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  1. Turn on this team like rabid dogs...

    Thank You Carolina Panthers! Mike Shula - wake up and learn to adapt.
  2. RR's presser today

    I agree there is no need to "go back and forth" with you. Piss off!
  3. RR's presser today

    Anyone can support the Panthers and I welcome their support, but ANYONE that suffered through the George Siefert era and a 1-15 season has earned the right to criticize in the spirit of concern for improvement. Thank you for reminding me how this board is full of "divas" that need pacification in lieu of truth. I've noticed there are numerous posts addressing our lack of "swag" and aggression versus Atlanta. Did you act so immature with ALL of these people as well? Did you offer a substantive argument to discount my argument? The answers to these questions expose your ability to "see" what constitutes as "bulls**t" and it proves my point concerning the divas on this board.
  4. RR's presser today

    I come here often to seek information about my team and I very rarely post here because I cannot tolerate the lack of intellect from so many divas. However, I did post here to expose a REAL and important issue that few people have come to realize and an issue that needs further discussion. Furthermore, I even offered a solution to this problem. Does THAT define a "troll" to you? My objective is to help the Panthers address the truth - not pacify you or anyone else.
  5. RR's presser today

    Totally agree. Everyone is counting on a Panthers team playing with swag and they are completely discounting how Ron Rivera has thrown cold water on their swag. 14-1 record means nothing for future success if RR can't fix the damage he created. I'm not sure ANY of the players can expect RR to have their back considering his apology to Tom Coughlin for Normans' "behavior". Furthermore, player safety is nothing more than hallow words from the NFL and Ron Rivera has a history of turning his back on his own players. Citing the record of 14-1 as if that was the goal to look at the past does not replace the goal to win the Super Bowl.
  6. One Thing is Certain: Competition at an All-Time High

      I hope you are right about better safety play because our green coaching isn't capable of developing a game plan to mitigate this weakness.