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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    Coaches should convince the lions players that the score to start the game is 21-0.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    Lions are never out of a game. It is insane.
  3. Sunday Games Thread

    I am hoping the Rams win the West but other than that, this looks good. There is no juggernaut in the NFC this year, I like the Panthers chances.
  4. Sunday Games Thread

    The NFC south is going to be wild all year.
  5. So we lost, get over it.

    At the end of the year, this could very well be an 11 win team. Once you get in the playoffs, anything can happen. Once Greg gets back, if Kalil gets back, this team has a chance. Keep Pounding.
  6. I hated Seifert. He was horrible for this franchise.
  7. They need to use Cap more and have Stew be purely a situational back. He doesn't work in this offense.
  8. Way too many "if's" after that game. If Stew had only dropped the ball rather than tipping it up. If they had only let Gano TRY for the FG. If Dickson kept playing after the tip and made a play on the ball. If Cam had just snuck it on 3rd down. If just one "if" goes our way, that could have been a W.
  9. Cam could have gotten 1 damn yard by running it twice.
  10. When you are one 2 minute drive away from 5-1, yes. When this team should fight for a good seed, it makes a hell of a difference.
  11. Dilly dilly is good luck. We got this.
  12. Somehow, some way. Here we go.
  13. I just don't understand. They could have just gone all the way down the field 3-4 yards at a time.