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  1. That was one of the better ones I have seen!
  2. I was most nervous for the Seahawks, then a little less nervous for the cardinals. Now we are headed to the superbowl to play the Broncos and I feel totally confident in our team. 

      Dont forget to give the Shermdog pie!!!!!
  4. Just rewatched week 6 contest

    Has anyone coined the nickname "The Fresh Prince of Delaire?" If not then I want the credit.
  5. I watched the game at my in-laws place who are cowboys fans and my mother in law hated on Cam the whole game. Im sorry guys this loss was my fault. Next week Ill watch at home and make my lucky chili.
  6. Thomas Davis With An 11-0 Shoutout

    I liked Tolbert's get up.
  7. I predict a methodical beat down. We will efficiently run the ball and control time of possession and force at least 2 turnovers.   35-7 Panthers.
  8. Official Netflix Thread

      Yeah, that family is nuts! I enjoyed it.