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  1. REPORT: Panthers interested in moving UP in 1st round

    I don't see us trading up but trading down a few spots then I would like for us to pick hunter then use that extra pick and trade back up and pick Derrick Henry . ....... Mic drop
  2. Your final predictions (#30)

    I would like Ryan kelly cause Ryan kalil is not not getting any younger what is he like 31. if not a top guard or hunter henry
  3. I would not be surprised if he took a center with the first pick
  4. Well with the cars these guys have you cant blame them opening it up a little bit. I once went from carowinds on 77 to 26 in 35 min cruising at 175 -140 the whole way. Now I know how stupid it was. Back on topic I guess we draft Derrick Henry now for sure lol
  5. Current cap space

    In the long run this was the best thing for the team and everyone knows it, even the Norman huggers. Many people saw this coming when he went on nflnetwork spewing out the mouth.
  6. So does J-No get paid by Dallas, Philadelphia, or Washington

    I am hoping for a trade before the draft but that's just me..
  7. J-No wants 16 million a year

  8. Trade him quick and get some draft picks we will be better off in the long run.
  9. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Can we trade him if he has not signed his franchise tag? If so then if we can't get a 1st I would trade him for a 2nd and a late pick
  10. Business is business with Gettleman

    I get the sense nipple shorts is frustrated with Norman not signing his tender. I would not be surprised if he put a trade together since josh is trying to collect a kings ransom from 1 productive season. I think we would benefit trading him as much as love him as a panther.
  11. Norman's replacement

    We will not break our MO in the first we alway go best player if it's a RB or WR or DT it doesn't matter the position we get better as a team. It's usually 2nd pick on when they start filling holes jmho.
  12. Trade w Cowboys at end of first?

    If it ever happened we will walk away with a 1st and maybe a late pick this year
  13. Our first round pick: this CB?

    I agree if he is there then you run and get that card in after that I hope for that center from Alabama to drop to the 2nd then I see us taking a CB in the 3rd
  14. Bwood's one and only mock draft

    As much as I want a Henry in the first I would be happy with OT, DT,DE or a WRin any order the first three rounds. Trenches are deep this draft and I don't see g-man not picking up on the talented hog-mollies
  15. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0

    After this mock I am convinced we will draft a offensive player just cause it's mostly never the position they mock to us...