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  1. Eagles at Rams

    Apparently an imaginary one.
  2. This team is going to lower my life expectancy by a decade. I love it.
  3. Official Early Games Thread....

    He should be suspended next week. What an asshole.
  4. Good game, great result.
  5. Wonder if he meant to say something like we will go on and mixed the song and movie in to one sentence.
  6. First team to 10 wins. If our offense doesn't give them points, they won't score.
  7. 6-3

    6-3 and would be 8-1 with just the smallest amount of adequate coaching. This team is winning games in spite of coaching, not because of it.
  8. Afternoon Games

    That was one of the best touchdowns I have ever seen.
  9. Only play he should be in is when we are kneeling the ball at the end of the game. Don't want him at fullback, don't want him at running back, don't want him in on passing downs, don't want him in on rushing downs. He adds nothing. Great career, great person, he's done.
  10. CAP should be the starter, CMC should be used how he is now, and Stew should practice training for the Tour de France. Exercise bike is his best position right now.
  11. Game ball, who gets it?!

    Palardy and CMC
  12. Jstew tried to give the game to the Falcons, Cam, CMC, and the Defense wouldn't let him. Would have been a much larger margin of victory of Stew didn't fumble twice.
  13. Cam running well. CMC running well. I have a great idea, give it to Stew who cannot gain more than 2 years per carry to save his career. Cam needs to speak up more and say "no" every time a run is called for Stewart.