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  1. I'll be in my usual place, the Jump Zone! I'll probably have a damn TV camera in front of me though.
  2. The Keep Pounding drum

    But just before the drum pounding, he picks the Bills to win...
  3. Buying Panthers PSL

    My experience has been different. I broke even on the first PSLs I owned when I sold them 2 years later. My next set I made a profit of $1,100 each after holding them for seven years. Based on what the people four seats down from me sold theirs for this summer, I could net $10,000 each for my current ones. That won't happen, because I bought mine for the seat location, not as an investment.
  4. Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    Hey, we are in the South. Let's show Cardinals fans some good southern hospitality if they come by your tailgate- feed so much food & booze that they will be too stuffed to cheer for their team. Let's take them out of the game before they go via the food coma... Whose house? OUR HOUSE!
  5. Great pictures as usual and thanks for the back stories that go along with them.
  6. Yes, I don't see going all Lions in the draft with B2B 1st Round WRs.
  7. @JumpZone24 And I have followed Jakob.