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  1. 57 yards passing.

    Not wanting to feed the a troll, or be one. But to play devils advocate that’s a nice average of around 5-6 yards a pass attempt. That’s terrible. Plus it includes the somewhat “deep” catch Funch had
  2. Worley is pretty much a man corner. Seymor is a zone. Probably switch out due to scheme/play calling
  3. You must not have been on here during the Dan Henning/Jeff Davidson era. Henning although had a “feed the stud” attitude, at least made a game plan to make said player get the ball. Jeff Davidson sucked so bad. It was a joke he was promoted from O-Line to OC. Steve Smith agreed
  4. https://gph.is/1EfIDmu edit - can’t figure out how to embed on mobile
  5. At Bojangles for the First Time, Right Now

    I don’t know if it’s just I’m older, or if Bojangles has gotten worse over the years. 15-20 years ago Bojangles was good. Chicken was fried, but didn’t seem like it was lathered and bathed in just frying oil when you opened the box. The chicken supremes seemed better/bigger. It could be nostalgia, or myself being older and can’t handle the geese, but Bojangles has gotten shitty. It seems once they became a publicly traded company it has gone down hill.
  6. One GM Candidate Off the Market

    We aren’t on the market for a GM. Jerry already hired his
  7. Cam's trolling sealed the game

    Bingo. “You’re to young to get those calls” the fact that refs have that mentality with Cam, and still do is crap
  8. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    Except for the whole sexual assault thing in college (Payton) and the dad forcing the chargers to trade him (Eli)... But in all seriousness he has been classy as a pro since being drafted. Hate to see a person get upset especially when they know deep down they aren’t the issue, and likely played his last game at a place he called home for 13 years.
  9. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    The only problem with that is there is no rookie in the waiting behind Eli like there was with Warner and Eli. Eli has Geno Smith behind him. You know what you have in him.
  10. Greg Olsen out with foot injury

    He was in there for way to many snaps for a guy who hasn’t played in ten weeks
  11. Was that really a remix of Sponge Bob saying “I’m ready” leaving for the commercial break playing?
  12. $10 we probably see Colin Jones in the slot a lot tomorrow
  13. Max Henson interviews Jon Gruden

    99% sure the position that Shaq plays is sometimes refered to as a Joker. The hybrid Safety/LB role
  14. That’s funny, but I will say I’ll eat my crow. I was pretty vocal and not happy with what he showed the first year or so. I’m happy to see what he is turning into. His first two years stats looked like this... 2015-2016 56 Rec 782 Yards 7 TDs 2017 31 Rec 473 Yards 5 TDs
  15. Dolphins Next, What kind of team is this?

    I listen to the Lebetard show pretty much every day. The local hour they talk about the dolphins at times so here is what I’ve heard. Gase and the coaching staff have basically neutered Cutler. Lots of dinks and dunks. It works sometimes, but it takes away Jays ability to throw the ball deep. The defense is the tail or two cities. The d-line has lots of talent on it. The linebackers are mediocre at best. If you can keep the d-line at bay, we will have a good chance to make some big plays. Believe it was a week ago, but the Dolphins has one of the worst point differentials in the league outside of the Browns and the 49ers. Both of those teams are terrible, but somehow the dolphins have won a few games. With their RB gone, they have two younger unproven guys that they have rotated tonight. Some decent plays, but also have made some mistakes.