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  1. Deadpool

    Treated myself last night and saw it in a packed theater.  I think they nailed this one.  This flick is to the superhero genre what Feast and Scream were to the horror genre of films.  I think I missed half the jokes because I was laughing so hard at much of it.  Not everyone is going to get it, but those that do will love it.
  2. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Came on the board this morning expecting a bunch of whining children.  For the most part, you guys didn't disappoint
  3. Rand is out

    Yeah... this crazy dream of reigning in spending at the federal level is a lost cause until we've devalued our currency to nothing.  By then, it's too late. In the meantime, keep that dream alive that social security will be worth a poo for when you need it.  Government will gladly continue to accept "donations" from your paychecks in perpetuity until then
  4. Refugees in Europe are a horny bunch

    According to PhillyB #blamethevictim
  5. Refugees in Europe are a horny bunch

    You know what... you're right... I suppose that negates all of the rest: Is that how science works now?  A single data point cherry picked from the rest to drive conclusions?  All indications on this board says yes. So what do we make of this now? Oh yeah... cherry picking.  I forgot this is the golden age of Calvinball
  6. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    Like I said... a crutch held as the golden standard 
  7. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    No.  I wasn't referring to you as leaning on ad hominem.  You'll pie the posts, but I don't look to you to invoke it yourself.  I don't exclude myself from the same behavior, but I don't discount acknowledging it for what it is
  8. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    Citing evidence of an agenda being pushed is not ad hominem.  Responding to snark with snark is not ad hominem.  You're on the Internet.  You have access to google.  Look it up
  9. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    This illustration hits at the heart of why the living wage argument should be challenged rather than accepted without question.  If you're wanting to both use and dismiss the concept of value when talking compensation, you're premise is shown to be laid upon an arbitrary concept underlying it all.  Truth doesn't drive your thinking.  Wishful thinking does
  10. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    Ad hominem is the crutch of the intellectually stunted.  It explains why it's heavily used and then held up as a gold standard around here. this notion that any labor is de facto valuable is precisely why no one takes you seriously.  Quote me some 18th century French poetry to convince me otherwise
  11. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    I paint rocks for a living.  I'm really good at what i do.  Once I'm done with each masterpiece, I put it in the pile with all the other masterpieces where I then catalogue how much I urinate and crap on them at regular intervals according to very specific celestial cycles. i don't have a buyer for any of these pieces, but I feel like I work plenty hard enough for a living wage.  Who are any of you to tell me what my art is worth?
  12. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    Greedy capitalists are sociopaths at the ready to screw everyone for their own gains.  Meanwhile politicians need to be granted more power to impose their noble intentions on the corrupt system? Yeah... We need a "pat on the head" button
  13. Tax Plan; Rand vs Bernie vs Donald

    Actual work for conclusions based on amassed evidence have no place on this board.   Someone asked for a quick summation: Donald Trump wants to go all Reagan and slash corporate taxes expecting it will result in revenue growth to help sustain current spending levels in the federal government Bernie Sanders wants to increase taxes for middle and upper classes expecting it will result in revenue growth to help sustain expanded spending levels in the federal government Rand Paul wants to simplify the tax code expecting it will result in revenue decreases to accompany expected slashes in spending levels in the federal government The first two are promising rainbows and ponies to either corporate America or entitlement America while the latter is proposing something new that neither the establishment nor the zero-liability voter will ever support.
  14. Trumpism

    Just in case anyone deciding to join on the back end.... we'll make this a bit easier for people to get exactly what you're dodging in this entire discussion.
  15. Trumpism

    Couldn't agree more.  Just because you want to play Calvinball with the language doesn't change the reality.  I very plainly laid out exactly why this is true, and all you can muster is a weak meme? I see nothing has changed here