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  1. Really anyone with an offensive setup somewhat similar to last year's -- we're not going to get anyone on par with KS, nor will the players likely ever catch lightning in a bottle again, but we should at least try to get the design somewhere in the neighborhood.
  2. Maybe we can get Shanahan back after the 49ers go winless?
  3. It's entirely upon Sark/Ryan to get the offense turned around, but I don't think there's enough time. There are clearly systemic issues that will take at least an offseason to address, be it after some soul-searching by the OC, or the installation of his replacement.
  4. Saints look like the class of the division right now, but lots of football left to play.
  5. Or just give Sarkisian enough booze that he’s convinced it’s an NFC opponent.
  6. Career high 547 rushing yards, so still not great in the “running” back sense. Woodhead’s high-water mark of ~1000 rushing/receiving is probably about the best one can hope for, IMO.
  7. Just speaking in a stastical sense, when was the last time there was a successful white RB? Hillis had a good season or two, then you’d probably have to go back to Alstott (more of a FB). Then after that — Czonka or Riggins? He’s got a serious recent trend to buck.
  8. He had a howler — big deal. Panthers are still in thick of things for the division and WC slots. The only people for whom Cam’s performance should affect profound changes are those who had him too highly pegged in the first place. He’s still an above-average QB and unstoppable on his day, but with his playstyle and skill set, days like this are bound to happen every once in a while.
  9. World Cup Qualifiers

    Neither player can get within the neighborhood of the ball without a shower of boos — Altidore scored long after offsides whistle blew and crowd is not happy.
  10. World Cup Qualifiers

    At Atlanta United game — tons of anti-Bradley/Altidore posters and chants, and it hasn’t even kicked off yet.
  11. Spurs and City are both legitimate CL/league contenders in my book. Don’t know if the former has the depth to push both fronts, but we’ll see.
  12. First game back from an injury, no? EDIT: Oh he played at Roma. Still sort of hard to knock the guy after missing 3 weeks.
  13. He’s also a way better athlete than most (if not all) kickers. Could have played big time soccer, or decent college basketball if he wanted.