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  1. If he builds a practice facility in SC, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is where he wants a stadium. Players currently would have to drive from Charlotte to SC for practice, what 3-4 times a week? Depending on traffic and time of day, that could add an hour commute just for the players (you can tell me it’s less than 30 minutes way, but with 77 the state it is now, it would be much longer than that for the next 5 years) If Charlotte really wants them to keep the stadium here, they better do whatever they can do to make sure they get the practice facility within their city limits. Can you imagine how dumb the city would look if the stadium left? “Hey we just built this brand new light rail for gamedays! We are banking on that revenue!....oh, no one wants to come downtown in Sunday’s with no football?” With Tepper being a business man first, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is his play for this stuff to “leak” or be talking about to get the city council to poo their pants and realize they need to help him with a stadium.
  2. I don’t see how the Carowinds site has easy access to I-77 or 485. I’ve been in that area during rush hour and the traffic sucks ass
  3. Paintballr

    About the new stadium...

    So, the reason why no ones name is on the article and it says by the “Observer Editorial Board” because they don’t want to piss off the new owner and lose access?
  4. Richardson’s way was not the usual way. He took the bonus money he got from the super bowl and invested in Hardee’s as a franchise owner. He then leveraged that money and continued to open more franchises. It wasn’t like JR quit football and said “I’m going to start my own concept from scratch”. He saw someone (Wilbur Hardee) and invested in the idea of Hardee’s. Over 19 years he grew that franchise with his business partner into 500 locations. During that time even himself was never the CEO until many years later. This situation would be like JR taking a Line cook from one of his Hardee’s locations, and saying in 19 years you become the COO of the entire company.
  5. I don’t want to be “that guy”, but her experience is and should be questioned. She joined the team in 1999 as a TopCat cordinator. So in 19 years she has gone from that to COO running a now valued $2.3 billion business? I appreciate someone who has worked their way up at a company (I’m the same way, started part time and moved up in 12 years), but I’m not a damn COO. Does she has experience before joining the top cats of running a business? On the panthers site on her bio, it credits her for working with marketing around the fan experience, and stadium operations. Other than that? With sources saying the operation side was like a circus, like it or not she helped “run that”. If you just purchased a $2.3 billion investment, do you want someone who has no experience running it, and with current reputation of it being a clown show?
  6. Paintballr

    Thank you Big Cat!

    And we will see how much the team cares for those PSL owners if/when there is a new stadium. Many people who have been “life long” owners will have a rude awakening when they can’t transfer or get the same “value” of what their tickets are now. But without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. NFL didn’t believe we had a backing then, and it showed them. So it’s a double edge sword
  7. Who is Kendra Stabler? Daughter of Ken Stabler? Is this a reporter? I don’t really know the whole situation, but this looks like someone who just typed stuff into notes on their phone and posted it on Twitter.
  8. What did I miss?
  9. Nakamora, or the guy from Canada we played at LT on MNF that required Greg Olsen to block all night, Randy Fasani (might be more than 10 years ago) just to name a few off my head
  10. Paintballr

    Reading up on Tepper

    Tepper looks like Steve Clifford
  11. Decent in Dallas which is what happens when he played more of that pass rushing DT. If they expect him to be able to replace Poe then they are using him wrong. Theres a reason why Washington released him after one year in I believe in a 4 year deal. He never panned out for us which stinks because we really needed him the year we drafted him, but he’s bounced around a lot.
  12. Paintballr

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    The only person that is familiar with him on staff would be Hurney right? listening to the Dan Lebatard show, it hasn’t changed. Comes in a half and everyone goes “holy poo yes! Can we start?!?” Then when he starts he either gets injured or plays shitty.
  13. Paintballr

    Amazon is not what it used to be...

    I’m excited for LOTR, but I’m not getting my hopes up. The Tolkien foundation is usually very protective of its product, and usually won’t give it out unless they know it’s going to be good.....but how the Hobbit was milked into a trilogy and made a fake love story of a dwarf and a elf who never existed in the original. I’m skeptical. I appreciate the convenance right now of amazon. But like I said earlier give it 5 more years and let’s see how they adjust to its problems right now.
  14. Paintballr

    Amazon is not what it used to be...

    As most of what you answered was based off what I posted, I’m assuming you either work for Amazon or know someone who does. I assumed the huge warehouse at the concord airport was a fulfillment center. It seems kinda redundant to build a sort center to help sort packages, then send them to their direct area for this region. I could be wrong, I just don’t know the logistics side that well. I understand amazon sourcing 4 vendors in this market to help with deliveres. It’s cheaper then depending on USPS and UPS to fulfill all your orders. Amazon needs to bite the built and either invest as that middle man (post office) or put the pressure on them to deliver their goods or they will go else where. Honestly, I think USPS etc know they have amazon, and knows they need them to deliver. As you said, flex is terrible and does nothing but damage the brand image when it consistently delivers late and loses packages. I could be wrong, but the man who delivered my package in Huntersville had nothing but amazon items, and could have sworn he had amazon clothes on, but that doesn’t mean he works for amazon. I assume the new fulfillment center you speak of in concord is over off international drive near FedEx. They built these huge warehouses with absolutely nothing in them yet, or back towards Afton next to GSF. Like it or not, amazon has increased Prime by 50% in 6 years and hasn’t really shown value for the increase. They need to tread lightly here as they are getting pressure over tax laws, shipping promises. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to see subscriptions drop in the next 3-5 years if they continue increases like they have.