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  1. Gronk vs Beast Mode - Mortal Kombat

    "Lipitor, If it's harder for more than 4 hours, call a doctor" lol
  2.     My point is this, Cam>Colin and RW. Alex Smith did the same exact thing Colin did and honestly Alex Smith is a better overall QB than Colin right now. Colin just gets too much credit for what he does. He plays behind arguably the best offensive line in football and one of the top 5 backs in the NFL in Frank Gore. Colin doesn't have to go out every week and win games. he just doesn't have to lose them.
  3.     You have some valid points to your argument, but i disagree about Colin and Russell making plays for their team. Those two teams are driven by their defense. For example in the Super Bowl when it was time for Colin to make a play he throws an interception right to Ed Reed. People are quick to get on Cam but what they dont understand is that Cam carries this team. Cam can sit in the pocket and deliver accurate passes when he's not on his back. Kaepernick can't do that as he proved in the super bowl and neither can Russell Wilson(although I think he is a lot better passer than Colin) as he proved against the Falcons. I can pretty much guarantee you that if Cam was the Quarterback of the 49ers or the Seahawks this year, they would have won the Superbowl because that's how good he is. Without Cam on this team we are 2-14 at best.