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  1. Wonder how much money SC made off of NC residents buying lottery tickets and fireworks? Same thing right! LOL
  2. philit99

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Would you want to play if Pickles was your QB?
  3. philit99

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Tell me how many plays Steve Smith took off? Hum....Hey Peppers!
  4. philit99

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Everyone has an opinion, but to me, Smitty is the greatest Panther to ever suit up. THE GREATEST, including Sam Mills, Kevin Greene, Cam Newton, etc. He is what every franchise dreams to have in a player, he just happened to play WR. I don't care about a statue, but his name absolutely should be in the ring of honor. He still deserves that one day contract, Tepper make it happen.
  5. And Kevin Greene, then it looks good. Tough to leave him off. I would add Reggie White to the honorable list.
  6. Though I agree with you there are two problems with keeping the existing stadium. NUMBER ONE - The team's value would increase significantly if a new dome stadium were built. Check out Forbes and their estimated value for NFL teams. Which teams are at the top and how old are their stadiums? NUMBER TWO - Super Bowl. Charlotte will never see the Super Bowl until a dome stadium is built and about 30,000 more hotel rooms are built near downtown. New Owner that pays 2.5 Billion for a team and can't sniff hosting the Super Bowl, no thank you.
  7. It happens every damn year. No build up, just come back when it is our pick. A few years ago they even missed the pick.
  8. Wow Steve Smith, just wow
  9. We will have to score again!
  10. Cam solidified MVP for the conference game and the entire NFL
  11. I'm worried the most about Valasco than any other injury.
  12. Shoot Kalil is out, knee
  13. This game comes down to the run, the team that has the most yards on the ground wins.
  14. I know my bad I thought I was quoted the OP sorry. Did not even see the dots!! lol
  15. Giants playing us tough, need to make 8-15 yard passes in the middle, work olson in the middle and it will open up the run game.
  16. I am simply stating his hand signals may be known. He needs to change his hand signals.
  17. I know they are guessing what he is calling!
  18. It's early, we will come back. We need a touchdown here, I call Newton with a scramble.
  19. It's like they know our plays, Cam needs to change it up at the los.
  20. Do not like the play call right there, should have ran Stewart on a draw or screen.
  21. Need to score right away, give them no hope.
  22. Bye bye Romo see ya next year, or he is crying mercy to get out of this game.
  23. I was trolling the skins board and just read the funniest thing. One guy was asking if cousins arm was going forward, and another poster replied it was going forward but the ball wasn't in his hand! LOL