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  1. Check out how pussified the Broncos board is!

    Von Miller is from another planet.
  2. 11-5, definitely another NFCCG appearance. Beyond that idk.
  3. Big congrats to the Broncos

    From a Falcons fan—classy thread; Panthers were the best team all year, but today just wasn't their day. I'd be shocked if they don't win a Super Bowl in the next 5 years.
  4. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Panthers are young, hungry, and well-coached. Can easily see them winning this game next year.
  5. Blast from the past! On another note: Woah, that Panthers D...can't believe the line isn't bigger.
  6. Giants Fan Tries To Burn Massive Bucs Flag
  7. that was fun while it lasted..

    Lol congrats on your master troll job dude. What are you, like 35? Your mother must be so proud.