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  1. This so funny

    Why are they wasting their time on our forum after they lost?
  2. Fuc.king losers didn’t even stay on the field after losing.
  3. AINTS!!!!

    Hilarious. I had prepared myself to pull for the Patriots again this year. No more!
  4. Hahahahahahahaha Sean Payton is a penis!!
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

  6. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Sean Payton is such a penis.
  7. Panthers have never lost a Wild Card game

    First time for everything
  8. Wow. fug Payton the Penis
  9. Defense isn’t clutch worth a poo.
  10. Now can we please get a mother fahucking turnover?
  11. fuging trash refs and trash fan base.
  12. Who dat chant after an injury. Good job fug faces.