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  2. Cam isn't a good passer, but he's a very good QB. Unorthodox sure, but you can't really argue with the output.
  3. NFL players should also be required to oil up and tan before each game. I want my gladiators in pristine physical condition.
  4. Unless you're a Giants (or maybe Cowboys) fan, I really can't imagine any disinterested fans pulling for the Pats. I certainly won't be.
  5. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Don't really care about NFC entrant, but really would prefer to not see the Patriots again. They're odds-on favorites once again, unfortunately.
  6. I would term it a pretty brutal postseason for all 3 NFCS playoff teams, even if Panthers fans are happy Shula is gone: 1) Falcons choke yet again, though nowhere near as epically as in their major opus last year. 2) Panthers lose their third game of the season to the Saints and none were particularly close. 3) Saints on the receiving end of one of the most brutal, inexplicable endings to a game they had in the bag. Definitely a week to forget for all involved.
  7. He’s a pretty sure bet to be a frequent pro-bowler. I’d guess the Saints are going to keep him around — he was a main reason they got back in that game, besides.
  8. Best Twitter Reactions

    Incredible. He's a great sport.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Feels good that this sort of thing doesn't ONLY happen to the Falcons. Welcome to the offseason, New Orleans -- pull up a chaise lounge!
  10. Hopefully the platform collapses when he and Mike Bennett are announced as the two finalists and walk up.
  11. He's become one of the more dislikeable guys in the league, if not the single most.
  12. Terrible, terrible decision.
  13. I don't think he's quite an MVP caliber QB, but he's definitely a big upgrade on Foles and I believe they'd be clearly the class of the NFC (rather than the coinflip I think it is now).