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  1. Obama wants all Vets to be homeless.

    Ugh... see you guys avoid math is simply wretched.  Here... knock yourselves out:
  2. How would you save the economy

    Any idea that doesn't START with cuts to federal spending isn't worth a moment of cosideration.  If the government starts with getting more revenue, they'll spend it before they put it to cutting the debt.
  3. Fiscal Conservative

    I love it when people choose to look at one side of the ledger to fix the problem that is the national debt.  It renews my conviction that America lacks fundamental math skills
  4. FB Memes

    I get that you'd love to write the rules of the forum of discourse, but you don't.  Get back to the basement you call a kingdom if you want to continue that illusion.
  5. FB Memes

    Clearly, math is not your strong point.  At the time the meme was created, it was a 1:1 ratio comparison.  I'd doubt that if we further dumbed it down to muppets to walk you through how living within your means applies to all kinds of things.  It isn't arbitrary just because it hoses down your world view with a cold dose of reality.
  6. No worries, my friend. Just thought it was a very cool pic.

  7. Much obliged for the compliment MPF. I am diggin yours as well. What part of the mountains do you hail from? I am originally from Jefferson myself.

  8. Guess I should check my messages more often... I have no idea who the pic is of... I just googled "chicks with guns" and that won the prize

  9. You are becoming one of my favorite posters. Great insight and knowledge!

  10. Been checkin the posts for a while man. Feelin the love for the Wake alum!

  11. Cool profile pic. Who is it?