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  1. What Colts Fans Are Saying

    This one may be closer than we would like. Panthers 17-14. Watch out for the panthers defense to have a great game though. and thus my vague prediction show is over.
  2. Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 13

    Were there issues with wet practice footballs or really damp conditions?
  3. I think we will look back, and probably do now, at that Olsen deal as one of the better moves Hurney made. I don't like to only think of the bad things associated with him. Although many of us do.
  4. Deangelo Still a Panther?

    I saw the same thing last night. Espn says dwill was released, another article said no. Is there an official NFL transactions transcript or record that's public info somewhere?
  5. A Guide to Preseason Game Viewing

    If you're expecting 4 wins every pre-season prepare to be disappointed.