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  1. It was emotions. You are correct. He broke his leg against us breaking up a pass. The bruised heel was a nagging injury last year but he still ended up being the best FS in the league. Where our defense is at age wise and talent, I would probably ship our 1st out for him and a 3rd *as long as we come to terms on a new 3 year extension*
  2. This year's talent reminds me of the 2015 draft. I believe if you are going to trade your first for an elite player... this is the year to do it. Thomas has been the best safety in the league for three years running. If you want to win a SB in the next two-three years he is not a bad addition.
  3. He has had a bruised heel and a broken leg the last two years right?
  4. I'd trade our pick for him. If the following happned: 1. We acquire Crabtree 2. We acquire one of the FA TE's
  5. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    @LinvilleGorge I enjoy your comments. Aj Green and Dez Bryant have similiar career catch% as Torrey Smith. Point being: Catch % isn't a way to judge whether or not Torrey Smith will do well in our system. The routes you run have a big impact on your catch %.
  6. I feel like Macho Man Randy Savage said something like this before.....
  7. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    I thought Ginn played majority of the snaps for us? All Rivera says is that Smith will be our savvy veteran that can stretch the defense. He compares smith to cotchery constantly. Except, he can go deep.
  8. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    I strongly expect a crotchery type season from smith. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  9. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    so you agree he helps our offense?
  10. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    I can't agree with this. Smith only helps our offense.
  11. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    Smith doesn't stop Crabtree from happening...... I am referring to acquiring both Honey Badger and Crabtree
  12. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    We'd only have to pay his signing bonus that got extended over his first two years, I thought. That would save us 2.5m, but I'll be honest I could be reading overthecap incorrectly. POST-6/1 TRADE 2018 Dead Cap: $1,500,0002019 Dead Cap: $3,000,0002018 Cap Savings: $2,437,500
  13. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    I feel like if we trade Munnerlyn (may prove to be difficult) and cut Shep we would be good here... I wouldn't cut Smith its obvious he is here to be a deep threat and mentor Samuel.
  14. Even More Fuel For Crabtree Trade

    doesn't mean someone can't offer more. Fingers crossed.
  15. You are correct about his deep ball accuracy, its been bad. However, NFL live did a segment about this, and determined it was the routes we called for the receivers to run. We ran some of the most difficult throws to make. Outside shoulder on the boundary line.