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  1. we lost as an offensive team..o line sucked, cam sucked, wr's sucked.
  2. lousey season 15-1 means squat..if you make it to the big game its win it all or bust
  3. i dont care what anyone says that play was lousey on cams part..big game fumble deep in your territory then he doesnt dive on the ball..mvp's dont do that
  4. that MVP went to his head how in the heck doesnt he dive on that ball good god cam djkasfhafkpjlsadpdfkl aeuo
  5. wow cam wtf is his head at..freaking dang it
  6. cam has to connect on that the play was there
  7. dude 4 mins left first down run the ball i mean really same old play run on first down wtf
  8. oh look run for no gain on first down
  9. a time consuming td drive would make my day all we need is 7
  10. i laughed when ginn dropped the ball i quit being depressed over it..it is comical the drops at this point
  11. lol i am laughing now to keep from crying
  12. i just hope it isnt another 20 years before we get another shot.
  13. our only hope is a fumble recovery for td or pick six