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  1. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    not to say he did it..but there are some morons in this world..just look at johnny him posting it even via accident isnt out of the question
  2. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    wish he would have switched it up on first down..but shula wasnt overthrowing wide open guys,dropping passes or allowing cam to get sacked all night
  3. I'm Not Mad About this Game

    im mad at the manner in which we lost..had our offense left everything out on the field like the defense then id have no problem..but the offense played like they were just happy to be there..been a fan since the teams inception 21 years two appearances and no had been 12 years to get back..i hope it isnt that long again.
  4. I hope DG learned something tonight

    sure shula makes some stupid play calls but lets not pretend like he is the one who were letting rushers get to cam, over throwing wide open wr's and dropping balls right in his hands tonight..keep in mind this same shula offense had a very good year and cultivated the leauge mvp and offensive player of the year.
  5. Good season, folks

    meh 15-1 means nothing..we made it to the big game.then choked in a big way.
  6. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    the offensive team looked like all they did was dance all week instead of prepare for the super bowl
  7. we lost as an offensive team..o line sucked, cam sucked, wr's sucked.
  8. lousey season 15-1 means squat..if you make it to the big game its win it all or bust
  9. i dont care what anyone says that play was lousey on cams part..big game fumble deep in your territory then he doesnt dive on the ball..mvp's dont do that
  10. that MVP went to his head how in the heck doesnt he dive on that ball good god cam djkasfhafkpjlsadpdfkl aeuo
  11. wow cam wtf is his head at..freaking dang it
  12. cam has to connect on that the play was there
  13. dude 4 mins left first down run the ball i mean really same old play run on first down wtf