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  1. If Amini plays at all this year, Ron should be looking for a new job.
  2. Shotgun

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    I hope Kalil improves but what I'm really worried about is Silatolu.
  3. If Amini gets very much starting time, our season is over.
  4. A little high in my opinion.
  5. "A meanie see I told you" is a cool nickname. Not really accurate though.
  6. I have no doubt that Moton is the better player but Rivera makes the call on who plays and Amini is still on the roster.
  7. When Trai went down last year, Rivera put Amini in over Moton. Not good.
  8. Way worse, I saw Bell block someone once. Now Fua maybe.
  9. Amini might be the worst nfl player I've ever seen.
  10. I'll call him the honey berger just to make myself feel better.
  11. Shotgun


    Only if he stomps on Matt Ryan.