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  1. Panthers to Review Flag/Banner Policies

    I have something I have put together, but each person is limited to one 24" x 24" sign. Also, the new policy prohibits affixing (hanging) them to the stadium. Also, don't plan to take a flag in either as they are now prohibited as well...
  2. I have spoken with visiting fans (New England, Philadelphia, etc.) and it is cheaper for them to fly/drive down here, pay for a hotel, & game tickets than to buy tickets to their home game. I had a Giants fan offer me $400 to swap seats with him 8 rows behind me. I said thanks but no thanks. I will never let an opposing fan sit in my seats...
  3. Panthers to Review Flag/Banner Policies

    Well it is official, the original JUMP ZONE banner has been forcibly retired after 11 1/2 seasons and ~117 consecutive games, thanks to the new banner/sign policy. Thanks to protesters hanging from rope and a whiney cheesehead, the Panthers have taken the "I don't want to deal with it" approach to banners. Regardless, look for our new, banner policy compliant JUMP ZONE signs this Sunday. So much for tradition- someone call Madden NFL and tell them they need to take the sign out of the game too.
  4. You want over the top in-game celebrations?

    Did he wax on, wax off first? If not, he should be flagged for illegal procedure.
  5. No, the original JUMP ZONE banner has been retired. I spoke with the Director of Stadium Ops today and the new banner policy screws me. He basically said that the policy only affects a few banners (like mine) and they were doing it now to head off future problems (such as people protesting the Skins nickname.) We can thank the crybaby cheesehead and rapellers for this being done. He at least took the time to call me and told me the JUMP ZONE banner was specifically considered when the policy was changed. It sucks, but that is life. Look for the new banner policy compliant JUMP ZONE signs in the end zone on Sunday.
  6. Washington Football Team Look-a-like thread

    I love these look a like thread; keep the pictures coming.
  7. Yep, we didn't hear "Go Pack Go" last game did we. I think we won't hear much "HTTR" either this week.
  8. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Titans

    Great pictures as usual and thanks for the back stories that go along with them.
  9. Panthers to Review Flag/Banner Policies

    I hope they  only make adjustments to opposing fan banners as stated in the Q and A. I have been hanging the banner below since 2004.
  10. In all the excitement, this can't be forgotten

    I was okay until I saw the family members tearing up/crying- much respect to them and thanks to the Panthers for doing this.