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  1. Panthers sign C/G Gino Gradkowski

    Don't forget "scrappy"
  2. Stephen Hill re-signed on one year deal

    The guy hasn't played in a live game since 2013...think about that for a second.
  3. The Ravens for some odd reason signed Trent Richardson

    I.....I....don't even....
  4. Harper was a good guy, but almost any safety in the league will be faster then him
  5. An Hour with Panthers RB Brandon Wegher

    so I missed the fun? Ha but seriously great job
  6. Wow, when I saw this on Reddit early this morning I knew the news station abbreviation looked familiar. I'm from Roanoke and my dad and uncle now live on Smith Moutain Lake. I've been to that place a lot over the past 10 years and my dad and uncle always go to Jakes at the Lake every weekend which is only 5 minutes away. The guy obviously had issues mentally, its usually a very quiet area (it picks up during summer just like every lake does). The story they were talking about was trying to encourage more tourists and visitors to that area. They built a huge condo complex there that had many financial issues and were just now getting that area (within the past few years) going and having consistent business. Its a shame that a phsyco had to go do this to these people and also that community. My dad texted me today saying how surreal driving to work was knowing he drove past that spot 10 times a week.
  7. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection Update

    when did he get hurt? I may have missed him ggetting injured
  8. Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    Well it sucks, but next man up let's see if this young group someone can step up (hopefully Boykin can like he did in GB) and make an impact for us this year.
  9. Top 5 things to watch against Buffalo

    I think the main problem with Shula and why he gets so much blame on this board is a lack of growth and development the offense as a whole has seen with him. Lets compare what he inherited and what he has currently. 2012 Offense QB Cam Newton Derek Anderson Jimmy Clausen RB Deangelo Williams Johnathan Stewart Armond Smith/Mike Tolbert FB MikeTolbert/Richie Brockel WR Steve Smith Brandon LaFell Louis Murphy Armanti Edwards David Gettis Joe Adams TE Greg Olsen Ben Hartstock Gary Barnidge Tackle Jordan Gross Bryon Bell Guard Geoff Hangartner TravelleWharton (I believe he was a late season signing?) Center Ryan Kalil In 2012 the Carolina Panthers ranked 19th in scoring offense, 9th in rushing, 16th in passing. Compared to the 2013 Carolina Panthers (because everyone says Shula gets a pass for last year) QB Cam Newton Derek Anderson RB Deangelo Williams Johnathan Stewart Mike Tolbert/Kenjon Varner WR Steve Smith Brandon LaFell Ted Ginn Dominick Hixon Marvin McNutt Tarvares King TE Greg Olsen Ben Hartstock Brandon Williams Richie Brockel Tackle Jordan Gross Byron Bell Guard Geoff Hangartner Travelle Wharton Center Ryan Kalil In 2013 the Carolina Panthers ranked 18th total offense, 11th rushing offense, 29th passing offense, and 18th scoring offense. Shula's year,where he inherited mostly the same offensive roster got worse in every offensive category except an improvement by 1 rank in scoring offense (lead mostly by a great defense that gave better field position.) You can pass the buck for the first year or two but after a while Shula will have to take the blame after improving the offensive roster.
  10. Top 5 things to watch against Buffalo

    There comes a time when a manager gets the blame if his employees continue to not perform
  11. Brown, Boykin, Byrd?

    I'll eat my crow if needed but if Boykin makes this rosters I'm pulling up so many old threads I started on here and old tweets of Frank and Nate from 610am
  12. Just an observation from my camp experience today

    Oh I remember that the CBA banned 2 a days. I was just referencing the difference of what ten years has been for training camp. I get everyone's theory of protecting players etc for a day off...but like I said earlier, this team isn't known to start off hot or even do well after byes. Ron is 5-11 during his first four games the past 4 years. Not good. Plus I'd be interested to see if there was actually a decrease of injuries for TC with the new CBA or with vets having personal days etc
  13. Just an observation from my camp experience today

    It's like the 4th day of training camp....why? Remember they use to do 2 a days with Fox and they get the 4th TC day off (with 1 practice a day). It shows why we are 5-11 in rons first 4 games each year.
  14. Fan chant/Fight Song

    Hah, well I only post here so bookmark this page. I remember my first game my dad took me too. It was right after Collins for traded and and hearing this song and my dad telling me "I don't know what the hell that is"....people also chanted "kerrrrryyyyyy keeeeerrrryyyy" non stop the entire game.
  15. Fan chant/Fight Song