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  1. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    That’s a bit much man... I’m not comparin their stats or performance But yet their archetype. Funchess and theilen are larger receivers that run good routes, diggs and Samuel are shifty quick receivers. you are looking way too far into this searchin for an argument that doesn’t exist.
  2. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    Yes, there archetype is identical Dude.
  3. So Ireland is an awful GM his first stint with personnel decisions, but we want him because we think he would be better second time around? Hurney was great at evaluating talent but bad with cap space, and doesnt deserve a second chance after solid moves this time around? I dont want to hear your argument. I think this logic has flaws.
  4. They’ve also picked in the top ten for a decade. What’s your point?
  5. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    don't turn your back on funchess.. I think he will have a huge season under turner along with samuel. They are identical to theilen and diggs.
  6. Honestly, probably has something to do with him and his son signing at the same time. Steve Reed makes a good point but at the same time its kind of a non story until we hear more. im sure turner and his son will fly back and sign a contract together.
  7. I’m sure mike Wallace would be of interest due to the fact he is a veteran that could help our young core
  8. Official 2018 Panthers free agent list

    When I mentioned FA splash I am referring to grabbing a big market name for a key role like DE,WR,DB, or RB (because thats what people notice). I don't think we can say guard is a position of need, considering the depth we have at that position. Putting millions into both guard positon, is just one injury from another year of being thin on talent. Compensation picks soften the blow. We'd easily be able to snag another starter with a comp pick for Norwell or Star Having a great offensive line is definitely a luxury, but losing norwell wouldn't necessarily make us average.
  9. neither. They are the absolute extremes. Try leveling out the scenarios.
  10. Official 2018 Panthers free agent list

    I'd say let them both walk. I know that sounds insane, but we would get compensation from picks, and can save that cap for big free agent splash moves, and extending existing players on the team. I'd have to see the long term impact on the cap for them to really justify this strategy, but we don't want to end like the raiders and cowboys, where we spend a sh*t load on the o line and zero on talent at the skills positions.
  11. Mock offseason moves

    I’d expect us to go after a tavon Austin before Sammy Watkins. I don’t expect hurney to go big spending. Too many contracts to extend for the 2019 season to spend all of the cap now. beside Austin would add that element of burner speed we are looking for. If I’m not mistaken hurney said “we need more weapons around Funchess.” Meaning we won’t go looking for a #1 receiver.
  12. The writer of this article sounds like a butt hurt loser. This is more of a slam piece than actual educated journalism. Journalism has turned into shear "click bait"
  13. #FireNorv over/under 3 months hahahaha I am tired of all of the negativity that is backed by nothing but speculation. I am excited about a new OC. I am just hoping our team has the capacity to learn the new route trees and running block scheme