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  1. Plain vs Peanut M&Ms

    Dark Chocolate M&Ms greater than the rest
  2. If Laquon Treadwell is available at #30 do you take him ?

    just say No to Ole MIss players
  3. MLB legend trashes Cam Newton

    Goose Gossage must be the worst grandpa ever
  4. Cherry Limeade? You use MP Assault? I've got candy apple and cherry limeade right now. Candy Apple is GOAT
  5. whatevs...i'll keep taking my pre-workout powders because that poo is like legal cocaine
  6. Bryce Harper - Cam Fan

    Both UA and Gatorade athletes
  7. Haven't watched it. Probably never will
  8. Henry wouldn't surprise me. He fits with the style of offense we want to run
  9. This thread made me want a cigar. So I went and got one and I'm smoking it right now on my balcony. Thanks for the idea Cam!
  10. We need a DE... so whom?

    Draft Ronald Blair in the 3rd rd. Thats my homer pick and i'm sticking to it
  11. according to Deadspin, it was her idea and Gronk was reluctant
  12. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    Prediction? Pain... Dey ain't ready for us!
  13. Waffle House is Ready

    I believe the team has had Bojangles every gamedayFriday this season
  14. One Carolina