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  1. I thought about putting that in my post, but then I remembered that they are putting more money in than taking out.
  2. Misread your post, you are correct.
  3. Host the HC, and his staff for dinner. Get to know each other event. Also, his players. You are a new owner, and you want to make a good impression on your team. After all, they are putting money in your pocket.
  4. TheCasillas

    Curtis Samuel ....

    He subscribed to the TB12 diet plan
  5. TheCasillas

    An idea I like

    Norv Turner was his OC during those successful years in Dallas. Additional perspective for the Qbs and #1
  6. TheCasillas

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    Truth be told Aikman loves Charlotte. I was fortunate to be beside him at dinner at Luce in uptown one evening, and shared a friendly conversation with him about why he was in town. This was during the late summer two years ago. He was visiting a "friend." Fun fact: He has his own table at Luce when he is in town.
  7. 1. The thread is about the Panthers and Tepper having JR around. 2. Someone else started it 3. It's not the thread you start, it's your posts and plenty. (Why are you only talking about "threads?") 4. Tepper Never said you only discuss JR, but when you get a chance to go on a lengthy bash you do. Everyday. Bonus: You replied to this thread with response that was nowhere near to what OP asked. Instead you bashed JR. Which clearly aligns with what I have stated about you the last two posts. Simple ask: Move on from the JR bashing. Not sure why that is so difficult. You may defend yourself and say you don't but if I am going to be blunt (which I always am): I see your name and think "here comes another bash on JR." I wouldn't think that if you didnt do it. I am sure I am not the only one. I am done. Hopefully you take the feedback, instead of deflecting. Which is something you do often as well.
  8. Oh, this has nothing to do with what JR did. Everyone knows it is wrong. We just don't need a reminder everyday by you. No one here is celebrating JR. We, just like the NFL, want to move on. However, with you constantly bringing it up, makes it difficult. New chapter of Tepper is here, stop with the JR talk. I don't need a columnist to inform me that the NFL wants to move on from a creeper... lol. What a mundane point. Mr. Scot would contribute a lot to the huddle and continue to do so. But leave the JR bs off screen.
  9. He is reportedly looking for a "correction or update" to his current deal. I assume the quotations means he or his agent said this, right?
  10. Over 16 game span, you take away Julio Jones from the falcons they will struggle. not sure why anyone would argue against this.... He is literally 40% of the offense. He isn't there because he wants a pay raise. He actually said it to the franchise. Last year it was due to staying healthy.
  11. TheCasillas

    A Gettleman legacy

    I actually read it as a positive post too, but I think he is knocking Gettleman. Took me a few reads.
  12. They very well could without Julio.... haha
  13. Dude, you are being a little obsessive on this subject. The NFL has much more things to worry about than JR being an old creepy man. Matter of fact, they just washed their hands of it. This wasn't a surprise to them, and they knew well before the leak it was going to occur. Hence the quick and haste process of the team sale. Now on your other post, there will be a tribute to him, but not right now. Most likely when he passes on. JR will not be punished by the NFL, nor will the Panthers. The only way this turns into more than it is..... is if the legal system gets involved. Most of the plaintiffs (sucks that there are some) will receive (or received) payments and move on. Just like you. Your bad mouthing of JR gets exhausting. WE get it. Just like Hurney haters, say your piece and move on. You are not just beating a dead horse, you are fuging it.
  14. TheCasillas

    A Gettleman legacy

    and only 3 of those 7 or game day actives last year.
  15. TheCasillas

    A Gettleman legacy

    If Funchess and CMC turn out to be studs - I will be happy to close this book and never look back.