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  1. Eagles at Rams

    Foles can play for the Eagles. He’s proven himself in the past. Can’t completely rule them out.
  2. Eagles at Rams

    I can’t see the Saints beating us for a third straight time. I like our chances to beat them if we face them again.
  3. Eagles at Rams

    It’s cool, those purple pussies went home butt hurt.
  4. Good Game Panthers

    What a pandering dump of a post.
  5. Beat those purple pansies.
  6. Case Keenum you limp dick bitch!
  7. If we don’t score a TD here. Fire Shula
  8. God damnit! This fuging team is a joke.
  9. Have to rely on D yet again.
  10. Bradberry haters, I laugh at you.
  11. We need to get a stew over 100 yards.