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  1. Saw Ron Rivera Last Night

    With a copy of bigger and blacker, and Magnums of course.
  2. I was at the game. Wow just wow, 3 seconds left in OT.
  3. Our House

    Hum I said the same thing and was labeled a tin foil hat guy. I believe the team will demand a new stadium but lets see what the city and/or state(s) will do.
  4. Raiders' pursuit of Jon Gruden could include ownership stake via @ESPN App http://es.pn/2pZig2R what do you guys think? That’s crazy but what will happen to Del Rio?
  5. Byrd to IR, and other Tuesday news

    Will we pick up the other Charles Johnson and move him to PS? At least he was here for training camp and would require less work to move back in if we needed him.
  6. Wow just wow. What a turn at 35 seconds to go. Unbelievable. We did not deserve to win that game, but special teams gave us the victory! Wow
  7. Moving the Team

    I can also remember a time when Greensboro, NC was selected as the finalist for the Minnesota Twins when they demanded a new stadium. The land was there and they were ready to make the move................Until the good people of Minnesota caved into the Twins demands and Greensboro failed to pass the legislation needed to build the stadium. Business men are ruthless, its how they make their money, and Mr. Shinn has already tried to poke the city of Charlotte. <-Just saying the threat is there, its not a tin foil hat.
  8. Moving the Team

    I agree but what if the new owner demands that Charlotte get a SuperBowl? The NFL will not have the SuperBowl at BOA. It would require a new venue, that is my biggest current fear.
  9. Moving the Team

    I agree. It makes sense to keep the team here. I am just concerned that it will come down to the tax payers of Charlotte and or the state of North/South Carolina to keep the team here. If that happens, I have a very bad feeling about it. That's all, guys. Not a soothsayer, not a visionary, just concerned about the possibilities now that Mr. Richardson's leash to the City has been removed and the involvement of an unknown entity.
  10. Moving the Team

    Thank you. I am using logic here <- now I am a moronic panicking fan. Awesome. I guess logic doesn't apply, you guys know it all.
  11. I do not know Mr. Kapernick personally. People in the public spotlight are judged by their actions. Wearing PIG socks, Castro t-shirt that shows he condones oppression and communism then disrespects the flag, leaves a very bitter taste in ANY red blooded patriotic American's mouth. He has committed no crime, but has been judged by the court of public opinion, and rightfully so.
  12. Moving the Team

    Tin Foil hatman here. We do not know the mindset of the new owner, or their plans. It is foolish to think we do. I love the confidence you all post, as if you have inside information on a buyer or an agreement between Mr. Richardson and Mr. or Mrs. X. No one knows what will happen, period. It will play out all off season long, so stay tuned. This will be a hot topic all spring and summer. Again, no one knows, period. Until then anything is possible.
  13. Toronto, San Antonio, London to name a few. Each of which have a larger market viewership than Charlotte. Again, I’m not being an ass I am simply stating that their is a potential for the team to move, outside our control. I am a fan, I want the team to stay, but there is a real danger
  14. Dude I’d love for this to be the case. However, How many stadiums has the falcons built since Ericsson/BOA opened. I’m not being a troll, I am not being a jerk, I’m simply stating the next owner, an unknown entity at that, will control our base location. Please remember, the Panthers are one of the few privately held NFL teams. The owner is not tied to anything or anyone.
  15. Ok I’ll completely trust your opinion and the Charlotte Observer’s point of view. I’m sure the new owner will consider each respected source.
  16. I’ll keep my tin foil hat thank you. I have tried not to point anyone out or insult anyone, and I would appreciate the same treatment. I am looking at this from a business side nothing more. Let’s be honest here BOA buys tons of tickets each game to keep the “sale out” going. Every game you can see empty seats, and not just a few. We can revisit this tin foil hat discussion in about 3 years. I’m sure it will still be relevant at that point.
  17. You are correct Sir, If we move it will be because of a new Stadium. Other potential cities would also drive the incentives and force Charlotte to match them. I am sure the new owner will want to host a Super Bowl so a new stadium is in the mix. This is a real issue, not a dream or a troll or whatever. This is a potential disaster, if you are a panther fan.
  18. You guys need to be real. Any new owner can do what they want, especially if the city of Charlotte and/or the State of North and South Carolina do not cave into their potential demands. The NFL will never have the Super Bowl in Charlotte, but if a new Dome stadium is built they may. This alone would entice a new owner to build a new stadium. Folks this will happen, regardless of who buys the team. Carolina will have to have a new stadium and it will probably happen in the next 10 years. That's when we need to panic, until then the team stays. Not being dumb, or overly dramatic, I am being rational and logic.
  19. I can't see Charlotte levying a 1+ billion dollar tax scheme for its residence. New ownership, new stadium, it is possible regardless of success or ties to the community. Money talks.
  20. The biggest reason for me, is because the majority of NFL teams have financial backing from their respected locations. The Panthers were privately funded until the stadium upgrades. Which gives the team a tether for a couple of years to the city of Charlotte. However, BOA is one of the oldest stadiums in the league now, and a new owner will probably want a new stadium within 5 to 10 years. Who will pay for it? <---The next city that wants a NFL team. That is how the Panthers will move, all Politics! If Charlotte doesn't pay, someone else will. <---This is my fear.
  21. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    Got to believe Bruton Smith wants in on this. If you think he won't hold charlotte hostage for moving the team, simply look at the threat of moving Charlotte Motor Speedway a few years ago. He would move this team in a flash, if the City doesn't financially back him. Let's hope Bruton stays away, or doesn't get the chance to buy the team.
  22. Wow bye bye panthers, Charlotte will miss you!
  23. Wonder if DH Griffin was the contractor???