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  1. Paintballr added a post in a topic Job Advice / Finance Advice   

    They are, no reason to fluff it. My company offers free schooling which is great but if go that route I'm commited to this job while they pay for it. My biggest concern is if how to go about bringing this up (its not like my DM has a office or is in my,store all the time) especially since my review and pay increase is in September
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  2. Paintballr added a post in a topic Just an observation from my camp experience today   

    Oh I remember that the CBA banned 2 a days. I was just referencing the difference of what ten years has been for training camp. I get everyone's theory of protecting players etc for a day off...but like I said earlier, this team isn't known to start off hot or even do well after byes. Ron is 5-11 during his first four games the past 4 years. Not good. Plus I'd be interested to see if there was actually a decrease of injuries for TC with the new CBA or with vets having personal days etc
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  3. Paintballr added a post in a topic 6 or 7 receivers?   

    If they want/value versatility, then they should keep Boykin over Bersin (personally). Can't see a huge difference right now in production, and Boykin played all aspects of ST
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  4. Paintballr added a post in a topic Just an observation from my camp experience today   

    It's like the 4th day of training camp....why? Remember they use to do 2 a days with Fox and they get the 4th TC day off (with 1 practice a day). It shows why we are 5-11 in rons first 4 games each year.
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  5. Paintballr added a post in a topic Stephen Hill waived   

    Think I read on ESPN alert it was a ACL/MCL
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  6. Paintballr added a post in a topic Job Advice / Finance Advice   

    I honestly was looking at publix since there is one opening about 5 minutes way from me in concord. Online they say they only accept applications when you apply in the store is that correct? The store isn't open yet
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  7. Paintballr added a post in a topic Job Advice / Finance Advice   

    Negative was for that I don't work for them
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  8. Paintballr added a post in a topic Fan chant/Fight Song   

    Hah, well I only post here so bookmark this page. I remember my first game my dad took me too. It was right after Collins for traded and and hearing this song and my dad telling me "I don't know what the hell that is"....people also chanted "kerrrrryyyyyy keeeeerrrryyyy" non stop the entire game.
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  9. Paintballr added a post in a topic Job Advice / Finance Advice   

    It has crossed my mind. Unfortunately the company I work for doesn't frachise to keep total control of the we sign a 2 year competitor clause of I quit. If I go that route for a franchise I would have to go to a competitor at least for the same "type". I haven't looked to much for another job in a way. I honestly like the company I work for they do right (most of the time) or at least attempt to. I have looked at moving up (district manager) but only 4 of those in the immediate Charlotte area and most have been tenured for almost 5+ years while our regional director has been in his role for 12+ roles. If I go another route I have a good amount of experience in this field (especially for my age) but I feel like one thing I always feel like would hold me back is I have no college degree.
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  10. Paintballr added a post in a topic Job Advice / Finance Advice   

    We have "success profiles" which basically gives you a rating of MI (must improve) ME (meets expectations) AE (Above Expectations) and CE (Consistently Exceeds Expectations). We create our own personal review etc which I am honestly for the most part in the AE category. This would classify a 2.5% raise compared to a 2%, but like y'all said I feel confident in what I've accomplished but never have actually gone to a boss and asked for a raise.
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  11. Paintballr added a post in a topic Job Advice / Finance Advice   

    Negative ghost rider....this is a very successful company that many people look and say "wow that must be great to work for"
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  12. Paintballr added a post in a topic Elder Scrolls Online   

    Got it on Xbox one 3 days ago I'm hooked
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  13. Paintballr added a post in a topic Fan chant/Fight Song
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  14. Paintballr added a topic in The Lounge   

    Job Advice / Finance Advice
    Hello Huddle, sorry if this is just a wall of text but posting this on mobile so sorry up front... So I need advice on how to handle asking for a higher than the normal or just another pay increase at my job.... Little about myself at my current job. I'm 27 years old GM for a retail/food establishment. I originally started working here when I was 17 years old worked up and left after 4 years and becoming an ASM. Left and went to Best Buy where I worked myself up to a sales manager position and was there for about 3 years. I was recruited back by a recruiter to my previous employment (honestly was looking at the same time, Best Buy was going through a lot of trouble and thought it was wise to leave). I was brought back as a ASM at my current pay range they gave me to started was between $30,00-$38,000. After 3 months they gave me my own store and had an increase of over 15% to accept the new position...., I've been in my role for 3 years this September. I have become the 3rd most tenured manager in my district (others being 8 years, and 5 years). I have grown my stores business (10 year old location) the first year at 15% YoY and last year 18% YoY. This year is almost over and I am currently at 19% sales growth. I've decreased my stores turnover by 20%, and I'm over 10% (improved every year I've been in position) my store total contribution on my stores P&L. Personally being in my role for 3 years I feel I've increase what was a negative sales growth store into a very profitable business....I'm training to be a TSM (training store manager) to train external candidates (both retail and corporate) and I've duel managed stores twice in my 3 year span for an extended time frame. I've seen an increase in pay on average of 2% the past two years and honestly, I feel I'm out performaning my peers. I found out (probably shouldn't compare) that I make the same or slightly less than my peers who have been in position for a shorter time (different factors such as transfer from out of area, external hires, internal promotions etc). How should I go about presenting this to my boss come September, because honestly a 2% increase won't cut it continually the new 5-10 years for my career growth. Any advice would be appricated.
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  15. Paintballr added a post in a topic Crazy question: Backup kicker?   

    The problem with Rhys was that he couldn't have consistent accuracy to be a full time kicker in the league. You can have the strongest leg in the world, but if you can kick it between the uprights it won't keep you around long. John being gone and him around lead to the signing to everyone's crowd favorite Mare. Plus you can't take up 4 spots on your rosters just for a Long Snapper, Kick off kicker, field goal kicker, and punter. Its a numbers game.
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