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  1. Paintballr added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    might have been the same guy who kept ccalling 730AM on multiple shows saying that Browning will be a starter this year and blamed the wet field and the storms in Gastonia for Kelvin injury
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  2. Paintballr added a post in a topic So which team picks up Wegher?   

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  3. Paintballr added a post in a topic Does Ron Favor Vets Over Rookies?   

    Does having an increase in active roster of 65 from 58 have an effect of having "more rookies" on the roster? How about the fact that rookies drafted in the first two rounds are almost expected to start not compared to 1995 when you were lucky if round 1 started.
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  4. Paintballr added a post in a topic Panthers vs Patriots Tickets   

    I remember trying to go to the Denver game a few years back, they were asking 150+ for one ticket that's face was like $43 because of the "Manning effect" I ended up not buying any after the 1st quarter because of the prices and glad I didn't after we got embarrassed
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  5. Paintballr added a post in a topic Panthers vs Patriots Tickets   

    yeah we have done that a few times, just figured since it was pre season some people on here might have some for cheap or get rid of 
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  6. Paintballr added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Panthers vs Patriots Tickets
    Hey guys. Don't see the PSL or Ticket exchange section any more just thought I'd ask (if I missed it sorry please move)
    Me and the GF are looking for tickets for tonight's game. We aren't looking to spend a lot but would like to go and have a good time. Thanks in advance! 
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  7. Paintballr added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    Wow, when I saw this on Reddit early this morning I knew the news station abbreviation looked familiar. I'm from Roanoke and my dad and uncle now live on Smith Moutain Lake. I've been to that place a lot over the past 10 years and my dad and uncle always go to Jakes at the Lake every weekend which is only 5 minutes away. 
    The guy obviously had issues mentally, its usually a very quiet area (it picks up during summer just like every lake does). The story they were talking about was trying to encourage more tourists and visitors to that area. They built a huge condo complex there that had many financial issues and were just now getting that area (within the past few years) going and having consistent business. Its a shame that a phsyco had to go do this to these people and also that community. My dad texted me today saying how surreal driving to work was knowing he drove past that spot 10 times a week.
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  8. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarret Boykin to replace Jordy Nelson per NFLN   

    It's okay I was bashed months ago about Boykin...just remember guys he's a "camp body" "garabage"as some people on WFNZ said etc. 
    He's gonna surprise us this year
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  9. Paintballr added a post in a topic I would like to point out something from tonights game   

    and got rid of one of the best over strong opinions and a NFCCG ring
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  10. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarrett Boykin Info   

    I know Funchess has earned a spot because of where he was drafted but that's commical that he's done more this off-season and preseason with his just hammy.
    Bersin was basically a rookie last year with what 150 Yards receiving? Boykin has over 700 Yards receiving in 8 games with Matt freaking Flynn playing QB in Green Bay (mind you playing against everyone's "1's").
    Brown was a good surprise for us last year as a UDFA. Player a whole season and earned his spot coming into this year. I agree he will be here but to crown him as a #3 is a little short minded. We had no depth at WR last year and what might pass last year won't this year.
    Cotch I don't know if he is sleeping with RR daughter or what but he brings nothing to the table except "experience". Shula doesn't help him having him run read options and go routes but what he "brings" is what everyone future HOF WR coach should bring every Sunday.
    Ginn earned a spot on this roster because of ST and his connection with Cam. I won't argue with you there.
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  11. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarrett Boykin Info   

    Its the second game. There is only 1 more game left where we basically see the "starters". Boykin has earned a spot next week to go in as a #3 WR. He shown more flashes than Bersin, Cotch, Byrd etc and can still play ST. That's the versatility that they want on the roster (ex. Remmers playing C) 
    I brought this thread up not because I expect Boykin to be our #1 WR this year, it's because literally everyone on this board was "super bowl?!?" with Boykin or "camp body" or "he's not Greg Jennings" we signed him to a 1 year pretty much vet minimum and he hard earned that spot this year.
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  12. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarrett Boykin Info   

    If you read my post history, no on expects him to be the next Moose or Smith. I posted earlier he could be a very solid #3 who contributes to ST (all parts of it) compared to some players that are in the same group (Cotch Bersin etc). 
    He showed flashes tonight which is more than any other WR has done this entire preseason not named Benjamin. Say what you will, but when the lights come on he has taken his opportunity and ran with it.
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  13. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarrett Boykin Info   

    this is my one time to shine let me have this......
    But seriously everyone discounted this kid as a camp body, started as the 7th or 8th WR on the roster and is showing he can be more than a ST ace and that the glimpse in GB wasn't a fluke
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  14. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarrett Boykin Info   

    it's okay he is just a camp body /amidoingitright?
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  15. Paintballr added a post in a topic Jarrett Boykin Info   

    cough cough ill just leave this here after this 2nd preseason game
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