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  1. Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    Have to pay for those NDA some how
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    If he is the “OC” and QB coach, and Shurmer is a OC guy, probably means Shula won’t play call and help coach Eli (lol)
  3. Jags original with the updated logo and no full body jag on the shoulders would be awesome. Their originals weren’t bad at all. Smart marketing by them to do it on the heels of a successful season when people will buy it. They just need to hope they continue this year, or get rid of Blake and get Cousins or another QB. Our uniforms personally are some of the best in the league.
  4. While also getting paid Stafford money
  5. So they didn’t want to pay Cousins $25 a year, but are okay with a older QB who isn’t a upgrade and save $1.5? This reeks of desperation of a team who didn’t have a backup plan at QB
  6. Why? He is in the wrong side of 30 for a QB that I don’t see “pushing them over the edge” to be a playoff contender. Is he a upgrade over cousins? He makes around 6-7 million less than Matthew Stafford which I think is what cousins wanted. Do you pay the extra money? Or get a rental that doesn’t really upgrade you at all.
  7. Just to throw it out there too... any good candidates won’t apply or want to come here with the team for sale. They don’t want to risk their career and be “fired” because a new owner wants the person they want. Same poo happened when we were looking for a OC and hired Shula
  8. Raiders did the same with Gruden. But the NFL said they “followed” the rule
  9. Seriously this... Its obvious they always intended to keep Hurney. It’s been 3 weeks since we’ve been eliminated, he already has draft work done, and fired and hired coaching staff. You don’t wait 3 weeks when everyone has already made moves to then “hire” your GM. Its a slap in the face of the process and would piss me off if I was the candidate. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tina didn’t even know how to start the process as we don’t really have any executive or people with experience there to help her:
  10. Gotcha, I was wondering where Matsko went for a second there.
  11. Is he an assistant o line coach? I thought we had the guy from the ravens here doing our online
  12. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    Well this is awkward now...
  13. Yeah that image caught me really off guard as if he was the Head Coach being announced
  14. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

    Dreams will always have a special place in my heart. I was born in ‘88 so I wasn’t really that old when it came out, but for whatever reason I can just zone out to that song and remember being a kid. It makes me feel good to hear it and think back to a time when everything was simpler. I’m sad to hear the news. I tend to get in a mood where I will listen to a band or artist and just look up their wiki page and see what they have been up to lately (especially if they haven’t done much news worthy lately). I think I read a while back she had to stop touring with the band within the past few years due to health issues. I’m not 100% sure on that but when that happens, and this pops up, it must have been something they knew about or she was struggling with.
  15. I thought we released him shortly there after. I’m not sure though