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  1. GolfRasta added a post in a topic Top 5 Quarterbacks(of the undefeated)   

    It's hilarious to me to read that one Falcons fan who is sooooo butt-hurt over Cam!
    Look at the stats Falcons fans, if you don't watch the games...
    Cam has 3 more TDs than Ryan...Ryan has 200 more total yards (thanks Julio), and they're tied for INTs at 2. 
    We're going to have to hear from Falcon fans all season until we whoop that ass and shut them up!
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  2. GolfRasta added a post in a topic What to think of Kevin Norwood?   

    How did we give up a 6th for Jared, and a 6th for Norwood?  I hope that the conditional part of either trade would be a 7th if they don't play in so many games.  Maybe holding Norwood out for the final stretch?  Then it would convert to a 7th to Seattle for Norwood? 
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  3. GolfRasta added a post in a topic FanDuel/DraftKings Scandal?
    Interesting...So 28 out of 32 teams have endorsed them and make money from these companies, but the companies themselves haven't made a profit?
    Also someone commented...Not sure how credible he is...
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  4. GolfRasta added a post in a topic Panthers receiver Devin Funchess   

    The Shining?  I'm sure Funch is too young, but come on Jeremy!!  Shining>Exorcist>Jaws for the top 3 classics...
    Love the podcast and thanks to Sammie Jo for getting these guys on!
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  5. GolfRasta added a post in a topic FanDuel/DraftKings Scandal?   

    I know they take a percentage off the top, but why not have a few horses in the race also?  
    I need to find that other article about the history of DFS.  They talk about how a few years ago people started questioning FanDuel because there was some "guy" that would consistently be in the top 5 in NBA fantasy.  There were people who took screen shots of this guys lineup before any games started, and also after he won a top prize.  The company released a statement and really just fed some BS to the public.  Let me find that article, because that's the one that really got me thinking about it.
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  6. GolfRasta added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    FanDuel/DraftKings Scandal?
    I heard about this on NFL radio this morning, and just found the article.
    I have a few friends that were already borderline "gambling addicts"...and they've discovered the DFS craze this year.  They haven't lost a ton of money, just like $50...But I just keep telling them to be careful and it just seems too good to be true.  All these commercials that they're throwing in our faces just seem like the "winners" are paid actors...How would they be recording people as they win a big tournament? 
    I read an article last week about the history of DFS... As it turns out  Fan Duel and Draft Kings are actually owned by the same corporation...They just like to make it seem like they're in direct competition, when in reality it's a monopoly.  
    I didn't find this in the article, but on the radio they were talking about how the 2 companies encouraged their employees to play on the competition's site, and not their own.
    Maybe I'm wearing a tin-foil hat right now...But it just seems like it would be too easy for these companies to just edit rosters so they win all the top payouts.  I'm not saying they don't pay anything out, but if they can secure the top 10 or so payouts...That's a huge padding on their bottom line.
    I just have my doubts about the legitimacy of this whole DFS thing.  
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  7. GolfRasta added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    I wonder what the spread will be...More than 7? 
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  8. GolfRasta added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    Lynch and Jimmy don't scare me....We've always been able to hold those 2 in check.  I think Bene matches up well with Lockett...Let J-No do his thing. 
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  9. GolfRasta added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    We have to beat these Fugs!!!
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  10. GolfRasta added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    Easier said than done...But gotta take the crowd out of it first.  Defer if we win the toss...Make a big play on D to shut up those douches
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  11. GolfRasta added a post in a topic SNF Game Thread: Cowboys (2-1) @ Saints (0-3)   

    I wonder who Dat Alice is pulling for in this game....Man I miss that guy!  
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  12. GolfRasta added a post in a topic Panther Fans in South Carolina   

    Damn!  My parents are in Cherry Grove and I can't get through to them.  Is the power out?
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  13. GolfRasta added a post in a topic todays practice tweets   

    Sort of off topic...But why don't we have a covered (dome-like) practice field on one of our fields?  I know it wouldn't be used as much as in other cities...but for days like today?  I just feel like Jerry could shell out some coin and it would be justified.  Aren't we like top 10 "net worth" professional sports franchises?
    Or would this make us a more finesse team?
    I don't know...Just a stoned thought...
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  14. GolfRasta added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    If we keep trade raping the bears...Would rather get Martellus Bennet than Alshon
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