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  1. The Golden Calf of Bristol was an amazing college player, as was Vince Young, Matt Lienart, etc. Amazing college players doesn’t always equal nfl player
  2. Just watch/listen/podcast of the Dan Lebetard Show. You’ll never listen to sports shows (especially local) the same ever again
  3. Paintballr


    My dad lives about 5 minutes from there. I’ll take you up on it next time
  4. Paintballr

    Jourdan Rodrigue calls out Joe Person

    Didn’t read it that way st all. Way I read her tweet is she is prefacing what she said “this is pure speculation” then goes and makes a statement
  5. Paintballr

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Same can be said about KB. Didn’t look the same
  6. Paintballr

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Starts to make you wonder if it’s the DC or Ron. We’re now on our 3rd DC in what 4 years? Defense has looked pretty much the same during all that transition
  7. Paintballr

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Maybe? Don’t know what the coverages were but he looked bad. Maybe expected help and our safeties are trash?
  8. Some intern is about to get a call from Mr Tepper
  9. Paintballr

    Jets open to trading Bridgewater

    Bills, Washington Football Team (for the future), Chargers (for the future), Denver, Bengals (future), Cardinals, Jags, dolphins, Vikings
  10. Paintballr

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    I don’t see anything hateful in his post. It was just his thoughts.
  11. Paintballr

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    Do you think Atlanta forums wouldn’t have a post about Vick a year after he left the team? How about dolphins forums about Marino or Shula? Colts and Manning? I expect any forum to have a post about a player or ex player that played for them for an extended time.
  12. Paintballr

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    See DW and KB both complain about the grieving process is beyond me. I posted on this in the past, so it isn’t anything new. I’m 30 years old, lost my mom at 26 unexpectedly. I didn’t have the money or career that I have now then to bury her the way I wanted, or have the funeral that I think she deserved. I was 26 and had to pay for everything myself. For both of them to “expect” anything from the team or organization when they passed is dumb. I understand they wanted support and probably needed it. But you don’t expect people to help. I didn’t expect my work to show up and support, or really do anything. Is it the right thing to do? Sure. But it speaks more to your character than the situation. If you are the type of person where people won’t support you (DWill), then that’s on you. You are the one that caused that situation on yourself. It’s time for them to look back and reflect on that and what they did to make the team and organization not be there for them. For them to blame any of this on that situation is childish, and speaks for the volume of their character.
  13. Paintballr

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Personally I would. Don’t want to risk a injury for a practice in the stadium.
  14. Paintballr

    Observations from camp today...

    I mean in 2014 our starting o-line was Byron Bell - LT Amini Silatolu - LG Ryan Kalil - C Garry Williams - RG Nate Chandler - RT Bell UDFA from 2011, Amini 2nd Rd (lol), Ryan Kalil All Pro, Garry Williams UDFA from 2009, and Nate Chandler a DT turned RT UDFA I’m 99% sure that’s probably the worst oline ever