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  1. Shotgun

    Barner no longer a Patriot

    Can Amini and bring Barner back!
  2. When a goon goes after your best player, you don't go after that goon. You go after their best player.
  3. Hurney will be gone because he sucks as a GM , not because he didn't go after Gordon.
  4. Shotgun

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    How many games do we lose before he makes that decision ?
  5. Shotgun

    Moore DJ please

    Tepper gunna clean house.
  6. Shotgun

    Worst Possible Outcome

    Ron Rivera reminds me a lot of Jeff Fisher. Ron's lucky he has Cam.
  7. And Ron needs not to be starting.
  8. I like this guy more everyday!
  9. He will do great there.
  10. Shotgun

    If Silotolu Starts...

    I'm pretty sure most college DE's would ragdoll Amini.
  11. Amini, I'm surprised he's still on the team.
  12. Just not the one that blocks long snaps.
  13. Shotgun

    Early game discussion

    Bucs playing for the #1 pick already.
  14. Shotgun

    What Cowboys fans are saying

    Yep, Marino is proof of that.
  15. That's why a lot of people should be and will be fired.