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  1. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    So basically the new mustangs
  2. Jeffrey Taylor to play overseas

    Was going to say, I'd gladly take $300,000 a year. That's comfortable living.
  3. Steph Curry Charlotte Hornet?

    The odds of him coming to play for the hornets are the same if Cam won a super bowl here and goes "home to Atlanta" 
  4. My take on Kaminsky

    So just reading these posts he is suppose to be a better version of Al? Are we expecting him to be the 4 or be a Center? So we expect Kemba, MKG, Al, Frank, and who to start?   Or did we draft Al's eventual replacement. All these trades the past few days have seemed as a win now more not wait and see.
  5. New Hornets Jerseys

    nope, I was hoping for a "throw back" of the old jersey style with the new logo when I heard we announced another "alt" jersey. These are eh not bad but nothing special
  6. New Hornets Jerseys

  7. Kemba

    So gif approved?
  8. Bulls @ Hornets

    Sweet thanks for advice guys. Stub hub has a few upper along court for around $43 a piece doesnt seem bad
  9. Bulls @ Hornets

    They have a few upper deck in the corner any thoughts?
  10. ACC Tournament 2015

    Im just happy the Hokies played more than 1 game this year. First time in 3 years baby! Watch out ACC champs next year......
  11. Bulls @ Hornets

    Looking to go to my first game since the first time the Hornets were in Charlotte. I've been to a checkers game at the box, but not a basketball game. Any suggestions on where to sit? Lots of tickets online but dont know if there is a bad seat in the house.
  12. VA Tech Basketball

    That's not to say Tech cant or hasn't had talent. Like I said earlier UVA was the definition or mediocre in the ACC until the past two years. I remember Tech having the kid transfer when Seth got fired and he went to Louisville. Erick Green wasn't bad either although he seems to not be able to get out of the D league. They've had talent in the past, Dell Curry, Bimbo Coles, and Allen Bristow. I'd be happy if tech would just develop a consistent program. Not UNC or Duke just a program that can win more than 10 games.
  13. VA Tech Basketball

    My sister graduates this year from Tech and was telling me they wanted to build some kind of practice area (couldn't remember if it was bball or football) back towards the football stadium where the woods are next to the arena. Something about not want in to destroy that area or something. Is that what your referring to?
  14. VA Tech Basketball

    Thanks, I just don't follow the basketball program as much as the other sports since I just can't hold interest since we've been so historically bad. Why was Seth even let go? I remember him being "caught off guard" when it happened, but making the NIT seems amazing compared to the past couple years we've played
  15. VA Tech Basketball

    I guess that's what I was getting at, it seems like everyone in the ACC has been able to have a year or two that they lead, or played over expectations. Except for the past two years UVA has been mediocre at best in the ACC since expansion (which don't get me wrong, still better than what Tech has been at), why does it seem that Tech can't have that "year" where they stumble to the top and can eventually lead to better recruiting. I agree that the new AD seems to have found a better coach, and overall has seemed to put an emphasis of improvement in all their programs (when was the last time Beamer got heat in football for lack of recruiting and for lack of finishing). He even stated himself that it wouldn't look good to be a first year AD and get rid of a HoF college coach. But that's a different topic. I guess i just don't understand why they struggle so much with recruiting or getting talent at a school like that, when schools in the same state seem to have years where they do decent (UVA, ODU, VCU, Richmond)