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  1. Official one and only Superb Owl 50 Pie

    Years in the making... how does the 2008 Jake Delhomme turnover pie taste Cards????
  2. I had some serious Haruki Nakamura flashbacks during that play.
  3. I don't like that.... I DON'T LIKE THAT

    You cannot throw with grit while your eyes are closed, Mr. Cousins.
  4. What Colts Fans Are Saying

    This one may be closer than we would like.  Panthers 17-14. Watch out for the panthers defense to have a great game though. and thus my vague prediction show is over.
  5. Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 13

    Were there issues with wet practice footballs or really damp conditions?    
  6. A Guide to Preseason Game Viewing

    If you're expecting 4 wins every pre-season prepare to be disappointed.