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  1. rayzor added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    in that first play, my initial reaction was we did exactly what the defense was antcipating and that was followed by we weren't strong enough at the point of attack to simply impose our will regardless of what happens. i'll stick with that.
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  2. rayzor added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    and to all those who agree with the premise of the OP...consider who it is you are agreeing with.
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  3. rayzor added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    i'm still laughing at the idea of david newton having and "educated" guess in the OP.
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  4. rayzor added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    all the more reason to come out and just kick them in the nads.
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  5. rayzor added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    that's not what happened last year. last year the pats game planned and played hard while we acted like it was any other preseason game. we went in to evaluate our players. they went in to get revenge for beating them the year before. we were quite simply sucker punched. considering it was the pats, we shouldn't have been surprised. any one watching the game could tell it meant more to the pats going into the game than us and we were absolutely not on a  level footing in regards to planning, motivation, and performance. this year it appears we will be closer to level footing by treating this as a real game/grudge match. if anyone gets sucker punched this year, i would rather it be them. the pats have it coming.
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  6. rayzor added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    play nice kids. dont make me pull over.
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  7. rayzor added a post in a topic Jarret Boykin to replace Jordy Nelson per NFLN   

    well that's interesting.
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  8. rayzor added a post in a topic Corey "Philly" Brown's 'Endzone Drop'   

    back....and to the left.
    back.....and to the left.
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  9. rayzor added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    i agree with this. sure, being able to play multiple positions and take on different roles is great....unless you just aren't that good at any of them and your roster spot is taking one that could be fulled by a specialist at one position.
    being able to do one thing really well >>>>>> being meh at a couple things and not particularly good at anything
    ie....ward >>>>>>>>>brockel
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  10. rayzor added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    RB/FB corps should be
    if we need one more RB for depth then either todman or fozzy. i don't care who, but i love those three rookies and think we've got the potential for something special with those three guys. imo, they are the future of the run game. gettleman nailed it with those guys.
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  11. rayzor added a post in a topic Some love for Oher....   

    it feels SOOOOOO good not having to worry about the OL. poo, i'm not even worried about the future of the OL like i was for several years while gross was in there. i think we've got some really good potential there long term. this unit is only going to get better with time.
    run game will once again be a strength, imo. they need to get ward on that 53 man roster though. keep that duo of ward and wegher going. oh yeah...and there's CAP. wow. those three rookies are the run game future. we better find a way to keep all 3 of them around and just build with them going forward.
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  12. rayzor added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Dolphins at Panthers   

    i love this new feature, btw. VERRRY nice. incredible pics.
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