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  1. TheCasillas

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    In before coral reefer comes in blasting the thread like a fool.
  2. TheCasillas

    Tepper teases midfield logo change

    Thanks captain obvious. in other news: we walk on land.
  3. TheCasillas

    Sean Smith released from jail.

    He was awful with the raiders. Why would we want him?
  4. TheCasillas

    Saturday Camp thread

    Rivera said Munnerlyn firmly entrenched as the nickel today.
  5. TheCasillas

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    This. Also, he has visited 6 teams since we pulled that contract and yet to get an offer (reportedly), so you have to wonder if he is 100%
  6. TheCasillas

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    Eric Washington said we were going to run more man coverage, so it was interesting to see run zone all night. However, maybe they didn’t want to show their cards in week one of the preseason. Man defense is what beats the saints. I’m going to give the team time, because I believe that we will run much less cover 4 this year.
  7. well... reading is not the huddle's expertise.....
  8. the thread is specifically titled "Name a more impressive Panthers rookie WR than DJ Moore" Cam, Luke, and Peppers are not receivers.......
  9. you call 10 receptions for 154 yards and 8 fumbles impressive? He was an impressive kick returner with his 2 TDs.... It's going to be Keary Colbert and KB13, that's it.
  10. Surprised no one has made the joke CMC being the best rookie WR.
  11. TheCasillas

    Charles Johnson, Benjamin, and DeAngelo = Trash

    This is all too much sensitivity and a single person’s perspective. I’m too informed to entertain this snowflake mentality. op you are wrong.
  12. TheCasillas

    DJ Moore is legit.

    He makes funchess expendable..... especially if we need to trade for other talent.....
  13. The info graphic said Mahon. I am in a bar and can’t see the player jerseys well.