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  1. Rivera post-game presser

    Shula and the coaching staff have pissed me off tonight just like more games we lose. One thing that I noticed though is usually when they have the camera on Ron when it’s a delay if game penalty, or if the offense calls a timeout because they aren’t prepared, he usually just stands there stoic. He did that tonight, but you also saw him getting slightly frustrated and talking into the headset. There was one point where you can tell he actually got frustrated because we burned a TO. Ron needs to wake up and realize his window is closing fast, and Shula isn’t doing him any favors. We were supposed to “evolve” this year. What we got was confusion the first 3 games, Cam looking like poo, and not being able to carry the team for Shula. Then Shula “eased it back” to make it simple for the offense. What do we get, one of the worst Rushing attack’s with Cam Newton, CMC, Stewart, and former player who played for Shula saying his offense isn’t creative.
  2. That Final 4th and 1

    2 plays in a row with basically no back field when you need 1 yard is embarrassing. This isn’t college football
  3. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    Shula only looks good when Cam or the players carry him. Perfext example on the last scoring drive. poo accountability on what would have been a delay of game, bailed out by a personal foul, then Cam carried the offense to the half yard line
  4. World Cup Qualifiers

    Embarrassing and sucks. Have to wait years again to see us be even somewhat competitive
  5. Team USA fails to make World Cup

    Sad thing is that was the last we will see if Dempsey, Howard, probably Bradley. The generation of the 2000’s is now gone, time for a new generation to step up. Bad thing is, I’m not sure we have any.
  6. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    I don’t want to take sides and I won’t. But that convo is something that all football players have said in the past. That analysis and reporters etc have no idea what the play call was. They don’t know what the assignments were, they can only speculate on what was called, make educated guess on what is going on, and speak about it. You cant read tone. So who knows how Cam was talking to her, but we also don’t know how she was talking to him. I can see both sides being pissy. Cam talking with attitude with “I guess I should have said reporters” and Jourdan saying “do you know my name? Jourdan, Charlotte Observer” This just needs to stop and both sides need to make amends
  7. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    Holy poo did this blow up since yesterday. @Jeremy Igo one thing that big picture I am interested in seeing within the next 20-30 years is how social media is going to affect politics and public figures when my generation (millennial) becomes middle aged and the “influence” generation. This is a prime example or something that as an adult, you won’t do, but as a young adult or kid you will. Are we going to see Snapchat’s of politicans and owners that ruin their reputation? Tweets from “alts” of future stars (Durrant)? I’m “older” for a millennial, and as I get older and in my career, this makes me never want to be on social media as anything can be pulled up, and have misconceptions. The situation blew up yesterday. It’s a prime example of a internet mob without knowing the entire store or background. Just look at the Bennett situation and the Las Vegas police. He said they were being racist etc. and everyone went against the police. Body cam comes out, and Bennett was in the wrong, and was wrong for what he said. But did the internet and everyone in their glass house apologize for criminalizing the police? Nope. What Cam said was stupid, and immature. I am one year old than him and I even know in the workplace you don’t say poo like that even jokingly because of things being takin the wrong way. Jourdan shouldn’t have went to twitter to bash and bring this to light. If she was offended (and she was) you talk about this like an adult. I know she went to Cam after to talk, and said it didn’t help, but you know what? Sometimes you can’t make people apologize, or change their views. I work with a range of people from 16-60. They all have different view points. I don’t agree with all of them, but I work with them and just keep going. I work in a industry that is actually majority female. Myself, in my role and higher is a minority as a white male. My company specifically looks for diversity and embraces it. There are times where people have different views than myself, and I can be offended by it. But if I am I talk through it, and if they don’t change? Meh, as long as it doesn’t affect myself personally in my day to day life, i won’t push it. I personally wish this would blow over for both of them. She doesn’t deserve the stress right now (from media, social media, etc), and neither does Cam. We are human, we make mistakes. What really defines a person is how they learn from their mistakes, and change.
  8. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    This entire situation is this Half the people on here, Twitter, Facebook etc would not say half the things they say in real life because the internet is a “safe space” for them. It’s their “platform” for saying things that they think, but socially aren’t able to say. This whole situation is a poo storm. Everyone just needs to calm down, let two adults talk it out and fix it.
  9. Rick and Morty Season 3 July 30th

    Nah we just will see you in like, a long time
  10. I think they talked about his story with his sister when he was drafted. As much poo as people give him on here and on social media while being a panther, he is still human, and to have that commitment to a loved one is special. Sorry for his loss
  11. Byrd, Kurt and Mario

    The bad thing is it looked like Addison was no contact. Spin move and fell
  12. Byrd, Kurt and Mario

    I’m going to recklessly speculate. The way Byrd was holding his arm brobably broke or has a hairline fracture. They will most likely IR him to add to Marty’s IR pad list. Coleman I don’t remember but if it was a no contact injury it isn’t good.
  13. Our next GM hands down....

    Damn shame how some people on here ran him off
  14. I don’t get why the offense being installed etc is a excuse. Cam was a rookie during the lock out year. Very little time to install the offense with a brand new QB and OC (one who is known as a mad scientist in Chud) and Cam came out and broke the rookie record (at the time) for most passing yards in a game by a rookie QB (previously Payton Manning). You can give me any excuse you want, but shula is 100% the problem, and has been the problem the past 3 years. Until he is gone, Cam will waste, the talent and window we have no will be gone.