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    What ever happened to this? I'm in Anaheim and wouldn't mind helping to get this going....
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  2. pnthrfrk added a post in a topic Anyone going up to SEA in OCT?   

    Ya, definitely. After some searching we might have to stay with family. Rooms anywhere near the stadium are over $300/night. We're either gonna have to make it a short trip if we decide to get a room. I'll keep searching and let you guys know if I find a deal on anything...
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    Anyone going up to SEA in OCT?
    Really trying to make it up to SEA for the game in OCT and trying to pick up any info I can. Does anyone know what hotel the team is staying in? Round trip flights look reasonable from LAX. The wife and I both have family up there but knowing my dumb luck, they'd have some stupid lime green themed seacock sheets set up on the bed for us that I'd rather not sleep on. Depending on price, I'd rather dump the extra coin on staying where the team stays. We're planning to take in a few sights since we've never been there so if anyone is planning to do the same maybe we can meet up. I do wanna hit up at least Elysian and Fremont brewing while we're there also. Let's get something going!
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