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  1. according to Deadspin, it was her idea and Gronk was reluctant
  2. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    Prediction? Pain... Dey ain't ready for us!
  3. Waffle House is Ready

    I believe the team has had Bojangles every gameday Friday this season 
  4. One Carolina

  5. One Carolina

    i'm irritated right now that App State hasn't joined in as well. and we have a former player who is a damn coach on the team! All schools should be joining in on this
  6. Who bangs the drum Sunday

    KB or, as a caller on WFNZ suggested this morning, Mark Fields
  7. NFC Championship Game Trailer (HYPE!)

    It moved!
  8. Sounds to me like your were a good citizen of CLT by actually trying to hand it back to him. If he's going to throw it at you, well your actions were warranted the real 12's reside in BOA anyway
  9. Post your best Seahawk fan excuses

    I'm fully expecting them and the media to way overplay the turf being the issue. Even though, as Rivera pointed out post game, both teams had to play on it
  10. Wine and Cheese crowd?

    The real 12's reside in CLT  
  11. Did You Buy Any New Gear In Honor of Tomorrow?

    Bought a new T-shirt today. Wanted a dri-fit to wear in the gym tomorrow morning before the game
  12. Hell let future go out for the coin toss
  13. Chicken Parm sub and boneless wings from Jets
  14. 2016 NFL Draft Prosects

    Homer pick, but I'd love to get Ronald Blair in the mid rounds if possible DE 6'4 275 Sun Belt DPOY 7.5 sacks and led league with TFL at 18.5. Balled out against Clemson