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  1. CBS had the NFL games and NBC had the AFL games on Sunday. This was before Monday Night Football began, We were an NFL household but we would watch the late AFL games too. In the late '60s, the Packers dynasty was ending and strong Colts, Rams, and Vikings teams were on the upswing. The Raiders and Chiefs were good as well as Broadway Joe's Jets. Pro football was a long way from the TV rating monster it has become with NBC's willingness to switch from the Raiders-Jets game in progress to show Heidi.
  2. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    I've said that many times about Nipple Shorts...
  3. Tampa Takeover

    OK, thanks. I usually like to get in the stadium about an hour before kickoff, so that'll work.
  4. Tampa Takeover

    What time do you expect to leave the Whiskey Joe's tailgate to go to the stadium?
  5. Maybe they are glad to see him go? Maybe they are glad to see him get paid? Maybe the team has been coached up on social media?
  6. Panther Fan Twitter Follow Train 2.0

  7. Kaepernick deal to Broncos "done"

    Blah, blah, blah. We will beat Kap whether he stays or goes...
  8. Condolences to Voth

    Yes, I saw the story on Twitter. Condolences to the Voth family.
  9. Saints have $1.298M million in cap space (updated)

    This is fun watching them roll around in their poo. Suck it Saints.
  10. Super Bowl Appearances

    Just remember, the Patriots lost their first two Super Bowls too...
  11. A friend ( a Packers fan BTW) was indirectly slamming Cam for being a sore loser on FB and posting pictures of people being good losers until I posted the Lombardi quote on his timeline- funny how the good loser posts stopped w/o comment...
  12. I do not want this to end.....

    I echo the earlier posts about enjoying the ride. This team had a special vibe going from the start and I have made a point to savor each game (more than normal) all season long. Let's Win Won More!
  13. Getting Annoyed

    A majority of our fans hit the Bay area late yesterday and today, so they haven't had much opportunity to be seen. If I were in SF, I wouldn't waste my time hanging around an ESPN or NFL Network desk trying to get on TV, I would be seeing the sights...
  14. I'll be upstairs with friends who have a table reserved. We are doing the uptown hotel thing too Saturday & Sunday night...