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  1. Plain vs Peanut M&Ms

    I was in Orlando the other week for business and the vendor was debuting some new peanut m&Ms...honey nut, coffee nut, and chili nut...chili nut peanut m&Ms were my favorite
  2. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    @RoaringRiotthanks for all you did this year for Panther Nation... Let us know when it's time to renew our memberships so we can continue to take this journey unlike the people jumping ship in the other forum
  3. Coach Rivera just chillin

    Waiting for the deal with it gif to be made from this
  4. Most Huddlers one week from now exactly...

    I wish... I have to be in at work right after the game... Only panther fan at my job and I'm the only one who couldn't get that night off...smh
  5. You know the funny thing is lastnight my gf was asking when football started back up and I sat there and was like well damn after Sunday Free Agency is a month away... With the way this team is being built I could get used to shorter off seasons
  6. At least it will end with us being SB50 champions... Great video already shared on my feed
  7. Was trying to fly into town to watch the game but one manager at my job is taking a vacation and refusing to switch with me so unfortunately I won't be able to attend
  8. Yep

    Way to 5-0
  9. Panthers Black Jersey

    The jerseys with the patch are the ones with the iron on names and logos and not the stitch ones just an FYI... If that's cool with you have you tried the panther shop online,fanatics or the Nike store?
  10. Started with a Collins jersey with me as well.. Oh where the time has gone
  11. To all the fansattending the game... Give'em hell from all of us who can't be there
  12. Speaking of which I am already to your weekly rendition of masterful anecdotes for this season since purchasing your book at 2 this morning. Thankfully my subordinates know my expectation otherwise I would be in a poo storm when my GM came in. Unfortunately I didn't have the ingredients for an Uptown but this dogfish ipa is keeping my interest peeked.
  13. Just read this after buying your book... Ready for a good ol fashioned ass kicking this weekend