my two cents!
  15. New York City

    My brother moved to Brookyln, so I went to stay with him a few days. Since I didn't have to pay for any lodging i took him and his wife out to Peter Lugers. My brother and I got the Porterhouse for two. Sister in law got the salmon.The plate is so hot that if you want to cook your steak more(not that you would) you can cook the steak on the rim. They have a spoon to baste the steak pieces in all the juices/butter. Best steak I've ever had, you won't be disappointed. We also got their potatoes and creamed spinach as sides. Not sure why the spinach is so renowned it didn't really taste that unique. Still good if you like creamed spinach. My brother and I also got a single piece of bacon and the onions/tomatoes for an appetizer. Fresh fresh tomatoes were just delicious. Great with the bacon, I could have ate that nonstop for dinner. The bacon is super thick. The rolls weren't warm I was slightly disappointed. For some reason every restaurant we went to didn't have warm bread. Maybe it's a NYC thing. Also the Peter Luger's sauce is pretty much cocktail sauce but with more "stank". We also got the apple strudel with a gigantic bowl of schlag(whipped cream). I think my sister in law ordered the cheapest bottle of wine but it was still 60 bucks lol. Overall I think our bill was around 360 dollars, not totally sure. Was worth every penny. I was so satisfied. I'd love to go back but I'll probably need to take them somewhere else the next time we go. One thing that's a little weird is every person that works there has gotta be a man over 50 years old. It's also cash or debit only.