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  1. Why is This Guy still employed

    Harrison is mad The Patriots got called out for being cheaters in the Super Bowl, so he is going to hate on us every time he opens his mouth. FUG him! We winnin' this ****** Sunday!
  2. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    He predicted 33-17 Panthers win!
  3. Peyton's arm is as weak as a pron storyline, hehe!  
  4. Jersey ecery day this week

    I just got my new Luke Kuechly elite jersey today! It's my first blue alternate jersey! I will rep it later in the week at work!
  5. Josh Norman is on the attack...

    Boomer hates the Panthers. I tried watching is live broadcast radio TV show from New York the Monday after we beat the Giants. Every time he speaks about us, he throws some shade. I'm not sure what we did to him or his mother?
  6. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I have a real nice stitched numbers authentic Rodney Peete jersey. I still wear it sometimes. I thought about trying to replace the nameplate with Gano, lol. But, then I'm like fug it, I'm a real fan, lol.
  7. The Internet *never* forgets

    Haters gonna hate!
  8. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Thanks Jeremy! These are all awesome! This is my new desktop background (replacing Thomas Davis) :)  
  9. Arizona isn't a ball control offense. Palmer is not going to kill us with 2 and 3 step drops and chew up the clock. He is going to try to find guys down field,  but I think that is where guys like Kuechly, Davis, and Coleman can make him pay. Our defense is excellent at disguising coverage's in their zone. Palmer might think Fitzgerald has flashed open, only to find the ball getting picked off and taken in for 6 points by our D. I am more scared of a fast timing QB like Brady, or a guy that can scramble around like Wilson and make a miracle throw down the sideline. Palmer is neither of those. I think our defense is going to win this game. No one has even mentioned how good KK Short and Star have played. They are going to blow Palmer up, he isn't going to have time to scan the field for a bunch of big plays.
  10. Creedbombing?

    That's  funny.
  11. Breathtaking.

  12. Jeremy- I like that guy and his son in the bottom right corner of that picture. The dad is just mad and the son looks like he is looking at the scoreboard and about to cry! This makes me happy! Stop abusing your child and raise him as a Panther fan dude!
  13. Hawk Fans Already Planning For AZ

    Cancel your trip to Arizona you douschebags!!!
  14. There Is No Book

    WTF are you talking about? Before Rivera, No team in the NFC South had ever won the division two years in a row. Under Rivera the Carolina Panthers have won it three times! Last year, Cam was injured even before the start of the season and also was in a vehicle accident and busted his ribs, but we still managed to win the division and a playoff game. I guess someone has to be a troll! GTFO with that nonsense.
  15. Kevin Greene a HOF Finalist again

    Agreed. TO should make before Harrison! TO was a diva, no doubt about it, but he was the 2nd best receiver I have ever seen play, 2nd to Jerry Rice. Randy Moss is a really close 3rd, imho.