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  1. We are the only undefeated team left

    We will be ranked #1 on Tuesday. Let's keep the undefeated season going!!
  2. Still the worst undefeated team left!!
  3. Sunday night game thread

    Typical Pats, always seem to make a comeback. You can not leave these fuggers 1 second of playtime.
  4. Sunday night game thread

    You mean Donald LaFell?
  5. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    My best friend sent this photo to me this morning. His cousin met Cam during the tiger walk!
  6. I know the answer however I refuse to tell how to exploit our team. I will say this, you will have to disguise your coverage and change it with less than 5 on the play clock. This is one type of coverage that would limit what we can do, it has been used against this year. It is the audibles that make this team so effective, that's why you show pass, let Cam audible to run, then audible to run coverage with less than 5 sec on the play clock. It is a guessing game but you must change coverage pre-snap. Let us never speak of this again.
  7. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    Colin is an exellent backup safety not nickel corner. Ron using what he has.
  8. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    Colin is an exellent backup safety. His play in ST is underrated and undervalued. We need Colon moving forward. So much depends on peanuts health.
  9. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    He deserves this fluff, however that paycheck number keeps going up.
  10. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    Dear Tony, Not again Love, Cast and arm sling
  11. Can a bro get pie, the wife has it hostage.
  12. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Bye bye Romo see ya next year, or he is crying mercy to get out of this game.
  13. I think Nortman is going to hit the jumbotron with a punt

    Not going to happen, we won't have to punt this game.
  14. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    How you get fired on yo day off?
  15. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    I hope it feeds our locker room. You have to think they are worried for Romos health. I would be, facing Short, Allen, Johnson, Addison, Delair, Star, and Love. What a monster line. This game will be won in the trenches, and they have not seen this much beef on the line this year.