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  1. Such A Tease...

    If Braxton Miller is there you take him no doubt he is a playmaker ..
  2. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    I believe there is a thread for this however that was a great interview! 
  3. Our team success as a whole depends on both lines Doing well but having a confident franchise QB helps a ton. So in saying that if we dominate the next 2 yrs then we can start the talk of maybe comparing us to the pats remember we are only a year and some change away from cam having 2 seconds if that to throw. 
  4. players Panthers are meeting with at the Senior Bowl

    Something else to keep in mind is not to pay much attention to who we talk too. With how good our drafts have gone we are gonna have to throw teams off of who we are really looking at. 
  5. Have not seen this stat:  with that win club record is .500 cams total TDs .                   50  Super Bowl                           50  
  6. SQUAD

    Looks like about 10 spots just opened up for the pro bowl lmao
  7. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Kinda funny that visa commercial they been showing a bunch both had pats and cardinals who both lost today thanks visa..
  8. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    A little disappointed we didn't kick the FG at the end for a 50 burger but..
  9. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I was getting ready for a funchess quick slant on 3rd and goal
  10. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Another happy kid ... I love it
  11. Jared Allen Out???

    Yes his IQ might be better but both Addison and Delaire have more sacks than Allen. He is a good vet to have on the team but DE are supposed to get sacks and contain the edge and if all he does is contain the edge and will not come off the field because of pride to give the younger guy a opportunity to rush the passer then at that point he hurts the team making the d-line as unit weaker. 
  12. Jared Allen Out???

    Not that I am happy a panther is hurt but this will be blessing to force the coaches hand to play the more talented younger guys. To Allen I say thank you sir 
  13. Luke's new cpi commercial starts off " I wish I could be here to intercept the bad guys" how ironic lol
  14. Welp.....

    Just gonna say nobody mentioned kap in San Fran he is another QB that was so much better than cam. Wonder if he is gonna find some where to go. I think he had friendly deal so if they wanted to keep him on the bench they could idk. It's just so gratifying hearing good things about our cam instead of the media picking at all the negatives.
  15. Marshawn Lynch ruled OUT for Sunday

    Seahawks lost in the cold weather with RB's out. So the panther have not played anyone enroute To the Super Bowl... Worst Super Bowl team ever lol