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  1. I do not want this to end.....

    I echo the earlier posts about enjoying the ride. This team had a special vibe going from the start and I have made a point to savor each game (more than normal) all season long. Let's Win Won More!
  2. Getting Annoyed

    A majority of our fans hit the Bay area late yesterday and today, so they haven't had much opportunity to be seen. If I were in SF, I wouldn't waste my time hanging around an ESPN or NFL Network desk trying to get on TV, I would be seeing the sights...
  3. I'll be upstairs with friends who have a table reserved. We are doing the uptown hotel thing too Saturday & Sunday night...
  4. So this happened

    Good job and Keep Pounding or as some on here suggest, you need to start pounding....
  5. Dat end zone in Levi Stadium doe

    I remember those fuggers and their flags at the Panthers Tour when it stopped in the Gate City June 2014; touche' SCP!
  6. Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    Hey, we are in the South. Let's show Cardinals fans some good southern hospitality if they come by your tailgate- feed so much food & booze that they will be too stuffed to cheer for their team. Let's take them out of the game before they go via the food coma... Whose house? OUR HOUSE!
  7. Respect from the media? Say it ain't so...

    Momentary lapse in following the media's standard story line...
  8. Pre game bar

    No booze until noon on Sunday in NC...
  9. What is our sellout streak? Aren't we at 120 games?
  10. White Jerseys and Pants on Sunday!????

    Aren't we undefeated in the playoffs at home when we wear white? If it works, it isn't crazy...
  11. Should The Panthers Do Something Tomorrow?

    No, just chill tomorrow.
  12. I don't care about the outcome, but if I had to pick one, I'd pull for a tie. Make them play an extra quarter for naught...
  13. Merry Christmas Pie!

    Merry Christmas and may your holidays be purrfect!