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  1. Not local as being from NC, but played at App State. I'd like to get Colby Gossett, especially if we lose Norwell. Played RG at App for 4 years and is a beast. Playing in the Senior Bowl today
  2. Should I Quit?

    Should totally threaten to do this, just to watch them poo themselves
  3. JR probably busted up Jeremy's cameras and told him his photos were terrible
  4. We got this. App State dominated one team wearing a Fleur de Lis logo to win a championship yesterday. It's time for the Panthers to do the same!
  5. One Carolina

    i'm irritated right now that App State hasn't joined in as well. and we have a former player who is a damn coach on the team! All schools should be joining in on this
  6. Biz is a free agent

    I expect our # of turnovers to decrease and PPG to increase based solely on this move
  7. Lee Ward - Bodyguard

    Goal line situation, imagine having Ward blocking for Tolbert or Stewart fug, imagine having a 2 TE set with a diamond pistol formation with Stew, Ward and Tolbert. Dat Triple Option at the goal line
  8. Cargo shorts

    lets be honest, you were at the top of the fashion food chain in Cullowhee
  9. Cargo shorts

    cargo pants need to make a comeback. used to love rocking those back in HS Abercrombie cargos and Doc Martens, bitches!
  10. Dante Fowler, he be hurt.

    Jacksonville jinx
  11. FTFY. national outlets opinion means poo