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  1. GSO_Pantherz added a post in a topic The Panthers are a TRAP game for Seahawks   

    I don't think any opponent with a winning, or potentially undefeated record, can be considered a trap game.
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  2. GSO_Pantherz added a post in a topic It's either Saints week or somebody farted on this airplane   

    What an inspirational post. I am taking a shite as I type this. Sending the goods to New Orleans.
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  3. GSO_Pantherz added a post in a topic Our home crowd bad? I don't think Phil Sims ever called us out atleast.   

    Simms was just butt mad that his former teams' fans were being unenthusiastic on a nationally televised game. 
    Also, BOA is underrated in terms of its capacity to get loud. It has a similar design to Arrowhead in that it is a fully enclosed bowl.  There is nowhere for noise to escape except upwards.  It really just comes down to fan participation, and I admit we leave a lot to be desired in that area.
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  4. GSO_Pantherz added a post in a topic The "Keep Pounding" chant in BofA yesterday   

    Cool to know, I must have missed it when watching on tv. 
    Yeah! Keep pounding! Keep pounding that.........ahem, drum.
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  5. GSO_Pantherz added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Jets (1-0) @ Colts (0-1)   

    More like Ryan Fitzasstrick.
    This game is putting me to sleep. 
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  6. GSO_Pantherz added a post in a topic Receivers Passed Up For Kony Ealy   

    Hindsight is 20/20.
    That being said it is crazy to think that the last time we had two legitimate, starting caliber wide receivers was during the Muhsin Muhammad and Steve Smith Super Bowl year.
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