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  1. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    It's dumb that they filter Romo into "RomoSUCKS"....Can't they be a little more creative like The Golden Calf of Bristol
  2. Obviously I hope none of them are able to play in it...But worse case...I hope TD and Luke pull a package deal type thing.  Since the pro bowl is really just a popularity contest/joke and now the "legends" draft their teams ....Whoever gets "drafted" 1st just bring the other to the stage. Deal with it!
  3. FanDuel Discussion, anyone?

    I do have a friend that made 5Gs in 2 seasons playing NBA.  His strategy would be to pick his best lineup every night he would play...and then do 40-50 $1 head-head matchups.  Interesting strategy...He claims everytime he would do that, he'd only lose like 5 matchups...So over time he built up a nice little account.  And then increased to $5 and $10 matchups head-head. He doesn't play NFL though...just NBA.
  4. PHYSICAL We may not have "pretty" wins...But we just plain beat the poo out of you.  Seriously, name another team that is more physical than us...