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  1. Yes in the later years of Elway however check Denver in 1986,1987, and 1989
  2. Ask Denver of the 90's and the Bill's of the late 80's early 90's
  3. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    I know Hardy has been here, and others. I have a feeling JoNo, Bene, and Funfun visit often. They were podcast guests you know. I know Zod has the answers.
  4. NFL Rigged?

    Dude go somewhere else. This is our forum, please show restraint and move along.
  5. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    9-7 tough schedule and lots of question marks. Wild card team at best.
  6. We'll be back in the Super Bowl next year folks

    I would like to think so, realistically it would be two to three years. There are a lot of good teams in the NFC coming back next year. Green Bay, Giants, Seahawks, etc. plus we have some serious holes to fill.
  7. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Congrats to the Broncos they played better than we did. I hope it will not be another 13 years before we get back here, however I'm not so sure with this team. We have lots of questions on the team moving forward. The refs did Fug us, we fugged ourselves too. It was a fun ride, maybe we will be back in two or three years, and be smarter for it.
  8. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    It's my home don't trash it please. The official Riot location is Uptown Charley's. If I were you try Natty Greens or somewhere downtown.
  9. Look at the Vegas bookies and celebrity picks. Almost all of them are picking Denver ATS.
  10. What position did you play?

    I was a QB and Will Backer. It was ironman in those days! I did get a chance to play with some NFL talent. I played with younger kids that went on to play in the NFL. Jerome Simpson being a kid that I played ball with when he was a HS player long after I had moved on in life.
  11. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    Deion cornered Norman with a question about why he didn't answer his phone call with Odell Beckham Jr. Norman proceeds to tell Deion he does not appreciate his stance on how he could back a player that was running full steam at his head. Effectively he told Deion to Fug off, politely. You could cut the tension with a knife. You could see the hate in Normans eyes.
  12. Did anyone watch the interview between Norman and Deion? Wow is all I can say. Norman told Deion he didn't appreciate his take on the Odell conflict. Apparently he wouldn't answer Deion's phone call with Odell on the line.
  13. TD: "My Arm's Broken"; Say's Gonna Play

    Could Russel Wilson give him some miracle water?
  14. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Soon to be the worst Super Bowl champion of all time!
  15. Was Jerry in Shock?

    Sometime this year a poster referred to Jerry in the both as a cardboard cutout. After he made the comparison I watched three to four games where they showed Jerry on TV. Jerry never even blinked. I actually thought he was right.