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  1. Kurt Coleman's new look

    Dax Shepard has lost some weight I see...
  2. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    Isn't it past your bedtime?
  3. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I want this to happen.
  4. Sure, we could have afforded him this year, which is why he was tagged. He WOULDNT SIGN THE TAG. Letting Josh go now was good business for both sides,and gives the Panthers room to long-term younger players like KK and Star. This team is aiming for perennial greatness, and this move proves that. Makes sense.
  5. This just in...the Panthers ARE the elite of the NFL. Gettleman never uttered the words, "Super Bowl wins are overrated. Cut Norman." Josh is not the difference between confetti and regret.
  6. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    Most seem down on Henry, but I'll be the contrarian. I think he'd be awesome in Carolina. He's the name I want to hear called at 30.
  7. Next WR of the Panthers

    I think her name is Sarah..Sarah Nakamura.
  8. Martavis Bryant facing a year long ban

    Sure, though I had enough alcohol for a lifetime while living in Fort Lauderdale in my late teens to early twenties, during its 80s heyday. Now it's much more casual.
  9. Martavis Bryant facing a year long ban

    I've never understood drug use myself. Hell, I've never even smoked a cigarette.
  10. Martavis Bryant facing a year long ban

    Ricky Williams, is that you?
  11. This Country is a powered keg about to explode

    Both sides of the aisle are digging in their heels on how they see the country going forward. The Dems want a Euro-style Socialist system, the Repubs want an isolationist, Capitalist system. Neither side will budge, and the ones who will ultimately pay are middle class workers under EITHER SYSTEM. We will be squeezed to death by the top or the bottom, but we will lose, make no mistake. The winners will always be the politicians. They play with House money....ours.
  12. Mario Williams is now a free agent.

    Not likely, Teddy Broosevelt.
  13. Gronk

    Thank you, Daddy, for speaking the truth about that fugstick. He's the epitome of a dumb jock, and not in a good way
  14. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    Panthers, then VT football, Colorado Avalanche, VCU Rams basketball in any order.
  15. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    I've never met anyone with a more ill-fitting name than you. You are as United behind the Panthers as the Congress is over political matters. Jesus dude, give it a rest.