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  1. You know it’s gonna be Funchess time. He is overdue this game.
  2. That’s a TD and the fu.ckers know it. But Romo knows what’s up.
  3. Damnit! Why did I feel this outcome right at end of 2nd quartet? Is it Panther intuition?
  4. Romo Gives Luke High Praise

    Luke needs to retire or else end up like Muhammad Ali.
  5. Romo Gives Luke High Praise

    Tony should know. Thanksgiving game is fresh in his mind still.
  6. You mean Cowher? ...yep he just had to refer to his notes in order to reference the right Panther player names.
  7. Luke walking into BOA

    Luke is the equivalent of Clark Kent in that picture. By game time he will have transformed into Luuuuuuuke.
  8. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    Fatt Stafford
  9. JJ Watt and OBJ

    Sucks, but OBJ is still a douche though.
  10. LA is full of a bunch of soft candy-ass bitches who don’t even know what football is.
  11. Yanks-Tribe game thread

    Fart noise
  12. Cam apologizes

    Solid apology. Wasn’t like the scripted bullshit you see from others at times, reading from a sheet of paper.
  13. The sweeps with Stewart..... WHY?!

    Can't wait to see what RoTney Harrison says about our win over NE today.
  14. Cam doubters sign in here

    What a cock thread.
  15. Bills beats the Dirty Birds

    And the Cowlosers lost!
  16. Funchess stepped up today.

    I wish I had started him in my fantasy league.
  17. I told you we would win and dominate the pats

    Cool story, but I wouldn't say we dominated.
  18. Gano I fuging love you

    And next week he will miss a chip shot just like the PAT today.
  19. Fugging Victory against the Pats pie!!!

    Nice win but we need to make these games less stressful when we have a lead.

    Yeah. What a thriller.