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  1. Dallas Tailgate - Bad News/Good News

    Grabbed a couple of Freetail Soul Doubt IPAs from San Antonio, Shiner Wicked Ram IPAs from Shiner and Karbach Rodeo Clown IPAs from Houston for some fellow Riot and Huddlers to try out
  2. Kirk Cousins, boy singer

    You like that? 
  3. Dallas Tailgate - Bad News/Good News

    Sounds like you have yourself a deal
  4. Dallas Tailgate - Bad News/Good News

    Any good Texas beer you feel like trying out?
  5. Dallas Tailgate - Bad News/Good News

    I'm going to head out there and see what there about

    Look forward to seeing you there. I'll be driving up from San Antonio and unfortunately sitting on the Dallas side
  7. 2 games in 5 days...

    I have to work until midnight the night before the Dallas game but waking up early to drive up to Dallas from San Antonio, get there with some time to tailgate and then watch the game... Then drive back to San Antonio and be back at my store by midnight to do Black Friday prep
  8. A few of my pics from today's game

    I lived in Bitburg for three years growing up when my mom was stationed overseas... I miss the food the most...